Guest Posts

This blog, Nigerian Entrepreneur, is always open for guest authors/bloggers! If you are looking for some extra exposure for your own blog/website, you can consider guest posting on Nigerian Entrepreneur.


What kind of posts do we accept?

Don’t waste your time sending in articles that are stolen from other sites or generated by autobots. Each post submitted will be reviewed before publishing. We reserve the right to reject posts that do not meet our terms and conditions. We accept posts that fulfil the conditions below.

  1. Guest posts should be related to the niche of this blog, Nigerian Entrepreneur. Posts that focus on entrepreneurship, small businesses and blogging will be given priority.
  2. Post must be original and not stolen content. (Post submitted and published on Nigerian Entrepreneur, must not be re-publish on other websites).
  3. Post must be well written using simple English. It must be devoid of technical terms that are difficult to comprehend. This blog does not seek to address the academicians. Our readers are often in a hurry! So, Keep It Simple and Short!
  4. Posts should be at least 600 words long. Our readers want tips that are practical and workable. So detailed step by step instructions are preferred. Whenever appropriate use lists!
  5. The title of the guest post should be captivating but not misleading.
  6. Blatant self promotion articles or sales copy will not be accepted. Articles that are basically a product or service review must be stated as such and will only be published after further discussion on the appropriateness of such.
  7. Post can have at least one copyright-free image. We also accept photo features if the Photos is original and the rights is owned by you.
  8. You can place 2 keyword-rich links back to a website or blog you own, or co-author. You are not permitted to use such link for direct product or service promotion. Affiliate links are not permitted. Links to sales copy or promotional pages will be deleted.
  9. The guest post should contain at least one link to a related post on this blog, Nigerian Entrepreneur.
  10. Each guest post should use the following format: (1) Introduction (2) Body – This can be broken into various paragraphs and bullet lists where appropriate. (3) Conclusion – Readers don’t like articles that ends abruptly! Bring your message to the reader to a tidy end.
  11. Please include a paragraph that gives a brief description of the Author. This will appear at the end of your article and will help people get to know you better. The bio should bear your real name (not a fake name that doesn’t exist).
  12. After the main article, you should provide a short 2-3 sentence summary of the post.
  13. We reserve the right to edit posts before they are published. Please go through the posts on the blog to see the kind of articles we publish.

How To Submit Your Guest Post

Don’t ask for permission to send a guest post, just send it for review once you have followed the information above. Simply send an email to ‘tony[at]‘ (replace [at] with @) with your post and the title.

We appreciate the effort that goes into writing articles. As such we will do our best to give each author a fair review of posts submitted. However, adhering to above information will enhance the likelihood of your guest posts being published. You will be notified via email once your guest post is published. Cheers.