Time to Show Appreciation

Written by NaijaEcash

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It is time to show appreciation to all those who have played one role or the other in helping NaijaEcash.com, to survive her first 30days of existence.
My first profound appreciation goes to the Almighty God who is the giver of life and good health. He is the source of wisdom and ideas.
Secondly, I want to appreciate everyone who have visited even for 1 second. Without visitors, who will I be writing for?
Thirdly, I want to thank all those that have contributed by way of advice, comments and constructive criticism. You are the reason why the blog is getting better.

Special thanks goes to

  • Arnold of ChalkisCheap for including me in the Entrecard Recipro Team
  • Powerdropping for sending free traffic my way
  • Jaseem Umer for picking me as winner of the contest on his blog and giving me one month free 125×125 banner advert.
  • Bola of MumsDadsChildren for diverse suggestions and blogging tips
  • PACE of Eolutosin for providing free consultancy services
  • And others who assisted in various ways, but I have forgotten! (if I forgot to mention your name or blog, please send the complain via my contact form, I promise to make amend 😉 ) .

Finally, I wish to thank my mentors. (You work behind the screen, unknown to my admirers, but the result they see and commend me for could not have been achieved without your gracious contributions). I am grateful.

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  1. PACE says:

    accept my congratulations. I believe you have learnt some new things these past one month that will form the foundation for your future decision.

    Keep up the work and stay focused. All the best

  2. segun says:

    its segun

    thanks for ur comments on my blg

    i love ur site

    its cool

  3. Bola Oluyemi says:

    Thanks for this.Pray God give you more grace to abide and make all ur dreams come true.

  4. NaijaEcash says:

    Sure brother. I have learnt to be patient 😉 It has not been easy though. Thanks for your support.

    Thanks pal for visiting and dropping a note. Cheers.

    Sister B. I needed to thank you more for your encouragement and constant support. Cheers.

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