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A Nigerian Company, Superflux International Limited has won the Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Awards 2008. Who says good things can’t come out of Nigeria?

I’m using this post to congratulate Superflux International for winning the Awards and also to challenge other African Entrepreneurs not to relent in their efforts. Media organizations within and outside Nigeria give wide publicity to con-artists that are bent on destroying the image of Nigeria. However, they give little or no publicity to honest entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I believe it is time to correct that.

Pioneers of Prosperity Awards

The Prosperity Award Programme was developed by Michael Fairbanks and
co-founded by S.E.VEN Fund, Templeton, Legatum and OTF Group. It aims at bringing together top African businesses, investors, presidents, policymakers, the press, and NGOs to celebrate and recognise torch-bearing companies and entrepreneurs in Africa.

The long-term aim of Pioneers of Prosperity is to turn these companies into powerful role models that will inspire the next-generation of African business leaders and COW-F entrepreneurs. A commendable effort at encouraging African Entrepreneurs, I must add (Some people still believe in Africans and they put their belief in action, not political statements to gain cheap applause).

Year 2008 Award

The Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Awards 2008 was a two day event, which started on 19 November, 2008 and took place in Kigali, Rwanda – the land of a thousand hills (good things happens in Rwanda too). The 2008 Awards program was open to entrepreneurs from ten African countries including Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda. Businesses were judged using the COW-F framework for good business practice. Ten finalists eventually emerged in the event.

Judges for the competition were: Andreas Widmer, co-founder of S.E.VEN Fund; Alan McCormick, managing director of  Legatum; Malik Fal, business marketing and operations group lead for west-east-central Africa at Microsoft; and Ariff Shamji, CEO of AAA Growers – 2007’s Pioneers of Prosperity Africa Awards Grand Prize Winner.

The Grand Prize for this year event was a whooping US$100,000 and it was won by Superflux International, a Nigerian Company. The runner-up companies, AAR Health  (Kenya); Safi Cleaning  (Uganda); Africa Polysack Industries (Uganda); Gahaya Links  (Rwanda) and Integr8 Group  (South Africa), also receive $50,000 each.

Successful Nigerian Entrepreneur Superflux

Successful Nigerian Entrepreneur Superflux

The awards were presented by His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya, at a ceremony dedicated to the late Sir John Templeton. The ceremony was also attended by H.E. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. I wish President Musa Ya’ardua of Nigeria had sent a representative to the occasion. That would have shown that the government is serious about promoting small scale businesses in Nigeria.

Tidbits about the Grand Prize Winner

Superflux International Limited is a leading secure prints solutions provider to major financial institutions, corporations and government agencies in Nigeria. She offers outsourced mailing services that require variable data printing (e.g. bank statements) with an increasing presence in the West African region.

Empowering clients to operate securely and efficiently through the provision of high integrity documents, Superflux International’s operations are guided by the principles of quality, integrity, dependability, confidentiality, teamwork and human capital development.


Thumbs up for Superflux International for making Nigeria Proud. I wish them many more success in their future endeavors. Hey, this is not a paid review and Nigerian Entrepreneur is not affiliated to Superflux International Limited in anyway (though I will be proud to be their Internet Marketer, who won’t like that?).

Since I am an entrepreneur that is proudly Nigerian, I could not but write about this achievement that has given a boost to Nigeria’s image as a nation. Thanks to Elizabeth Hooper of Pioneers of Prosperity for giving me a hint about the event. I will be presenting more reports about successful entrepreneurs that makes Nigeria and Africa proud in the future, you can get future updates freely by subscribing to my RSS feed, Cheers.

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  1. moses says:

    congrats to Superflux…. what a great job!

  2. Ife says:

    Hearty Congratulations to Superflux International.
    Who says good things can’t come out of Naija.

  3. Solar says:

    Congrats to Superflux Intl, Its good to know that there are still creative people around.
    I guess there are alot of other things we can all do.

  4. Joseph Oludare John says:

    This is quite commendable. This is like the Dangote’s of Nigeria. Although the investment is not as big, the future holds something big for this great establishment.
    Please make sure that you have structures on ground that will make this establishment live beyong present entrepreneur.

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