Stop Looking For Job, Create A Business!

How long have you been looking for a job? Probably months or even over a year! How long will it take before you get your dream job? Have you ever thought of starting a small business instead of spending all your time and resources looking for job in a market where supply is more than demand?

It is a painful thing to be un-employed (as it translates into no-income or living on charity). It grieves my heart when I see able bodied young men and women in Nigeria going from one company to another looking for job. Often they are made to queue for hours under hot sun before they take a job-test or are interviewed. The job market is so saturated that it is common to see 100 applicants queuing for a vacancy for 2!

The big question I often ask is, Why Can’t you stop looking for job and create a small business instead? It is a well known fact that it is often better to Mind Your Own Business instead of working for wages. A small business owner has several advantages over an employee. These are my opinion Let look at some of them together, you are free to disagree with me anyway.

An Entrepreneur is the boss. So, he has his fate in his hands as he determines what SUCCESS means to him and plans how he will achieve it. He is the one that set Financial Goals for himself and not some unknown “top management”. He is fully in charge of his working schedule so he has enough time to live the kind of lifestyle he desires. He definitely has more time to attend to his family. There are so many other benefits that one can list, but the aforementioned are enough reason to pursue the goal of starting a small business.

Unfortunately, 90% of the Nigerian youth I have spoken to believe that starting a small business is not for everyone. They have several excuses why they cannot stop looking for job! Some of the excuses look genuine enough while some simply display lack of knowledge. I will consider some of the excuses and share my opinion on them.

Lack of Capital to Finance the business – This is a flimsy excuse. At least seventy percent of those I talked with have no concrete idea what they will do if someone drop a million naira ($10,000) on their lap. They have no idea they have worked on and definitely no blueprint on how to run the business. Instead of consoling yourself that the reason why you have not started is because bank, relative or friends won’t lend you money, sit down and do something worthwhile. As yourself, assuming raising capital is not a constrain what business am I passionate about?

Entrepreneurs are born not made – This one is a very foolish assumption. A significant number of successful entrepreneur are not extra-ordinary men or genius in any way. In fact some were people formerly written off as failures and hopeless individuals. If those men and women could become successful by starting small businesses which later became big financial empires, so can you.

The Economy Is Regressing – Hey wake up from sleep! That is the more reason you should start something you have control over. That job you are aiming for is not as secured as you think. No matter the effort you put in, you may wake up one morning and discover that all the years and effort you have put in is gone. You are no longer needed. Never mind the polite tone of the sack-letter or whatever name it is called, the effect is the same, you’ve been fired! The accrued value of those long years of service is not transferable, once you leave that organization they are gone for good. You are only left with the skills you acquired.

I quite agree that starting a small business entails a lot of effort and determination, but then it is not as difficult as going to the moon. The major reason I believe is preventing so many from venturing into entrepreneurship is because they want instant gratification. We live in the IT age where everything is suppose to be instant. So nobody wants to spend months or possibly years building a business. They just want instant riches (no wonder many still fall prey to scammers).

So, my conclusion is that you should start a business now, online or offline, no matter how small. Start learning entrepreneurship irrespective of how much you have in your pocket. If you are an employee, start something that you can build over time and possibly transfer to the next generation. I wonder what the world would have been like if Bill Gate had remained an employee for his working years! It will be nice having your feedback on the issues I raised. I enjoy reading the comments and I do respond to them individually. Drop me a comment now, it may make my day! 😉

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  1. imnakoya says:

    I’m in agreement with you. But there is more that goes into entrepreneurship than opening shop, it is a lifestyle of being able to see opportunities and run with it.

    Coming up with an idea is the fun part, but being able to breathe live into it and sustain it, is the toughest step. A business owner requires a decent understanding of core components of business – financials, marketing administration, etc. These skills have to be acquired somehow – either learned or paid for.

    What are the resources available out there in Nigeria to individuals wanting to go the entrepreneurial route?

    Are there college classes on entrepreneurship?

    imnakoyas last blog post..Isn’t it time for waste-to-energy projects in Nigeria?

  2. Kunle says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe that business opportunities abound in Nigeria if people look hard enough. I think it’s time we started looking seriously into developing online business opportunities in Nigeria. Let us start with affiliate marketing. Big companies should introduce affiliate programmes for Nigerian webmasters as a way of reducing the number of jobless youths in the country. But surely, the Government itself has to deliver on its promise to improve energy supply.

    Kunles last blog post..Big Encouragement For Internet Newbies

  3. The urge to remain in control of my financial future has been embedded in me quite deep ever since I was a little boy watching my parents run their own businesses.
    I would love to hear stories of how people in Naija have succesfully started online businesses as it would probably serve to inspire those who are currently canvassing for work.

    Mwangi – the Displaced Africans last blog post..Opinions on Melbourne From a New Student

  4. Kazeem says:

    You really do have a point, bro. I have been following your blog for awhile, but i guess this is the first post that i couldn’t just help dropping a comment.
    I am sure i can use my experience to show others that you don’t need a job to survive in Naija. I graduated with a B.Sc in 2003, didn’t get a job until 2005. But believe me, i only lasted 7months on this job. I just couldn’t contain the Sir and Ma i have to say to superiors everyday. My MD made life at the job worst than hell. I resigned Nov 2005 (that’s a remarkable date in life) and since then i have been living entirely on my online earnings.
    I write research papers for several online companies, tried affiliate marketing a couple of times, trying out forex trading and now getting into blogging (just started a blog with no post yet).
    The sum of it all is that, you can make a living legitimately online without any of those modern-slavery called jobs.

    I am starting a new blog on motivations and inspirations for positive living, later i’ll start sharing my online experiences on another blog. I will greatly appreciate your experience and help. This is the umpteenth time i have started a blog, but this time, i want it to thrive.

    • Adanma says:

      Hello Kunle,

      Your testimony is inspiring. I’m particularly interested in the aspect of online research papers and other online earnings you currently enjoy. How does one begin an what are the mechanics involved?

      Awaiting your response

  5. your points are all very good … i really do agree. i believe you truly can get out of that rut if you just get creative

  6. NaijaEcash says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t respond on time. I have been working on the back-end of my blog.

    Yes, there are courses that one can attend. The most famous are Lagos Business School (expensive) and SADC (affordable).

    You’re right. Some companies have started working on it. However, the major challenge has been the mode of payment. Paypal would have been the easiest platform to use, but Nigerian residing in Nigeria are not allowed to register.

    You wanted a testimony, well Kazeem just provided one. 😉

    Thanks for visiting. It is so nice hearing you testimony. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Otunba Jide Omiyale says:

    Yes grduates do not need to look for jobs that are not there. A degree prepares you for life not necessarily a salaried job. I am almost finishing a book on this and will get guys posted when finished. The idea is do what you want to do where you are with what you have. There is no excuse for a guy to waste 10 years of his life (10% of average lifespan in Nigeria) looking for level 8 job. Less tha N30,000 per month.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      True talk. Why waste a lifetime waiting for another to create an opportunity for you. A graduate can as well create opportunity for others by becoming an entrepreneur. Thanks for visiting.

  8. ginna says:

    thank so much for the good work you are doing, just want to let know that you ve enreached so many minds, uplifting dying spirit and bringing faded dreams back to life. i ve no idea about your posting before but just making a research this mornig got me intouch with your posting.

    please i would like to go into local production like making a raw santana (fufu or akpu) could you please send some of your newsletters to my mail box to assist me in comming up with a nice packagging?

    i also would want you to orgainze a kind of seminer to reachout to the illitrate women who cannot read nor write and put it in the language they will understand.

    waiting to hear ur respond.


  9. Adanma says:

    I totally agree with all the comments. Gone are the days when salaried jobs were envied. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are highly celebrated because of the challenging environment they have to thrive in.

    I’m a salary earner that hates my present job and am looking for alternative sources of income. I’m interested in developing my compere/public speaking abilities but don’t know where to begin. Would like more information on affordable training schools available or possible internship with well known public speakers/MCs to serve as an in-road to the industry for me.


  10. Brice says:

    I think today we should be more in the mode of creating wealth (and security) for ourselves through our own talent rather than waiting and hoping that someone hires us and keeps on the payroll long enough to buy some things.

    If there is anything that today’s economy has taught us is that you have to have the skill and drive to take care of yourself.
    Brice´s last blog post ..Integrating Your Marketing With Facebook

  11. amaka says:

    am a fresh graduate looking 4 a job…..d truth is dat am tired of seeking….i wnt 2 start smthing on my own,,,pls i need sincere advice n guildline.,pls were do i get it 4rm,…….

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