Stock Market Crash 2008: To Hold or Sell!

All over the world, the recent economic depression is biting hard on shareholders. The stock market in Nigeria is badly affected too. Musa Al-Faki, the Director General of the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission claimed that over 3trillion naira has already been lost in the past seven months. Some of my friends are selling off their investments in the stock market at huge loss! As, I watch the trend, I remember the lesson I learned sometime ago from a stockbroker. The Stock Market worldwide follows the same trend over decades. There will always be a crash sometime some date! Remember the market crash of 1987, some thought that was the end. Well, we lived through it.

So, the market has crashed again! Too bad, many are badly burnt financially, including yours sincerely. Many are selling off their investments at a loss out of panic. But is that the right thing to do? That same stockbroker teacher thought me not to panic whenever the market crashes. It is a matter of time, it will pick up again. It may not be as fast as you desire as an investor, but check the history books, you will confirm that it always does.

The financial news media are already reporting some slight improvement in the international financial market. So, it is advisable that you think twice before you hurriedly sell off your investments for peanuts. You may actually regret that decision in another six months down the line.

So like a wise entrepreneur, it is time to weigh your options carefully and take a decision that you are willing to take responsibility for. Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. For expert information, consult your Accountant or Financial Adviser. Cheers.

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  1. All the money people I know are holding their money. With regard to Nigeria, they feel that the government will be forced to step in to prevent further deterioration of gains and so are either buying low or holding out.

    Anyway, whatever you do, be wise and make the best decision for you. Feel free to buy me some bonds. I hear they will use bonds to finance road projects.

    BTW, have you heard about the Nigerian blogger that was arrested by the SSS?

    solomonsydelles last blog post..NIGERIAN BLOGGER ARRESTED!!!!

  2. adebiyi ayodeji says:

    i think the recent blog will definitely help in bringing sanity to the market and also help in educating thwe nigerian investors on the need to know that there is no parmanent market anywhere in the world.

    adebiyi ayodejis last blog post..Why Did You Start Your Business?

  3. oh i love to invest on the stock market but it is really risky these days”,,

  4. UPVC Windows  says:

    stock market investments are great specially if you know what you are doing and not just speculating about the stocks

  5. Stock Market says:

    i would love to invest in stock market if i had only the money that i need to buy stocks

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