Set Goals and Plan For Your Online Business

“He who fails to plan has already planned to fail” is a popular adage. If you do not deliberately define what Success in Online Business means to you personally, you might get yourself worn out and feeling unfulfilled after putting in so much effort and resources into your online business.

There is need for you to set your Online Business goal. Setting business goals helps you to use your time and resources more effectively. This step should not be taking for granted. Define you goal and right it down. I will encourage you to use the following acronym which is commonly use to ensure that you get the goal well spelt out. Make your goal S.M.A.R.T!

S – Specific – The goal must be specific. It must not be vague! Stating “I want to make money from my blog” is not good enough. Be specific, be precise “I want to make $6,000 from my blog within the next six month”.
M – Measurable – The goal must be measurable. If you want to make $6,000 in the next six months, then you can easily break that down to $1,000 per month and approximately $34 dollars per day. That is easier to figure out and focus on.
A – Achievable – The goal must be attainable and action oriented. You must state what action you will carry out that will make the goal attainable. For example, I will make $34 dollars per day by writing review for products or services.
R- Realistic – The goal must be realistic and rewarding. It is foolish to state that you want to earn $6million from you blog in six months when the best professional bloggers income when put together is not up to that figure. Also, the goal should be rewarding. Of what use will it be if your goal for six month is to earn 6cents. You will be better off doing something much more worthwhile.

T – Timely – The goal must be time-bound. If the goal is not time-bound and track-able, then you will not be motivated to give it the attention it deserves. Specify a reasonable time-frame and put down a deadline. Deadlines have a way of triggering the pumping of adrenaline into the human body system thereby making it give out outstanding results.

Okay, now the goal is set. The next thing to do is to write out a blueprint of how you intend to organize your time and resources to achieve the goal. Careful plan is fundamental to business success. No matter how small or large your business, you’ve got to aggressively plan the work-and then work the plan! By planning ahead you will be prepared to take advantage of opportunities that you will come across and to surmount hurdles that will crop up along the way.

These are the tools that I am employing in my online business and I am seeing result. For now the result is small, but I am convinced that soon, it will become obvious. Did you notice that my blog is now having a PR2! I just got that today from Google. Did I struggle for it, no! Did I plan to achieve it as a goal? Yes, and I am still moving ahead.

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  2. Rosie Khan says:

    Goal setting is very important specially if you want to plan long term.;~;

  3. Samuel Johnson says:

    sometimes i am having some problems when setting goals`..

  4. Sunshine says:

    goal setting is very important in life and also in business

  5. Meg says:

    goal setting is sometimes difficult but it should always be done

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