Rich Schefren Offer’s Free Package Worth Over $5,000

It is quite funny that while some small newbie online entrepreneurs are asking for two digit US dollars to part with re-cycled information, the guru-of-gurus Rich Schefren is giving away another free package worth over $5,000. Yes, you heard me right. He is a teacher to the gurus (those guys making six digit income), some of his teachings cost over $5,000 per head.

This is not some digital product, ebook or ezine that will not cost him anything to send straight into your mailbox. The materials are hard-copy manuals that will incur shipping charges. Do not get frightened, you will not pay for the shipping charges, he is picking the shipping charges bill. If this package is not mouth watering, then I wonder what is.

All you need do is subscribe to his newsletter. You will get more details about the content of the package from his post The Most Effective Way To Grab Attention. The post is interesting enough (you will be rewarded with some cool tips for visiting) but I would rather you go for the offer, it is quite is irresistible. You have nothing to loose, so I encourage every friend of mine to go for it. The only thing it will cost you is the time you spend subscribing to his newsletter. I have been a subscriber for sometime now (any serious entrepreneur need to listen to this guy).

If you are a small business owner operating online or offline (especially home based business), this is a unique opportunity for you to get some useful compressed information on how you can take your small business to a greater height. when I made up my mind to make money online and I started this blog, Rich’s book The Manefesto was one of the materials that helped correct my idea of how one should start and run a business online.

Instead of focussing all your attention on how to make money off people, you can focus your attention on how to help them meet their need as a friend. when you get their trust, they will willingly bring out their purses and credit card to buy whatever product or service you offer for sale. It is a better way of starting a business offline or online. It is almost three months since I stepped out to earn money online, I have tested the principle, and I can boldly testify that it works.

Attention Naija brothers and sisters. Please note that the package may be limited in number and restricted to a particular locality. I asked Rich in my comment on his post if Nigerian Entrepreneurs can get the package too. Maybe not necessarily asking him to pay for shipping to Nigeria which may be prohibitive (above his budget of $7.95 within US), but at least, it can be sent to a relative in US who will send it down 😉 Trust Naija brothers and sister, we know how to arrange such things. If you find this information useful tell me in a comment. Cheers.

Update 5th June, 2008 7:00GMT : I just got the following clarifications today.

1. The shipping and handling charge will be paid by the subscriber first. Rich only promise to refund the amount within 12days.

2. The package is available to subscribers outside US and the same condition above applies. 

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  1. Greg Brave says:

    Actually I don’t believe in free stuff. And I would strongly discourage people for “buying” this free stuff. In addition from his post I could understand that you first have to pay for the shipment and then get a refund from Rich… maybe I am wrong. All this is very suspicious to me.
    One more point to remember that if everybody gets this content, then its loses its value…

    Greg Braves last blog post..Fuirous Fountains

  2. NaijaEcash says:

    [re=398]Greg Brave[/re]:
    Hi Greg, it is nice having you around.

    Well I agree with you that often free stuff are worthless, however this is not the case here. Like I mentioned in my post, I have read Rich Schefren material before (The Manifesto) and even though it is free, the information was quite helpful to me as a newbie (maybe the gurus won’t find it so useful).

    Also, Rich promised in his post to pay for the shipping charges. He didn’t talk about refunding shipping cost 😉 He actually stated this,

    “So to offset that cost, Mike is going to ask for a small shipping and handling charge of $7.95. (US).Nothing major. Most people can handle this, right? Well before you reach for your credit card or login to your PayPal account, stop. Because it’s already been taken care of. That’s correct–I’m going to personally pay for your shipping and handling on all of Mike’s materials that are coming your way.”

    Finally, even if everyone gets the package, it does not make it worthless. The Manifesto and Attention Age Doctrine has been in circulation for months now, yet, the stuff they contain is still useful.

    I encourage you to give this one a trial. Who knows you may change your mind.

    Please note, my post is not a paid REVIEW for RICH. I just wanted to share the information I have with fellow bloggers because I consider it relevant. When I start doing paid review, I will indicate it as such.

  3. NaijaEcash says:

    Greg was right, I was wrong. The payment for the shipping has to be paid by the subscriber first, Rich will only refund later. That doesn’t make it a bad deal anyway, but it is good to clarify things.
    I already made an update to the post so that I don’t mislead my readers.

    NaijaEcashs last blog post..Rich Schefren Offer’s Free Package Worth Over $5,000

  4. Great hook and from what I have seen and heard Rich is a pretty brilliant guy….quite possibly the next person I will look to to grow my blog once it gets to a certain level.

    Mwangi – the Displaced Africans last blog post..What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

  5. michel says:

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