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Online Forex Trading

Why the sudden upsurge in the request for Online Forex Trading Resources? Is it the way out of the Global Economic Crash for Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs? I don’t think so. While Forex Trading is a genuine and legitimate way to make money online, it is not for the unskilled and lazy. It is not a quick exit option from the rat race. Neither is it the best protection from the heat been generated by the global economic crash.

Anyone promising you a get rich quick package via Online Forex Trading is only doing so to rob you of your hard earned money. I made a post on this before, Forex Trading In Nigeria, Who is making the Money. Think about it for a second, the recent Global Economy Crash has made nonsense of the theories that were held in high esteem by many experts for decades. The academicians and the business experts are spending sleepless nights trying to figure out what went wrong and how to get the global economy back on its feet. I am referring to the committed economic and business experts in the developed worlds. (One of the disadvantage of living in a Global Village is now being witnessed by all. What happens in Japan or America can have instant effect on Nigeria within 24hours).

If that is the case, what makes you think that a fellow Naija brother who cannot boast of 24/7 electricity to power his laptop has a magic software that will help you get rich overnight through Automatic Forex Trading? Well, the choice is yours. But please stop requesting for my help on Forex Trading.

Presently, I don’t Trade Forex Online. Not because it is illegal, here are my reasons:

  1. It is an online business with very high risk.
  2. The high risk is worsened by the lack of infrastructure in Nigeria. Can you imagine PHCN striking while you’re trying to make a sale or a buy? Which ISP can guarantee you constant internet connection. (Since January this year, my ISP has been offering epileptic service even after increasing their subscription charges. They gave the Global Economic Crunch, as excuse for the increase).
  3. I am not ready to pay the price of time and resources required for Trading Forex.
  4. I  have heard too many scary news from friends that loss some good fortune within minutes of Trading Forex with live accounts.It is quite unfortunate that too many Naija Forex Trading Newbies assume that their performance with Demo Forex Trading Account is an indication of what real live trading will be. Please don’t be deceived. The result is not the same.

Well, I could be totally wrong. I never said I knew it all anyway. So, you have to make your choice. However, please, don’t send me emails asking for Forex Brokers, Forex Softwares and Forex Resources. I am not trying to discourage you, just that I am begining to get upset with the number of emails asking me about Forex Trading. After all my blog is not solely about Forex Trading. If I ever come across any material I consider useful for my readers, I will simply post it for free in an article. I don’t have time for sending such materials to individuals via emails. 😉

Ok, after all said and done, since I am committed to my readers, I will try to get more information on blogs and websites where you can get reliable information and tutorials on Online Forex Trading. But until then, lets devote attention to talking about other online business ventures that any entrepreneur can invest in without burning the fingers.

Here is what I am currently doing. I am reading about Blog Farming (it is a long term investment strategy) am also working on my Website Traffic too.  I want a shift from Social Media (it requires constant participation) to Search Engine generated traffic (it is much more reliable and less demanding) .  I’m getting better with my Google Adsense skill and improving my earnings via affiliate marketing too. I will be sharing about these in my future posts. You can subscribe to Nigerian Entrepreneur RSS Feed so that you won’t miss future update to this post  Online Forex Trading. Until then, stay cool. Cheers.

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  1. oluyinka says:

    I care to know if you operate managed account for people who do not want to trade by themselves on the floor of the market.

    I will appreciate an urgent response to this.

  2. rajaram says:

    online forex is very useful for me.becuse am update many data in ur site.please tell some cost range in ur site

  3. I have been overwhelmed with such mails in the past.
    Anyway, I know someone who lost money to forex trading. A word is enough for the wise.

  4. NaijaEcash says:

    @ oluyinka
    I don’t trade, so I don’t manage account for people.

    @ David Ajao
    Nice seeing you around. I really wish Naija brothers will hear. 😉

  5. You made an eloquent case against uninformed Forex traders in Nigeria. I think I agree with you, but I have to add that no business is without risks. I always caution newbies and young traders to do three things:

    1) Do your home work.

    2) Trade only with money you can afford to loose.

    3) Start with options and not the brutal daily trading.

    I will write more on this topic in my blog. I just started a blog to help aspiring traders avoid snake oil merchants who pretend to be traders. Trading is not difficult if you follow a set of rules.

  6. Robots War says:

    Great Post. Thanks for sharing

  7. I want to update my post on Forex. Forex Books and Trading Software are all good. They have their place in the whole trading plan. But to rely on them exclusively and place your trade in autopilot is not realistic and honest. There are so many factors that affects a trade and no good software can possibly anticipate all these factors.

    I’ve personally seen and known of disasters inflicted on people who think that a good software is all they need. It’s like having your car on cruise control and hope that it anticipates all the stop signs, pot holes, zebra crossings and traffic signs.

    Read books, they are necessary. Buy trading software, you need them. But find a mentor it may prove to be the best investment after you’ve gone through the first two.

  8. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    To the glory of God, we – Nigerians are born great because every thing we touch become interesting and execellent. We came from a backdrop of slavery and serious intimidation.
    The europeans thought nothing good could come out of the black race.
    Our brother Barrack Obama, with his beautiful wife Michelle proved them wrong, that it is now the turn of the black race to take our rightful position in the world of politics.
    Just as that was about close up in the world richest politics, the U.S politics, I did something…guess what I did…
    I entered for a forex contest, that gathered contestants from all over the world, europe, africa, asia, australia, U.S.A, e.t.c
    So, at the end of the forex contest organised by in February 2009, I received a message right into my e-mail that I was one of the top 10 contestants.
    After the verification of my result, to my amazement, indeed I was the one that top the contest. The contest director paid my prize in dollars, which I later collected in Naira.
    I made over 2,956% in just one month. Not only that, I was given an honarary membership for life in one of their website, it costs $49 every month to join the website.
    Please go their website( and check for yourself.
    At the April contest, I traded for just 6days, I made over 1,100%profit with my trading system that is called F9D1 trading system. It took me over 6 months before I developed this trading system on my own, and after I have studied it, then, I implemented it in the contest where I came first in all over the world.
    If you need any help in forex biz. I will be glad to help you.
    Nigerians are too wonderful to be disadvantage.
    Please invest in this forex biz. because this where the real blessing of Abraham lies.
    You can specialise in this forex biz. You may not know how to trade but you can play the role of an investor, if you are loosing your sleep, and money, you can call for an account manager to bail you out. There are so many of them, here in Nigeria. Just make sure you are raking dollars every month in this business. Once again, this is where the blessing of Father Abraham lies, please be a partaker.
    There is a new covenant in forex, you have to understand the covenant before you begin the business.
    For details, call 08032470050.
    Thanks and God bless every forex trader in the world.

    • Mr. Aniekan Okpokpo says:

      Mr. Samuel,
      Merry christmas and best gift from God to you, come year 2011.
      i read your discovery in forex trading. I personally love you and will love to associate with you in my quest for forex business.
      where do you stay? do you have any office in the south south, where?

      Can you make a provison for my training/tutolage in forex trading.
      If your answer to this would be in the affirmative, i will be so grateful.

      Once again, I mus confess; you are my friend.

      I am ,

      Aniekan Okpokpo
      +234(0)708314 8568

      • Samuel Adedoyin says:

        Brother Samuel,
        when would you organise a training session for me. i think this month is good.
        thanks.Mr. Aniekan Okpkpo

  9. stella says:

    i don’t believe sam story he is only rying to sell himself. the truth is this the bus is risky. there is no way one to make money. you can use a means for while but one day that skill will go against you. i don’t advice people to go into such business cos a lot has lost money and still losing. everyone talk about their profit but no one wants to tell you how much they have lost.
    i beg you be careful cos i lost a lot of money from an investor who we are in court now to get my money back. he alway tell you how much he is making but never says his lose not until he can pay the percentage agreed that was when he opened up but now blamed it to his ISP which i don’t believe.
    well a word is enough for a wise and thanks so much the way you address FOREX TRADING

    • Well, I have red through, but the fact remain that forex trading is a Good business but you must be intelligent enough to study and learn. What kill Nigerians is that they don’t see forex trading as an investment they see it as LOTTO forgetting that Gambler always a loser.
      I trade forex I love it and still trade till today I Trade and I manage people’s Fund as well but I have paid a tuition fees of 12,000$ sometimes in 2006. You can hardly start the business without losing unless you are so fortunate to meet the real Trader. And it is very hard to meet them why they don’t boost around they are very quiet.
      Though there are some trader that do boost too. but not too lousy to organize SEMINAR most seminar organizers where not trader they make money from seminar not trading but they have indirectly kill a lot of people. THEY ARE MURDERER.

      If you have the opportunity to learn trading please don’t be discourage. and make sure before you pay a dim to anybody please request for HIS/HER past trading result LIVE ACCOUNT not DEMO. Don’t accept any past record that exceeded 24hrs please. What I mean is these If i’m a trader as I claim to be you need my past trading records I must be able to give statement as at when you requested for it. If you request for it on Monday for example I must be able to present last Friday trading if not Monday and make sure that you get the result for about 2 or 3 times consecutively and make sure that the account number where the same every-time you get the statement. not that you get different accounts. if you request in the month of June and you get a statement of April even May please pick race. Anybody telling you HE/She make 50% return monthly is questionable even 20% return. I mean it. I Trade and I make money and I withdraw my money anytime in Need Money.

      Best Regard.

  10. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    Stella dear, be ready to read a long reply, my success story in forex today will not be a complete one if I tone-down the shout of failure I terribly heard in the past. It is never in my character to post an article on forex, most especially when I deem it fit to share with people the good testimony of God’s wonder in the world of forex particularly in my life. I guessed I was too elated, and in a hurry to tell the world that a Nigerian won the world forex trading challenge.

    If you were the one who won the contest, I would have first and foremost sent you a congratulatory message and celebrate your success with you as a Nigerian, and that is the spirit I have. And that is the spirit I believe all Nigerians reading my reply to sister Stella should have.

    Well, to the glory of God and to my amazement, many readers of this post still manage to put a call through and congratulate me, this purely shows that; what will be will be and what God has done no man, or devil can undo it.

    Our failure of the past in the forex business is a means to the success that lies ahead of us. Winners don’t quit and Quiters don’t win, you must learn to develop a mental muscle to resist failure, discouragement and losses if you want to get to the top in this forex business. There is a spirit behind forex, it is called the spirit of losses, but through patience, hard-work and training you will turn the failure in forex to success.

    Here is my story of failure of the past…
    Once upon a time…precisely two years ago..
    Whoever cares to listen, should do so for his/her own benefits.
    When I started this business I never knew am going on a journey that determines my success in life. The only mistake I made was to start the journey without a proper manual, I mean a map for the journey. I went on this journey blindly and I fell into an unforgettable pitch.
    My Beloved, I fell, ah! I mean I fell, I fell and the bruises were all over my body.
    (I lost more than a million naira in two months)
    The Lord, out of his mercy healed my wounds but the scars are still staring at me each time I check where I fell.
    From where I fell, I picked up my shattered life, dust my body, limb in pains, ready to quit the fx biz., at the time when I was about to bid forex bye-bye, then the good Lord expressly spoke his mind to me.
    The Lord said “YOU FELL THROUGH FOREX, YOU ARE RISING THROUGH FOREX” I know the voice of the Lord, I know when he speakes, because am his child.
    After this encounter with the Lord, I began a new chapter of life after fallen.
    For more than 6 months, I was all alone in the dark room, where all negative aspects of forex are being processed, on my own, God taught me to develop a trading system, I back-tested this trading system, till I launch it out just last Feb 2009, when I made a bold step to compete in a forex contest organised by surefire trading challenge, the company is a south- africa based forex trading company, they are the owner of “, in this Feb contest that runs from 1st – 28th Feb. 2009, with the newly developed trading system I made 2,956%gain.
    I was given a prize, go their webpage, and confirm. As that was not enough, in the month of April, I entered for another contest, I traded for just 6days with the upgraded version of the system, to the glory of God, I made 1,131% gain, I mean in just 6days.
    I can confidently, tell any one on this planet earth to invest in FOREX, because this is where the big boys make their cash from.
    If anyone is interested in investing, pls, consider Forex.
    My forex Trading System for now is not for sale.

    As you can see, sis. Stella, am not here to bluff neither am here to sell my product. Am only here to contribute my opinion to forex and the fact that a business is not working for mr. A does not actually mean it wont work for sis. B.

    Sis. Stella, you are absolutely free to contact me if the need arises, people are making it in forex, why wont you. All of us must develop a success and winning mentality. Because God did not create us to fail, he made us to succeed in whatever we lay our hands on. You shall make it in Jesus name.

    Samuel Adedoyin
    An Abeokuta-based Forex trader
    Skype- sadedoyin



    • Watch out for Samuel Adedoyin he is not a genuine trader don’t fall into his trap.

      This is an Advice you may not follow it

      Best Regard.

      • NaijaEcash says:

        Hmnn This come as a shock. Some have been praising the same Samuel Adedoyin as a guru in Online Forex Trading. You’ll need to substantiate your claim you know!

  11. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    What you about to read now is not meant for everybody, just ignore it if you are not interested. You are not under any obligation whatsoever to be part of this new idea am about to share on this post. Thanks And GOD BLESS
    Raising Millionaire with the Trading system that gave me 2,956%profit in the last forex contest, will be the core value of this post. Therefore, we shall be talking to ourselves on how to become a millionaire. I think it is high time we began to tell ourselves the truth about how to make the first 7digit, there is no short-cut to this, no magic or “abrkadabra” will do this for you. And heaven will not drop down million on your head, so what must you do? Hardwork, patience, and be a risky taker.
    The fact that we have so many dubious people on the internet does not rule out the fact that innocent people are still not serving into their hands as a prey. But believe me or not we still have few people around who can still do it well to the glory of God.
    After I posted my little achievement in the world of forex, on this webpage last week, I have received so many calls and text messages.
    Some of those calls and sms are seriously calling for my help either to teach them my trading system or bail them out of their forex trading predicament. Some traders account are beginning to sink while some have already sunk.
    Well to all of you and as many who may be interested, this is the solution am offering for now.
    Am starting an Investment Forex Club called

    Only 101 members will be admitted into the club.
    Only members with at least little forex based-knowledge will be allowed
    Only members with risk understanding will be welcome.

    It opens from now till 19th of June, 2009

    Members initial deposit will be refunded at the end of the first-three month.
    Members will be paid 40% of the refunded initial deposit every month for 2 solid years.
    Members will have access to obtain loan from the club.
    Members will have a free copy of my trading system after the first-three month.
    Members will attend a – three day forex workshop in Abeokuta, free accommodation, free lectures, free tasty meals, and certificate of participation will be awarded at the end of the 6 month of active enrollment.
    Members will be introduced to the investors’ world.
    Members will always receive 10% bonus of their initial deposit at every 6 month.

    Application Fee
    Members application fee is N1,000 (non-refundable)
    Investment Deposit is $1,000 – U.S dollars (refundable)

    Direct All Enquiries To:
    The LivingWell E-Business Consult
    185, Olabisi Onabanjo Way, (Old 7up Depot)
    Iyana Mortuary,
    Ogun State,
    Or Call +2348032470050
    Skype- sadedoyin

    Samuel Adedoyin
    The Winner of the world forex contest
    Please anyone can find out my result from the website below.

  12. forex_noobtrader says:

    Hmnn. The claims of Samuel seems too good to be true. I really will love to have a second opinion.

    I really want the opinion of genuine people trading forex online. Samuel sounds to me like an affiliate of Surefire Trading System. Except I’m missing something, his last post sounds like sales copy 🙂

    Please, guys, is the f9d1 forex system for real. I’ve heard of other trading robots such as FAPTURBO, Forex Megadroid, Semi Auto Forex Engine etc. I never heard about F9D1 system until few days ago. It seems that is the latest forex system creating waves online. I’ve tried to use the search engine to verify the claim by Surefire Trading System and some other people promoting the system, but it has been difficult getting to know for sure that f9d1 trading system is not just another scam, by some faceless fake forex tutors.
    Please help with whatever information you have. Thanks

  13. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    Hi Forex_noobtrader, I appreciate your comment and i love your person. But one thing I refused to subject my integrity to is you calling me a scammer, or a Surefire affliate marketer, no way, I wont take that from no one. To the glory of God, am a popular figure in the evangelical drama ministry, and I would not have any one to mess up my years of labour in my evangelical ministry just because you have a doubt about the unimagenable success I had at the surefire trading challenge.
    Up till now, the surefire people cannot actually fathom how I made such a remarkable success in just one month. I have said it times without number that it was God not man.
    I have received so many appluads from the U.S, Japan, Bulgeria, and back home here in Nigeria just on this trading system.
    I have received guests outside my base in Abeokuta, who visited my office just because they want to meet with the man who made the 2,956%profit in one month, through the F9D1 trading system.
    Please, you can pay an adventure visit to and authenticate the claims of F9D1 trading system and
    I wont blame any one for doubting my integrity, but calling me names is what I want condone.
    Of a truth, what the Lord has made me to achieve in that month is logically impossible, but with GOD on your side, your can do the impossible.
    By the grace of God, am here on earth to set a pace, I have set a new record in the world of forex, let’s see who will break it, because ever they started the surefire contest no one has made the result I made and uptill now no one has been able to break it.

    You can visit my office, if you wish to know more about me…

    The LivingWell E-Business Consult
    185, Olabisi Onabanjo Way, (Old 7up Depot)
    Iyana Mortuary,
    Ogun State,
    Or Call +2348032470050
    Skype- sadedoyin

    Finally, scammers dont give their full contact address, but I have given mine, at least to tell you am not one.
    Stay wonderfully blessed in the hand of God.
    Love you always
    Hapi trading…

  14. forex_noobtrader says:

    I didn’t call you names nor insult you. I think you should read my comment again. I pointed out that:

    1. Your claim sounded too good to be true (I believe that as a forex trader, I have a right to my personal opinion). Expression of doubt about your forex trading performance is not the same thing as calling you a scammer.

    2. I asked for a second opinion about F9D1 Forex Trading System. I believe you are aware that there is no much information about it unlike other well known trading software e.g. fapturbo. Since SureFire Trading System owns F9D1, they cannot be used as a reference to authenticate the genuiness of the system. There are several online forex traders, at least some will have something to say.
    And that is what I requested for.

    3. That I said you sounded like an affiliate is not an insult. I myself is an affiliate of eToro and I am not ashame to tell anyone that cares to listen. Your previous comment sounds as a review in favor of Surefire Trading Sytem, that was why I said it sounds like a sales copy.

    I hope this clarrification helps. If you have further information (outside Surefire websites) I will be grateful to have them and check them out. A pity you don’t operate a website of yours, I would have visited and drop a note. Cheers. 🙂

  15. Anthony Anene says:

    If your interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge of online trading techniques. An opportunity to trade not only forex but also commodities, global equities and other sophisticated financial products.. Then visit our websites or

    Also, you can download the demo version of our platform

    Knights Capital introduces the online trading revolution

  16. Somtochukwu says:

    I Totally believe Samuel. I’m a man of the spirit and so i know evil when i see one. There’s no Poverty in the kingdom… People just have to be daring to win. Samuel was, and he has won. I admire your spirit Samuel. If you are out there doubting him, ask those that lost how much they lost and gave up… Samuel lost over a million and didnt give up!!! That’s the spirit of a winner. I almost gave up tonight, but reading your testimony Samuel, i think im heading back to make it work. The top is not for those that are scared at all not to talk of scared of heights, its for the brave.
    I will definitely call you.
    Thank God, there’s someone there who made it.

  17. Somtochukwu says:

    If you think you lose so much in forex, think about this; You can gain so much if you placed an opposite trade… it’s just that you made the wrong choice… You can make the right choices…always, and within the same time it took you to lose all you’ll double all…selah

  18. Is Blog Farming the same as building blogs with just 3 – 5 posts, adding google adsense and then concentrating on building quality backlinks to them so they generate cash almost on “auto-pilot”?

    I’m thinking on creating a blog for wannabe singers and songwriters but then I’m hampered by the fact that I really don’t know if there are many forums, blogs on the niche to build backlinks from.

  19. LMAO. I saved this page and then went home to read it in the comfort of my room. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Na wa oh! See as religion take enter this gist. Personally I no dey like go church and I’m super wary of people that pull the religious card.

    @Somtochukwu: Who d f**k loses over a million naira in a business and still continues to try to make it work? Una dey chop national cake abi na wetin. Haba. Na wa oh!

    @forex_noobtrader: I was thinking the same thing and actually wondering why Bro Tee allowed the comment through. This a pure sales copy full stop and nobody can make me believe otherwise.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I felt the comment should be allowed so that visitors will at least see a sample of such 😉 After reading the post, if someone still feel he or she need to subscribe to such sales talk, then it is nobody’s fault. The elders have a saying that a word is enough for the wise. I do not endorse nor recommend any of the claims made. I allowed them for educational purpose only. Cheers.

  20. @NaijaEcash: I guess as much! lol

  21. michael says:

    Would you be pleased if you made 50% of your account every month? Your money would double EVERY two months – you could start with $10,000 and become a millionaire very quickly – 13 months to be exact.

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    Now what if I told you there is a trader who make over 900% a month, no wait, let me really rock your world. What if I told you there is this same trader who made 2000% a month verified!

    He is a real person who trade every day and what’s even more astounding is he has retired from his full- time jobs as civil engineer. He has such an unique perspective on trading that he virtually changed the rules on how it’s done. These systems have all been verified. Each one of these systems are brilliant, but what’s even more fascinating his the person behind the systems fx michael #1 forex trader in Nigeria.

    And he is going to tell you how he did it. Cause he is just an ordinary person who have come up with unique ways to trade the markets. I’ve been lucky enough to work my ass out and I can tell you, it’s just great. It sort of explains what the trading challenge is all about in forex and you get the best results of the best systems if you know what you are doing cos you get no solution from forum strategy but with deep understanding and self research could result in profit.

    Just go visit the website and other stuff he has prepared about how you can make money with Forex day trading.

    Michael Abubakar – the best know forex trader in nigeria and with 2,307,78% net profit in 30 days ) will give you over 30 minutes of the best advice you will ever get, and prove to you that what you are doing now is probably wrong.

    You can just tell how he has been through what you have been through. You just know im for real. Listen to michael thats the key

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    It all goes to prove one thing:

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    It’s critical that you start to listen to real people who trade every day. You have to make sure your source of information is reliable, and there is no better way to do that than listen to someone who has just had their account verified.

    Pay attention to the fact that I am a guy who admits he doesn’t have all the answers, and im still
    learning. I am still doubts, even though i have a good system but still look ahead !

    I have decided to expose this system as final preparations for the release are almost finished and tested how live and demo please contact fx michael on +2348055047313 or




  22. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    Let’s take stock of the wonders of God, in forex business in my life in 2009

    To the glory of God, the Lord has made a blessing in this forex business.

    First, through the help and favor of the most high, I topped a world forex championship with an unimagineable records of 2,956.16% profit in one month, (check the forex contest organiser website for real

    Secondly- From one room apartment, the good Lord moved to a little palace.

    Thirdly- The Lord through the forex business blessed me with a car.

    Fourtly- The Lord turned me from being a begger to a giver

    Fiftly- To the glory of God today o, I buy whatever I want to buy with ease, struggling is completly out of my life for ever.

    Lastly- I met with new-big people in the society

    All the above didnt drop like magic, but through patience and persistence plus God’s mercy I became what am today in the world of forex.
    Am waiting for the time you will spell out your testimonies soon, because you are the next to testify.
    Anyone reading this, forex had ruined me in the past, but God has used the same forex to raise me and make me reign in the kingdom of this business.
    If you need a counsel or mentoring in this business, please feel free to contact me on +2348032470050 or skype sadedoyin.

    You are blessed, because you are a blessing to your world.

    Samuel Adedoyin
    the maker of F9D1 trading system
    and the winner of surefiretradingchallenge

  23. Forex Trading In Nigeria says:

    People just have to be daring to win. Samuel was, and he has won. I admire your spirit Samuel. If you are out there doubting him, ask those that lost how much they lost and gave up… Samuel lost over a million and didnt give up!!! That’s the spirit of a winner.

  24. omotade olugbenga adegoke says:

    i believe you samuel.i won the october 2009 surefire trading challenge with over 11000%.
    thats all i have to say.
    omotade olugbenga adegoke
    surefire trading

  25. Suzanne says:

    Stella: Samuel won the Surefire Trading Challenge more than once. It is a true system that I’ve traded myself, and is profitable.

    Rather than putting others down why don’t you try out the system first then comment on it??

    You can find the system at Traders’ Secret Library. You have to pay a monthly fee. However, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

  26. Uyoatta Henry says:

    Hello Omotade adegoke,i need your phone number. There is something very personal i would like to discuss with you. Kindly send your number to


  27. Jack says:

    How much money should you have in your FOREX account in order to earn an income?
    Jack´s last blog post ..USD/CHF Daily Free signals Tuesday 15Jun10

  28. Guy wake up to information. we are making the money. forex trading is real

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Pal, I’m already awake. Nobody is disputing the fact that online forex trading is a money maker. So what is new that you want to share with us? Are you a FX trader?

  29. Yes i’m FOREX TRADER TO THE CORE. BUT DON’T LET ME BOOST. you can know my profile from
    Please, Samuel is not a real trader is foolling pple and make money foolling them yes please look at our discussion on 21st June, 2010 around 2am mid Night on Skype.”[00:31:37] Olafimihan Folarin: I Trade forex too. With my Locally dveloped code
    [00:59:56] sadedoyin: sadedoyin has shared contact details with Olafimihan Folarin.
    [01:00:11] sadedoyin: ok
    [01:00:27] Olafimihan Folarin: HELLO SADE
    [01:01:38] Olafimihan Folarin: how are u
    [01:02:26] sadedoyin: am fine and you?
    [01:03:18] Olafimihan Folarin: kool
    [01:03:28] Olafimihan Folarin: fx trader are ?
    [01:03:54] Olafimihan Folarin: what part of the world are from
    [01:04:11] sadedoyin: am a Nigerian
    [01:04:21] sadedoyin: just like you
    [01:04:49] Olafimihan Folarin: how do u know i’m a Nigerian ?
    [01:05:26] sadedoyin: you are based in ikeja?
    [01:05:53] Olafimihan Folarin: Yes info from my skype profile i think ?
    [01:06:33] sadedoyin: yesssssssssss
    [01:07:10] Olafimihan Folarin: to biz
    [01:07:20] sadedoyin: ok
    [01:07:31] Olafimihan Folarin: how long have u been trading I started in 2006
    [01:09:16] Olafimihan Folarin: do u sell your trading system or you manage fund ?
    [01:10:52] Olafimihan Folarin: do u sell your trading system or you manage fund ?
    [01:14:53] sadedoyin: I manage fund for people and also sell my trading system
    [01:15:03] Olafimihan Folarin: ok
    [01:15:24] Olafimihan Folarin: can i see ur trading statement to start with
    [01:18:03] Olafimihan Folarin: can i see ur trading statement to start with
    [01:22:35] sadedoyin: what do you in forex, do you run a fund management company?
    [01:23:31] Olafimihan Folarin: Yes and I sell my Locally developed EA to individuals and fund manager who cares to get it
    [01:23:52] sadedoyin: ok
    [01:24:27] sadedoyin: what exactly do you want us to do together?
    [01:25:22] Olafimihan Folarin: I just love sharing experince only I use my software i don’t buy from others
    [01:26:36] Olafimihan Folarin: but firstly, I love to know d stand of whom i’m chatting with by seeing their trading syayement and i send my own too
    [01:26:55] sadedoyin: ok that is great, just like what I said my trading system is for sale, so if you would want to see it, you will have to order for it and buy at $200
    [01:27:36] Olafimihan Folarin: I don’t buy what i don’t know how it is working
    [01:28:12] sadedoyin: how did you get my contact?
    [01:28:22] Olafimihan Folarin: show me your statement of the account is have traded 1st. not to buy you are talking to 4years trader
    [01:28:47] Olafimihan Folarin: if you care to see mine i will give you
    [01:29:09] Olafimihan Folarin: i get to know u from one site like that
    [01:30:04] Olafimihan Folarin: show me your statement of the account is have traded 1st. not to buy you are talking to 4years trade
    [01:30:18] Olafimihan Folarin: if you care to see mine i will give you
    [01:30:29] Olafimihan Folarin: i get to know u from one site like that
    [01:31:02] sadedoyin: oh, thanks so much
    [01:31:31] Olafimihan Folarin: I get to know you from here
    [01:31:43] sadedoyin: ok
    [01:32:33] Olafimihan Folarin: Do you have a web site of your own?
    [01:34:20] sadedoyin: yes i do, but it is under construction, i call it ONLINESAMUEL.COM, by the grace of GOD, we shall chat later when I have free time. You are wonderful and I appreciate you.
    [01:36:55] Olafimihan Folarin: Well, next time but first thing is not to BUY, 1sting is see my RESULT. when next u are free you can ask for my result as at when i’m talking with u I can provide my result of my software
    [01:37:13] sadedoyin: am offering a 5day free signal, so, if you are interested pls let me know
    [01:37:26] sadedoyin: it starts today till friday
    [01:38:06] sadedoyin: you are blessed
    [01:38:44] Olafimihan Folarin: I don’t trade signal and I don’t believe in free thing. What I needed is your trading result first
    [01:42:37] sadedoyin: pls be cool, calm and be patient in words…my result may blow a lot of suprises in you. I will let you into it very soon.
    [01:43:00] Olafimihan Folarin: ok sir
    [01:43:28] sadedoyin: you are blessed sir
    [01:44:35] Olafimihan Folarin: that is what am after real biz not preamble I hve met a lot of traders like u sir.
    [01:47:21] sadedoyin: by the grace of GOD, am a diffrent and unique individual, pls do not easily conclude on a man that you have not dealt with. And the fact that you have met diff pple who are traders in the past doesnt mean they are like me.
    [01:48:51] Olafimihan Folarin: ok
    [01:50:43] Olafimihan Folarin: I agreed but as a trader that speak with confident it deosn’t cost u 1 minute to proof your self than to first say BUY my product. send to me you trading result and i’m ready to pick your system if i’m convinced do u wich to check mine
    [01:53:26] Olafimihan Folarin: check one of my account out if you want more let me know
    [01:53:42] *** Olafimihan Folarin sent doyin.htm,… ***
    [01:55:02] sadedoyin: no, i dont need yours, well what you said is the fact, but not an absolute truth. Wait a minute, am going to send the trading result of a contest that made the winner of a world forex contest last year. To the glory of GOD, I made over 2,956%profit in one month and here the trading ststement
    [02:01:16] Olafimihan Folarin: i’m waiting 4 d statement pls.
    [02:01:31] sadedoyin: ok
    [02:02:04] *** sadedoyin sent samuelSTATEMENMT.pdf ***
    [02:04:44] Olafimihan Folarin: Shame on you samuel. Never show this to people that know what they are doing. you can show it to a gullable people who want to be full. that they can make money from your system.
    [02:04:47] Olafimihan Folarin: You are not serious at all if you are a trader why last year why not today’s statement since last year you have stop trading or what never full yourself you are dealing everyday trader not last year trader like u ok and i’m very sure u are giong to show me DEMO like your other mate. the statement I sent to you is one week statement including today as we are chating ok not even last month. LIVE trade ok
    [02:06:16] sadedoyin: thanks for the comment and compliments
    [02:06:29] Olafimihan Folarin: You are trading 50lots , 100lots and to finished it DEMO ACCOUNT
    [02:06:45] Olafimihan Folarin: Stop fulling people
    [02:07:00] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:07:38] Olafimihan Folarin: I show my client LIVE account not DEMO ok.
    [02:08:00] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:08:11] Olafimihan Folarin: and I show them instant statement not one year back
    [02:08:22] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:08:35] Olafimihan Folarin: we are here to learn from each other.
    [02:08:44] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:09:34] Olafimihan Folarin: be kool more grease to you elbow I will tell your people online my discovery about you
    [02:09:56] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:10:37] Olafimihan Folarin: But keep it mind i’m your friend no matter what either genue or fake both of us are trader
    [02:12:07] sadedoyin: ok sir, and thanks for extending your hands of friendship
    [02:12:20] Olafimihan Folarin: you are welcome
    [02:12:29] Olafimihan Folarin: Bro samuel right ?
    [02:13:03] Olafimihan Folarin: this is my site
    [02:13:37] Olafimihan Folarin: I have sold my system for one fund manager in Marina in Lagos
    [02:13:51] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:14:19] Olafimihan Folarin: but i don’t tell people to BUY. They buy when they see result
    [02:14:29] sadedoyin: ok sir
    [02:15:05] Olafimihan Folarin: good rest,and blessed week ahead of us in Jesus Name
    [02:15:23] sadedoyin: amen sir
    [09:17:55] Olafimihan Folarin: Gud morin my pal
    [09:19:15] sadedoyin: good morning sir
    [09:19:50] Olafimihan Folarin: I can see u are working Hard
    [09:20:06] sadedoyin: yes sir
    [09:21:25] Olafimihan Folarin: I too not relent research never stop, hope still functioning & Dreams will never die in Jesus name
    [09:21:55] sadedoyin: amen sir
    [09:23:23] Olafimihan Folarin: wish forum is good that you can recommend for me i need to see what pple are promosing the fellow nigerians
    [09:35:53] Olafimihan Folarin: wish forum is good that you can recommend for me i need to see what pple are promosing the fellow nigerians”
    You see Nigerians are gullible so much how can someone tell you he make over 2000% return on an investment in just one month in one stupid competition and you believed him and pple are praising them. Look Samuel can’t proof to me that is not one of the pple that bastardized forex business by the grace of God, God will expose all of them by the grace of Almighty God. He Show me 2009 statement of the stupid competition which is

    Nigerians think wake up from from greed that make you become GAMBLER and at the end gambler will always become a BIG LOSER.

    Come let reason together Nigerian Banks promised their investors 3% return on their Fixed deposit Yearly. If you see a system promising 3% monthly is reasonable. Investor build their wealth from time to time but Gambler think of acquired wealth over night and they eventually become a BIG LOSER.


    • NaijaEcash says:

      Hmnn I guess it is Samuel Adedoyin’s turn to defend himself. I’ve seen so many praising him as a forex guru. Over to you Samuel.
      NOTE: I purposely left the comment above unedited (spelling mistake etc). I just want to be an unbias umpire. Let the truth come forth!

      • I’m not a grammarian if that is the Criteria for your forum.
        Tell Samuel to deny the above conversation 1st.
        and tell him to show the entire forum the statement of his trade for the month of June 2010. I’m ready to send mine and stand by it to defend it as well.

        Best Regard.

        • NaijaEcash says:

          Folarin, I didn’t mean to paint your comment in a bad light. You already made your position clear in your comment. However, I needed to put that NOTE in my last comment because some readers will be upset that I am a bad blogger who doesn’t correct obvious spelling or grammatical error. I needed to give a reason for leaving the comment exactly the way you sent it. This post is about FOREX TRADING, not about queen’s English. S there is no reason to get offended by my statement. We are still waiting for Samuel Adedoyin or any of his friends to respond to your comments. If they don’t then we will assume that all you said is true. Thanks for expressing your thought without reservations. Cheers.

          • Hi tony,
            I don’t want a situation that me and Samuel will be exchanging words. All I want is known the truth.
            1. As a trader He should present less than 24 hrs trading LIVE statement that is not DEMO.
            2. The skype Discussion above .He should deny it. then I’m done.
            Tony A lot of pple have died for losing all they have work for. They commit suicide . Fake forex trader are Murderer. Simple. They should go to God and ask for 4giveness.
            I show less than 24 hrs trading result to my client not 2009 not even may result as a trader you must have at worst on week recent trade why a year or 2yrs result and the result is DEMO. Sun-fire group also encourage duping with their stupid competition.
            If your system is ok Put your money on the line. Let us know who is who in the turbulent Market Period.

            Best Regard

  30. Samuel Adedoyin says:

    Am clearly responding to this comment not because am intersted to answer Folahan neither am I in any way looking for a platform to defend myself. Of a truth Folahan and I chat just like any other person via skype. And because of the comment he made about me, i wont bend my principle just to satisfy him. I only reveal my live statement to my staff and that is my firm principle, and i think he should respect that. No matter what anybody is offering me, I repeat I don’t reveal my live statement oooo get that into your skull, In the past I had had people who wants my live acct statement and I said ‘NO’ to me as civilisied human being, that ordinarily shouldnt raise any dust, the best that will happen is that you won’t do business with me, and take your business to other traders who are willing to show their live statement, we must not forget in a hurry, that past performance in forex does not guarantee future profit. I think there is more to what the eye can behold in this case, I enjoy it very well when people criticise me, i don’t feel offended at all. Take your time and go through our chart again, the moment, Folahan called me names, you will find out, my response was ‘ok sir, or yes sir’ Wisdom tells me to speak. I never knew Folahan from Adam, no serious business deal between us, and all you asked for is my live acct statement, am not gullible. To the glory of God, I have a live acct with Alpari UK. Initially, I had wanted to keep mute because am too focused to be distracted. I am not under any obligation to be answerable to Folahan or his comment about me. Calling me a fake trader that was his personal opinion and am not moved by that. Before the end of last month, I started a free forex signal for traders, and within 8days we made over 400pips, pls verify from forexafricana group on facebook. I have no issues with him, he is so full of himself. Well, maybe he thinks running me down simply because I refused to show my live statement will get him popular in the palace of forex. Time shall tell. From this forum, there are members who had my house contact, and my office contact, there are traders who had visited me in my house and slept in my house in the past, if i was a fake person, i doubt it, if I will let pple know me. Please am too young to be old, am very focused, and i will not be forced to bend my principle. Thanks
    He only knew me for just 59minutes, and after that he made a conclusion about my person.

    • Well, no matter how Samuel will still get people that will be his followers. But WE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND TRUTH WILL SET US FREE . How on earth that you will claim to be a trader and your result will become a masquerade that people cannot see your recent trading result. My trading result is available to anybody anytime.
      100% sure of what i’m doing.

      God Bless

  31. forexhero says:

    Its interesting reading tru the comments and the dispute between Sam and Fola. I have Sam’s trading system and that of those who took part in the competition and more recently[Udoji and co]. My take on the systems is that they are not as fantastic as SUREFIRE the organizers of the competition want us to believe, but that is not to say that they are not good.
    One thing people must understand is that any average system will work in the forex market,what many people lack is DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY in following their system and if they will learn to put their emotions under check which is one the most difficult aspect of forex.
    Many people want quick money and they think the forex business is the solution.
    Forex involves serious hard work.
    Sam and Fola are both right in the sense that they are entitled to their opinions. I trade forex and i run a one year mentoring programme for the unemployed around me and for those who want to learn, i don’t have to show my life account to anybody. What i do is to invite you to my trading room for a day or two to see me and those i’m mentoring trade and you will be left to decide whether to take up forex as a business. I don’t sell my system because i don’t believe a system is all it takes to make it in the forex business.
    The point i’m trying make is that there in no one method that is all in this business,you just have to find what is good and working for you and stick to it no matter what, because there will be draw downs[difficult times]
    For those who are doing well like Sam and Fola, i challenge you to find ways you can impact those around you with the knowledge you have acquired.As for, i seek to empower the unemployed around me by mentoring them and setting them up after one year.


  32. What Most Nigerian lack is a simple truth in doing biz.
    those that have quick knowledge are ready to quickly exploit those that patronized them.
    between 2006 till date among those that shout on radio and Television how many of them perform after collecting hard earn money from their patronizers God will save us.
    Before I discuss with anybody is a Must for me to see your live account period.

    Best Regard

    • FOREXHERO says:

      I have never paid for a seminar and don’t intend to[You can’t learn to trade forex in a one or two weeks serminar].The best way to check those who exploit others is for those who know to impact those around them. The biggest challenge i have come to see is that many people are looking for easy ways to make money without the readiness to pay the price of hard work. I have seen accounts edited to suite the purpose of marketing a product.Make your knowledge available to those around you as long as they are ready to learn and go all the way.


      • NaijaEcash says:

        You’ve just said it. Nothing good comes easy. If anyone considers Online Forex Trading as a business, then such a one should be willing to pay the price of hard work. It is only in gambling and lottery that one can expect to get result without doing any hardwork. So, I guess those who stay all day in their pajamas expecting others to do the hard work for them are simply equating FX trading to gambling. No wonder they often get swindled. 😉

  33. Tradefox says:

    This thread is so interesting that i could not resist joining in.

    @ the FOREXHERO, i share your views about impacting your immediate environment with your skills and talents i.e. making a contribution to society. I’m curious though, where do you hold the said training you talked about in your previous post?

  34. Tradefox says:

    Forex trading takes patience, discipline and hard work like anything else in life. If you expect it to be easy, it would end up being hard for you, but if you are prepared to do the work in advance, it would end up becoming easier for you.

    Best Wishes

  35. All I know is that Trading FOREX never stop one from doing other biz.
    By having something along side help a lot. you will not make a deadly move in the market to make more money. FOREX Market cannot be intimidate . I Trade all day yes My software runs from January to Dec. While I do my Day Job . I use VPN close to my broker so that I can benefit from good LATENCY of 100ms.
    My IT Job couple with what I study in Higher institution helps me a lot as a Maths/Statistician I use just basic Arithmetic Approach to make money every day without sitting down for just one minutes a day. When I hear some Nigeria discourage their fellows from using software I lough because 85% Manual Trader are the people wasting People’s Money out there I run my software on DEMO Account from Jan. 2009 to Dec. 2009 it gives me 75% return No Bank can ever do that Nigeria Bank stick to 3% per Ann-um now. Since January 2010 the said software is running on LIVE account in 7 months it gives 40.28% return . What else do I need from God. I still make earning from my day Job as an IT personnel what else.

    I sorry for Manual trader even if they make 100% return yearly, they have forgetting one thing that most of their nerves were seriously wounded while trading they can dies easily when they experience shock

    Best Regard.

  36. ayplus says:

    am a trader with fxopen ac num 196518 the truth is forex trading lazy mind is like trying to be a doctor, you go tru a process hav been trading 4 about 3 years now i lose i gain . but 4 the first time ill lioke to give a clue to trading daily fibonacci . anybody who knows what fibonacci means will be able to triunph in forex tradin quote me somebody once sain in a forum like this (fxfisherman)that if you know what works iin forex trade you ll not want to share it on air dat is true d reason why i will not want do so myself but i ll like every body to, fibonacci is use in evry part of life from the plant to our dna read more on it apply it to what you know and i bet it is the ultimate you dont have to trust me i just feel like writting 4 d firs t time in any forum in my 3 year of learning and trading (call 08023188158)am not selling anything

  37. CashBender says:

    @Folarin, How do you expect someone to show you his live account?It is either you are interested or not. And there is no amount of money you make that you’ll say is enough.To become rich,you have to convince someone to bring out money from his pocket.. some might call it a scam but look at it this way,Is it a scam when a country imposes tax on its citizens?The fact is that they provide goods and services, but most citizens would not be satisfied with it. They think they are being exploited.

    Don’t try to scorn an attempt of someone trying to do business..It’s not about been’s about been smart..even the fools that think that they are scammed would wake up one day and start thinking like business men.Greed is part of business( a hard truth),there must be profit, and finally Legitimacy.

    • You made me laugh “Don’t try to scorn an attempt of someone trying to do business..It’s not about been’s about been smart..even the fools that think that they are scammed would wake up one day and start thinking like business men.Greed is part of business( a hard truth),there must be profit, and finally Legitimacy”
      If I don’t make a mistake you are business man INDEED.

      My primary Job is ICT. I trade fx with my own money rather than keep it in bank, and I trade for people as well. One year no single loss but still if anybody demand for my LIVE trading result I don’t hesitate to send it to the I manage account for Nigerian who are abroad through seen my trading result. But if I were those newbies no result I can’t give you my money period.
      I used software developed by me here in Nigeria.

      Best Regard.

  38. efuwape says:

    i learnt forex last year but i have problem starting my own forex account,if anyone is intrested i can manage peoples accont on their behalf and i have a rpbot e-mail is

  39. Da Don says:

    Mr Folarin i`ll love to see your live account statement. you can send it to Thank you in advance.

  40. douye says:

    i can help you make double of your income in a week in forex trading or i’ll say manage your account. you will be in charge of all the money in your account while i trade on your behalf am proud to say that am a successful trader and am willing to help anyone that is interested in making a living in forex .pls call me 07066295466

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