New Alexa Rankings System

Written by NaijaEcash

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I got online this morning and I was greeted with a drastic drop in my Alexa ranking. Yesterday it was reading 315,865 but this morning I saw 102,798 that was too drastic a drop and I was wondering what happened overnight. Is there a sudden surge in traffic to my site (I wish that was the case)? When I visited the Alexa site, I was greeted with a banner announcing that the Ranking System has been changed.

Yesterday, a blogger, A Nairobian’s Perspective!, blogged about my ranking being 88 for Nigeria. I was excited then, but when I checked my ranking for Nigeria today, I discovered that it has dropped from 88 down to 157. So I guess the new system has modify the old algorithm that was being used for calculating site rankings. The Alexa team explained that the new Ranking System is more reflective of the popularity of the sites being ranked. Also the ranking is not restricted to the Alexa Users Community. I believe this is a welcome idea. You can read more about the new system on their website here.

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  1. martinlock says:

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