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Definition of the word Naija



What is the meaning of the word Naija? The word Naija is a slang use by Nigerians especially those in diaspora to fondly refer to themselves. It therefore refers to Nigeria as a country and also Nigerians as a people. For example, a Nigerian in diaspora might say something like, “I be Naija Proper” meaning, I am Proudly Nigerian. While if he says, “I dey go Naija” he is simply saying he is taking a trip back home, i.e. he is visiting Nigeria.

Well, that is it. When next you hear the word Naija, be rest assured that a Nigerian who is Proudly Nigerian is talking about Nigeria or the citizens of Nigeria. In recent times, the slang is gaining wide acceptance even among Nigerians at home. So, all over the world wide web, you can find webmasters who are showing that they are proud of Nigeria, the most populous country in Black Africa. They often incorporate the word Naija into their domain names. I happen to be one of them. Because I am proudly Nigerian, my website url is named, Anywhere I find myself, I am proud to reveal my identity as Proudly Nigerian.

Naija For Life

Naija For Life

My loyalty is not negotiable, it is simply Naija For Life!

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  1. Raj says:

    It’s really good that the word “Naija” is being accepted in Nigerian homes and it greatly signifies “unity”. Interesting post.

  2. Adam Paudyal says:

    Very interesting post. I have a couple of Nigerian friends. I am going to tell them about your blog.

    Anyway, you have a great blog going on here. I am a new blogger myself and I was wanting to get some feedback from people like you.

    Can you please visit my blog and tell me how I am doing.
    Thank you.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Adam, thanks for visiting Nigerian Entrepreneur. It’s also good to know that you have some Naija brothers as friends. Not all Naija are fraudsters like some think. There are many Naija people that are into legitimate business online and offline.
      I visited your blog and you have a lovely blog. It doesn’t really look like the blog of someone that is new in the blogosphere. It is professionally done and the articles keeps one glued reading for quite a while. I dropped comments on two of your articles because I read and enjoyed them. See you some other times. I remain Naija 4 live 😉 Cheers.

  3. I like your blog, even I’m not from Nigeria. You do a great job and I think you are one of the important voices. Keep it up!
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  4. Dennis Akhigbe says:

    I am a proud Naija, I think Naija could also connote our pidgin language, how about that. Cheers Naija.

  5. Jon says:

    Naijia defined is a shaman who takes cares of children.

  6. i like my naija, i no have another country like naija. no place like my country i respect my naija pass my life.

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