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Are You a Naija Looking for Hot Jobs?

Everywhere you turn, you see lots of unemployed young men and women moving from company to company looking for high-paying jobs in well established businesses. Different companies in Nigeria pays different wages to the same category of professionals. So, it is possible to have an accountant in Company A earning over $5,000 per year while the same professional can only earn a maximum of $1,000 in Company B.

Naija Hot Job

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In the language of the unemployed youth, vacancies in Company A will be classified as Hot Jobs, while vacancy in Company B will be classified as “Marking Time” or “Surviving“. Of course there are other terms used to classified jobs, but these are the common ones. You can get a dozen more from Nigerian Forum such as NairaLand, NaijaHotJobs, NigeriaBestForum, NewNigerians etc.

Which companies offer Hot Jobs in Naija?

Often, multinational companies, owned by foreign investors in Nigeria offers the highest pay. Top of the list are Oil and GAs Producing companies such as Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Chevron, Elf, Total, Addax etc. Next in line are the 3rd generation financial institution in Nigeria.

Appointment in any of the aforementioned is getting a Naija Hot Job! The economic status of the newly employed gets transformed dramatically. Luxury becomes the new lifestyle. Somehow similar to wining the lottery.

Naija Hot Jobs and Wasted Lives

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While it is everybody’s wish to get such good opportunity, it is foolishness to waste your life hoping and wishing to work only in those places. Those kind of companies employs less than 20% of the Nigerian labor Market. So while wishing for a vacancy in any of them, it is better you get started in those low paying compaines. That will afford you the opportunity of acquiring needed skills and years of experience which may improve your chances of getting employed in the Naija Hot Job zone 😉

Also, the undue pressure that such job attracts from the society has been the ruin of many lives. Those working in such companies are often lured into living a false life of luxury and affluence which they cannot sustain immediately they loose the job or are retired. Only few of the companies have retirement plans for their employees. Most of the financial institutions, especially the banks have nothing in place for retiring employees.  These is a major disadvantage.



You Too Can Create Hot Jobs In Naija

I highly recommend you starting a small business which you can grow into a financial empire that is capable of offering Hot Jobs! That should be the goal of every young man or woman in Nigeria. If you start your entrepreneurship journey early enough, you should be able to achieve this before you clock fifty years. I know there are hurdles to be overcome, but establishing a business that creates Hot Jobs is better than looking for Naija Hot Jobs. That is my sincere opinion.

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    I need a human resource, accounting/administration job in any multinational company with good pay.

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