Make Money Online, Promote Local Small Scale Businesses!

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sucessful online entreprenuer

successful online entrepreneur

Make Money Online, by Promoting Local Small Scale Businesses. You can earn easy money by advertising Small Scale Businesses Online. African Entrepreneurs are not as tech savvy as their counterparts in the developed nations. The only thing some of them know about the internet is that con artists use the internet to defraud people abroad.

In Nigeria an estimated ninety percent or more of small scale businesses conduct their business transactions offline. Searching for their name in Google will produce no result. Many of the Nigerian Entrepreneurs in this category knows next to nothing about the great potential that online advertisement offers.

Hope you are getting the gist. This obvious need for web presence among the local small scale entrepreneurs in Africa is a wonderful opportunity for any online entrepreneur. You can easily package an offer and make presentation to such local entrepreneurs who are only doing their business offline!

If you are able to get the following four points across to them, you will surely get some for clients:

  1. Yellow pages, Television and Radio Advertisement are no longer as effective as they used to be. People now search for information using Google! And it cost a tiny fraction of what they already spend on TV and Radio to advertise online!
  2. Small scale businesses that do not have their presence online will soon find themselves at a great disadvantage against business competitors.
  3. It is an established fact that more and more Africans are getting online to search for information. Some are getting used to conducting their transactions online via internet enabled cell-phones.
  4. Every small scale entrepreneur, be it a chef, plumber, hairdresser, grocery seller etc, can have a presence online so as to capture the local market effectively. Why will I go out looking for a grocery store that offers my special body cream when I can simply use Google to search for such?
Stand Out Online

Stand Out Online

The business opportunities that can be developed from this NEED are quite numerous, but let’s quickly look at three of them that easily come to mind:

  • Offer cheap website design and hosting for small scale business. An all inclusive package works best.
  • Develop a localized website portal that serves as an online yellow page.
  • Offer webmaster services to businessmen who already own websites but hate doing the technical stuffs.

Let’s face it, you only need to scratch your head a little and you will get an opportunity you can work on. I’m already working on this idea and I have two local businessmen as my clients already! It took less than a day to convince those too to buy my service, and do I need tell you that it is a profitable business! Hey, give it a shot, you too can start earning money online legitimately. These idea does not even require PayPal. (You can collect local cheque or physical cash, if that makes you really comfortable as a Naija Infopreneur!). Those local small scale business owners will love you for helping them promote their business to the millions out there. If you need assistance in any way, drop a note here at Nigerian Entrepreneur, I will be willing to give all the help I can. See you at the top! Cheers.

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  1. Local small scale business or any online business which is available worldwide will do well. If the price is less or it is completely free then it becomes easier to promote and make decent profits.

  2. Whao!This another eyeopener to wealth
    of ways to making a living online even
    within Nigeria territory.Infact,i will
    need to start brainstorming on this idea.

    naijaecash,thanks once again.

  3. olagbegi oluwaseun o. says:

    i want you for more details

  4. Joyce says:

    Hi, I really appreciate the information you’ve given on this site. I’m interested in developing a localised website portal. What are your suggestions. My challenge is how much to charge for this service. Also, to work as a webmaster do I need any specialised skills?

    Thanks for your time. God bless.

  5. Maddison Richards says:

    who does not want to Make Money Online anyway? everyone loves it.

    • Pastor Harry says:

      please i am not the person that need your help but a member of the church i pastor. the fellow has this locally produce liguid watching soap and need help for sponsor of the product, perhap a market outlet. thank you.

  6. bulineta says:

    This is a nice post ! continue the good work!

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