Lawsuit Funding Companies – Banking on the Small Entrepreneur

If you are a keen business executive, you must have observed the temerity with which small enterprises are fighting Fortune 500 in court. This is unusual considering these large conglomerates are flush with cash to crash plaintiffs.

Well, the secret lies in litigation financing, an aspect of financing that can help you safeguard your business even when the world around you seems to be crumbling.  Take for instance if an employee takes you to court over a case you have grounds to win.



Fighting Against All Odds

Fighting such a case can be devastating to your business if there is no other source of capital.  Luckily, litigation funding companies are bankrolling businesses in order to enable them fight any cases. Your enterprise might be facing one of the following situations:

  1. Intellectual property rights
  2. Disputes concerning assets
  3. Customer compensation suits
  4. Suits on unlawful termination or liability issues pertaining to your firm

Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

These are just a bit of legal issues your company can face at any time.  To survive then, you need to bank on a financial partner who trusts you will eventually win. Litigation funds help to pay attorney fees and clear other costs pertaining to your case. The advantage of these loans includes:

  1. Protection against bankruptcy due to a court case
  2. Spreading risks thus avoiding by avoiding litigation expenses
  3. Peace of mind in order to concentrate on your business as attorneys deal with your lawsuit
  4. Easy approval after assessment of the strength of your case
  5. No upfront fees and you only pay when you win. In essence, it is a no recovery no payback agreement which relieves you off any pressure.

The benefits go on and on but what you cannot deny is the fact that for once, the small business has a partner to lean on when the ground gets shaky.  You also feel more confident on your side as you will know these experts have already seen the strength in your suit.

Tips on Using Lawsuit Loans

Now that you appreciate the benefits of this kind of financing, it is time you started exploring the industry in order to identify the best firm to work with. Here are some tips on getting the best out of the deal:

  1. Weigh the options: While this might appear like a new industry, it has been in operation for a long time. This means there are many players out there therefore research and comparison is called for. You need to take time and examine as many companies as possible before picking the best.
  2. Understand every minor detail: It is critical to understand every aspect of the agreement to avoid disagreements in future. For an entrepreneur, more legal tussles can ruin operations and you must avoid them at all costs.
  3. Understand the application process: The agreement involves you, your attorney and the funding firm. A lot of research will be necessary but it is always crucial to follow the guidelines of your lawyer before applying.

There you have it; your business at last has a source of recourse in case you are slapped with weighty litigation.


Anita Burton is one of the most recognized legal writers for the last three decades.  Today, she focuses on aspects of the law that can help hapless citizens such as lawsuit funding companies.

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