Increasing Search Traffic While Google PR Drops

Written by NaijaEcash

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Can someone explain to me why my Google PageRank is dropping, while my search engine traffic is increasing? This situation is quite absurd and ridiculous.  I don’t really know whether I should love or hate Google! 🙂

Nigeria Seo

Nigeria Seo

For about three months now, I have been working on building quality backlinks to my site. The result has been a significant improvement in my search engine traffic. Currently, the traffic from the search engines is about 62% of the monthly traffic to Nigerian Entrepreneur. Alexa seems to be happy with me too. I currently rank 71st in Nigeria.

I have worked tirelessly to improve my on-page site optimization and have read widely on the best way to implement SEO (search engine optimization) on a blog without spending a fortune. That has lead to better placement in SERP (search engine result pages).

The result of all the effort has been a steady and consistent flow of traffic from the search engines. Unfortunately, it seems Google is not happy that they have to send visitors my way. Now, my pagerank is being reduced!

When I first had a drop from Google PR4 to PR3 three weeks ago, I didn’t bother because I know that my hosting company changed the server hosting my files. The change resulted in a changed IP address for Nigerian Entrepreneur and to the best of my knowledge, that may have affected the way Google looks at the site.

However, things have since settled down and I was expecting a return to my PR4 with some inner pages having PR2. Well, I got a shock this morning. Nigerian Entrepreneur has been dropped by Google to PR2! To me that is ridiculous. I really wonder what the algorithm robot is using to arrive at such judgment.

I just felt angry, about the whole issue. However, after reading some posts about Google Page Rank dropping, (Some were written as far back as 2006) I decided that I will simply ignore the drop and continue working on writing quality content on my blog and building backlinks. That way, the visitors will keep coming. I really don’t have anything to loose other than the title of Google PR4. If I feel so bad, I may start my own PageRank website and guess what, I will rank myself 10 and rank Big G -10 (just kidding).

Having educated myself with articles written by others, I am just going to relax and continue doing my white hat SEO. The result I’m getting is a better deal than the title anyway. How do you compare a site with PR0 earning 4digit cheques in Google Adsense with a PR7 site that earns nothing but talks about a dying language in my little hometown. For an online entrepreneur seeking to make money online, the PR0 website is much more desirable. By the way, my Google Adsense earnings have been improving too. Thanks to G.

In case you find yourself in a similar situation crying Why is my Google PageRank Dropping? Don’t despair, you may not have done anything wrong (except if you are selling links or your blog has been marked as a linkfarm). If you are being penalize, it will not be a drop, it will be a complete wipe-out. You could be taken from high PR7 to PR0 in one day. If your PR is grayed out, then your website have been blacklisted!

If you have a better thought on why my Google PageRank is dropping, say it in a comment, cheers.

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  1. Prince says:

    Hello Bro,
    Page rank mean nothing, but only important to those selling ads space on there sites, it’s like a fine babe with no brain.

    What you should be concern about is your search engines results rank, for that bring you quality free trafic.

    My main domain is having PR3 while a blog i created 3 months ago is having PR4, but at the mean time our traffic have double.

    Same applies to alexa ranking, i think it’s useless and only important to those selling ads on there sites. NBF was ranked 41 in Nigeria 3 months ago, now after 3 months we have double our traffic but rank 50.

    Conclusion, just concentrate on your search results that bring you traffic and good luck.

    • uchenna says:

      Well if you ask me, its all about getting traffic and making earnings to ad on your site. Good content ranks a site high.
      uchenna´s last blog post ..JOB FACTS QUIZ GAME

    • Nigeria Business Links says:

      I totally agree with you prince. PRs are important to people that are selling ads space and those that are using google Adwords. What we should really be concern about is the amount of traffic that our website receive from SERP.
      My advice to the blog owner is to concentrate more on getting traffic to its website.
      Nigeria Business Links´s last blog post ..Nigeria Education: The way forward.

  2. Jobs Nigeria says:

    Congrates for the Alexa High Ranking,if the ranking is to be followed,you are the best blogger in Nigeria.The ranking have increased from 71 to 66 in Nigeria(have you noticed?)
    As of the the Page raking-it is nothing- just for fun! Believe it or not.
    One thing about google PR is fluatutuation although i dont care about Pr.All I cares is SERP.

  3. Naijaecash says:

    Your point is quite valid. I was only expressing my feelings. If you read through my posting, I pointed out that SERP is much important for an online entrepreneur than any other thing. SERP helps to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic when handled well converts to sales and that is profit.
    Google Pagerank is just like an award or medal that you display to your friends. Unfortunately, some online advertiser still sware by Google PR and Alexa rankings. There is nothing you can do about that.
    So it is left for an individual to make a choice. I choose to have targeted traffic from the search engines over Google PR10 😉 Thanks for sharing your thought on this issue. And congrats on the great improvement on your site.

    Thanks for visiting. I don’t agree with you that my blog is the best using Alexa ranking as a criteria. The algorithm that Alexa uses is not perfect. In fact it has a lot of flaws.
    However, I love having a high rank on Alexa nonetheless because I makes webmasters that goes there to get curious and check out my website 😉
    I wrote about it sometime ago. I’m already a member of your forum. Keep the flag flying. Cheers. 😉

  4. Jobs Nigeria says:

    @ Naijaecash- yeah believe me,You blog is the most visited in Nigeria,currently.
    alexa can be flawed but it is risky for webmasters with Google adsense code since it is against their TOS…
    Once again,Congrats.
    thanks for Joining my forum…

    • Naijaecash says:

      @Jobs Nigeria
      When I mentioned that Alexa algorithm is has some flaws, I meant that it gives different weight to visitors. For example, a webmaster visiting your website or blog with Firefox which has the alexa toolbar installed will help your ranking more than another visitor who doesn’t use the Alexa toolbar Firefox add-on.
      As for webmaster trying to use black hat system to increase their Alexa ranking, I think it is cheer foolishness. Such things can only bring problem on the long run. Also, unnecessary page impressions for Google Adsense will make you get smart priced by Google. That means you won’t get the optimal reward for click by visitors on the Google Adsense being displayed on your website or blog. Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t pay cheque like Google. So I prefer keeping to Google’s rule and ignoring what Alexa cares to say 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your Alexa ranking, Google and all the rest. On a recent train ride from New York City back to New Haven, I ran into a young man who share with me a report he recently downloaded from and the author, Brian Clark mentioned something very interesting regarding building one’s business entirely on Google traffic. He stated that it amounts to being employed by entity, in this case Google who could with flick of switch fire you, leaving you unemployed without benefits.
    His model is quit simple, don’t base your entire business model on traffic or ranking from Google or any other search engine. Create a product and leverage existing traffic from other sites to make money.
    The end result of business is to make money and I don’t lose sight of that goal. I trade Forex and other markets while building my blog to communicate with readers and fans. I think that once you take care of the business end of why you blog, the traffic and ranking will come like a flood. Create a product that will make people salivate and give you their credit cards without asking. People want to succeed and will do almost anything to achieve financial security.
    Let’s face the truth. Blogs by it self will not earn you much in Ad revenue or affiliate sales no matter the traffic it generates or how high it ranks on Google or Alexa. You either leverage the traffic to sell your own product or other GURU’s products. A successful blog from known marketers like Jeremy Shoemaker or Yaro Starak don’t bring that much revenue without their own products integrated in the whole game. Create your product or trade your way out of poverty.
    I respect people like Brian Clark because if people like that could build info empire without much fanfare or Google god, then he model is worth a second look.
    I like Google, but I don’t lose sleep over their ranking. I cannot control it. I don’t want to be controlled by them either.
    By the way I added your blog to Technorati as one of my good blogs. Anything to help a brother.
    Good luck bro!

  6. PR is droping becase google changed its calculating formula. If you do a search you could find more about that formula. For me personally its to complicated to understand.
    Anyway as Prince said PR is only important for those who sell ad space.

  7. I hate traditional internet marketing. Google page rank doesnt appeal to my creative marketing.

  8. Don’t worry about PR. As a internet marketer who just want to make money from the internet, search engine ranking is what we want and the only thing we want to achieve. I’ve written a similar article in the past in my blog about the dropped of my PR and increasing with my search engine ranking. It’s kinda funny, Google took you something but gave you something else as well. So, don’t be too sad to see it, I do say that search engine ranking is more important than PR.


  9. you’re certainly doing a great job here. I wish you would win the blogging idol contest. Keep up ! Looking forwards to your fresh search engine traffic generation tips!

  10. I read somewhere that Google checks to see if your backlinks are still valid or not. If they aren’t, you tend to lose pagerank as well. This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to stop seeking backlinks through dofollow comments. I’m going the guest posting route as the article will definitely remain in the archives of the host blog thus maintaining my page rank.

  11. printed pens says:

    Hi im thinking you page ranking is dropping because you have to many back link out bound from you website google doesnt like this i think

  12. David Osajie says:

    Shouldn’t you just be content with your traffic and probably try to increase it more, and just say “WTF” to Google’s PR?

    The links you’re building ain’t powerful enough. You don’t need many backlinks to please Google.

    I mean just one link from a high PR site will change your story to “Wow, My PR keeps increasing with loads of traffic, and I’m so happy about it”.

    Well, from what I can see, seems like they’ve finally reduced it to PR 0, it’s so funny.
    .-= David Osajie´s last blog ..Free Payoneer Mastercard From 2checkout =-.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Well, David, I wrote that several months ago when I was feeling bad that my Google PageRank was decreasing. I’ve gotten over the bad feeling now, because like I stated in the post, my traffic has been increasing. It is interesting that my website now features on several SERP first and second page when searching for keywords that pertain to my niche. Yet, Google has not deemed it fit to restore my PageRank. I was having a PR4 when they all of a sudden reduced it to PR3. While I was complaining, it got reduced to PR2. I cried out alarmed, and then it was totally removed. So, I’m no longer crying about PR because there is none for the site for now.
      Interestingly, lack of PR has not discouraged people from visiting the website and reading my ramblings and business tips. Since Google has been kind enough to send search engine visitors on daily basis (Google is the highest referrer among the search engine for now), I’ve decided to keep my fingers crossed.
      Like you suggested, I’m still building backlinks, but I’m not particular about focussing on high rank websites. My concern is on the relevance of the website to my niche.
      Thanks for sharing your thought. Cheers.

  13. ideas online says:

    don’t worry the main thing there is that you make money at the end of the day. that issue of Google dropping page rank does not really affect you. i dealt with this same issue once and even wrote about it on my blog, check

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