Have You Updated To WordPress 2.7?

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WordPress 2.7

WordPress 2.7

Nigerian Entrepreneur is now powered by the new WordPress 2.7! I first noticed the update prompt on my blog admin dashboard yesterday. It may have been there before then, but it was yesterday I noticed it. I took a mental note to Google and find out if anybody was having a hitch upgrading from WordPress 2.6.5 to WordPress 2.7 I was not ready as at then to meddle with my blog setup, having experienced some WordPress upgrade headache in time past.

This morning, I decided to take the bull by the horn and upgrade (I was ready for any eventualities that may crop up). After backing up, I started the Automatic Upgrade Plugin. Frankly, I was not expecting the upgrade to be smooth since WordPress 2.7 is a major upgrade from WordPress 2.6. 5 Earlier I had read about some major changes made in the new upgrade. So, I was actually expecting the Automatic Upgrade Plugin to spit out some error messages like it did in one of my previous upgrade.

Guess what, I was disappointed (and I’m happy about that). The upgrade was smooth and everything was over within 10minutes. This upgrade ranks among the best 3 I’ve had so far.

My First Impression About WordPress 2.7

To be sincere with you, I was at first not happy about the changes at the new WordPress admin dashboard despite what ShanKrila has to say in his post. I wanted to complain about the changes in the layout and the positioning of tools that I frequently use.  The changes made it look like I was using WordPress for the first time! I was ready to rake and complain (even though it is a free software, and I am yet to donate to the developers).

Well, I guess I was just being human. I was just exhibiting the normal human resistance to change. The WordPress team did a fantastic job with the new WordPress admin dashboard. Within 10minutes, I was able to figure out the new admin dashboard layout and settled down to normal blogging activities. So it was indeed a smooth transition.

By the way, I am happy that future WordPress upgrade will no longer be stressful as it is now automated. Upgrading will now be at the click of the mouse. That is good news to non-tech bloggers like me.


I am impressed and grateful to the WordPress Team for the wonderful job they did. Please join me to say kudos to the WordPress Team. I don’t expect any hitches in performance after now. What do you have to say about the new WordPress 2.7? Say it in a comment. You can get future update by subscribing to my RSS Feed. Cheers.

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  1. K says:

    Hey, thanks for an honest opinion on WordPress 2.7. You are right as humans we tend to resist change and glad to see you still went ahead and faced it head on. WordPress 2.7 is incredible with the changes they have done but it isn’t fair to an average user to see so many changes version to version. Makes it harder for them to stick to it.

    Also, thanks for the link love.

  2. I installed it on 5 different blogs between yesterday and today.

    Like you I found the new lay out frustrating at first but I do like a lot of the new options. Once I got them working. If you have the WordPress Automatic Update plugin installed, you won’t be able to use the automatic plugin installer until you disable it.

    Other than that everything went pretty smooth.

    Randy The Hermt

    Randy The Hermits last blog post..WordPress 2.7 Problems

  3. TAMBA says:

    oooooh yes! I updated and it’s nice and better 🙂

  4. Tom Smith says:

    Yeah, I updated all of my blogs to 2.7 and I like it. It’ll take me awhile to get used to all of the changes, like the position of the options in the admin panel, but eventually I think it’ll be faster than the old style.

  5. Ebuka says:

    I am still waiting, before I upgrade. I am always hesitant upgrading to newer version of any software. I made a mistake when I upgraded from 2.6.3 to 2.6.5. I am still using the older version in my current blog setup.
    With time, we will see how 2.7 holds up.

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  7. Hunter Reed says:

    i always make my own business card through adobe photoshop and ms word, they are satisfactorily made though’:~

  8. Checker says:

    WordPress is a great CMS. It makes creating a website easy even for a novice.

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