Get Yourself A Mentor

Why do you need a mentor?
I will answer the question using an illustration. If a man embarks on a tour of an unknowing territory without employing the service of an experienced guide, we will not be surprised if he ends up lost. Would we? Common sense demands that anyone embarking on a journey into an unknown territory should employ the service of the best guide that knows the territory very well. It is plain stupid to launch into the unknown without a guide, praying that you will not get lost.
But wait, is that not what many newbie Online Entreprenuers do? After reading an article or two, the newbie Online Entrepreneur launch an online business and start struggling to succeed until his strength wanes out. Newbie Online Entrepreneurs often, take leaps of faith. They launch out online based on personal assumptions that they have acquired what it takes to be successful online. While in reality, they only have visions of what they want to accomplish but not the know-how.
A business whether online or offline is composed of different parts and requires interplay of several factors to be successful. Sometimes, understanding the interplay of the various parts may become a daunting task. An experienced mentor can help sort these out. The mentor can point out the various factors, their individual roles and possible challenges that may come up. He not only point out the challenges, but advice on possible course of action for surmounting such challenges.
Why a mentor when I can get all the information I need freely from internet?
There are too many information on the internet competing for our attention on any giving subject. Often, the time spent using search engine to get direction on specific issues is not justified by the quality of information acquired at the end of the day. There has been instances when one gets more confused after reading all the information provided on an issue. Reading books or doing a course while useful, cannot be as effective as having someone holding your hand as you go along the journey.
You do not need to reinvent the wheel.
You will save so much time and effort if you have as your mentor, someone that has faced the same challenge you are about to face and was successful.You can learn from his past experience without experiencing the pains and cost that accompanied the acquisition of such experience. A skill acquired after several costly mistakes and failures can be handed over to you within a short space of time, via a one-on-one mentoring program.
The Competition online is keen
Many online entrepreneurs do not truly have an accurate sense of what their business is all about, who their competitors are and what they need to be successful.
A successful online business may not be achieved by relying on trial and error strategies. The competition is getting more and more keen and highly sophisticated. A newbie online entrepreneur may simply get discouraged and pack up when faced with hurdles that look insurmountable. However, if he has a mentor, he will be advice on how to handle such challenges.
Distance is no barrier
For an online entrepreneur, it is possible to get a mentor and work with him one-on-one without having physical contact. The internet provides wonderful facilities to accomplish this.


  1. List out the tasks you need to accomplish.
  2. Find someone who has accomplished the task successfully. (Often, you are required to carry out various tasks, that means you may need more than one mentor. Each mentor being an expert in different area).
  3. Engage him/her to teach you the methods and tools he/she used in achieving the success.
  4. Have him watch as you make the attempt and evaluate your performance as you make progress.

The role of the mentor is to educate and lead the student to achieve success in the particular area where he, the mentor has already achieved success. Are you looking for a higher level of success from where you are?  Get yourself a mentor.


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  1. dave says:

    i need a business mentorin getting organisations like a bank ,hotels etc to outsource most of their services

  2. cchiovitti says:

    I always enjoy your blog because you are so good about writing everything out step-by-step and give a very balanced view. I hadn’t considered multiple mentors before, but you can be sure I will now! Thanks so much for the consistant help.

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