Fighting Poverty In Nigeria

Written by NaijaEcash

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There is a global call to action today. Bloggers, great and small are called upon to examine poverty and share ideas on how it can be eliminated. It is a good opportunity for me to air my view about the pathetic approaches being use to fight poverty in Nigeria.

Cash Gifts to Unemployed Youth

This is the most foolish of all the attempts at eliminating poverty. The method is crude and produces negative result. States in Nigeria that employ this method (often tagged Poverty Alleviation Schemes) end up incurring budget deficits without producing any significant result (of course half of the amount budgeted for such schemes disappear into private pockets of greedy politicians). I see these schemes as a foolish policy. Foreign nations that support such schemes are not helping Nigerians in any way.

Grants for Small Scale Entrepreneurs

This policy has some merits, but there are too many hurdles for a newbie entrepreneur to overcome. Government agencies that handle this programs are poorly positioned to offer quality services. Often times, the mentors appointed for the newbie entrepreneurs are selected based on political affiliation, rather than experience. Too many youth that received such grants ended up frustrated as the grants gets finished before the business could break-even.

So what do I recommend?

I recommend just two things. First, get the people empowered with the right knowledge. Then, eliminate two of the major constrains that has been hampering the survival of small enterprises.

Fighting Poverty With Quality Education

Too many Nigerians are getting trained for jobs that no longer exist. Yes, what is the usefulness of producing graduates for a market that is already saturated. It is high time that our society (not just the government) take a second look at our educational curriculums.

Imagine what it will be like if children are given practical lessons on how to earn a living by employing their hands and intellect. Gone are the days when Diploma, Certificates and Degrees guarantee stable employment and food on the table. It is time to face the stark reality and re-strategize.

We desperately need to start learning how to create jobs from the opportunities that lies around us instead of wasting our lives waiting for government grants.

To the best of my knowledge, the government of President Y’aradua should concentrate on just two things and posterity will write his name in gold. Get rid of the two monsters that is terrorizing Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. Epileptic Power supply and bad roads!

Fighting Poverty With Stable Electricity

Like it or not. A colossal waste is being made of our resources due to epileptic power supply. There will be more business, more profit and invariably more opportunities for employment if all the fund being spent on fueling electricity generators are saved by Nigerian Entrepreneurs. Yours sincerely spend between $400 to $500 monthly to fuel generator.

Fighting Poverty With Good Roads

Inability of the government to provide and maintain good roads has crippled many enterprises in Nigeria. The cost of moving goods and personnel around in Nigeria is simply expensive. Cost of maintenance of motor vehicles is quite high due to high ware and tear from poorly maintained roads. Also, so much man-hours gets wasted due to road congestion.

If this two ugly monsters are eliminated by the government, the goal of poverty elimination would have been half-solved.

If you have some ideas other than those listed above, do well to share with us in a comment. Nigeria must be built by Nigerian. Waiting for foreign aids is waste of time. We have enough resources lying around that we can harness and use to move this nation forward. I am proudly Nigerian.

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  1. daria369 says:

    I think it all starts with education, almost everything else is a short-term fix

  2. Nice article.I have digged it.
    I keep on telling people-Education is very good but it is not every thing.I was reding Shoemoneys letest article in his blog and he confessd that he is very poor in shool.Yet he is empowering thousands of people today and is making millions of $$.Well,giving cash as aids to our youths is not helping-at all! The besting to do is educate them and they will not only be successful but will help others thereby.Have a nice day.

    naijacampusforums last blog post..Sugar Prononciation

  3. Tosin says:


    Great post as usual. I must say you are doing a good job and as a Nigerian, I am proud of you.

    Visit my blog to pick you blog Award.


    Tosins last blog post..Blogger’s Award

  4. I liked your suggestions for fighting poverty in Nigeria. And I also disagree that giving cash to unemployed youth is a waste of the Countries resources. I feel that the creation of new jobs in the Country (i.e. by tending to our other natural resources apart from oil) would be a good way to fight poverty.

  5. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks for visiting and contributing.

    Thanks for digging the article.

    Thanks. Quite generous of you. Regards.

  6. oluyinka says:

    May I know if you operate managed accounts for people who does not want to trade by themselves on the floor of the market?
    I will appreciate a quick response to this.

  7. stan says:

    is there a way out of unemployment in nigeria?

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I believe self employment is a way out. If you start a small scale business, not only will you rescue yourself from unemployment, but you will eventually become an employer of labor and rescue others too. Even if you are currently employed, it is still advisable to start a small scale business on part time basis, that way you will be helping reduce the number of unemployed youth patrolling the streets. So go start a small scale business today. It is the best cure for unemployment.

  8. tenniewest says:

    great site, nice post education is the key it should be added in the school curriculum so that our Nigerian kids get the mindset to start businesses early and help reduce the rate of unemployment and poverty. that idea of giving our youths money is crap except the money is given to good biz mentors who’ll monitor the expenses and teach them to grow their business.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I agree with your view. I get baffled that each new government in Nigeria continues the same old practice of handing out money to the youth and unemployed in the name of empowerment. All manner of slogans are used for this, Poverty Alleviation, Youth Empowerment, Financial Aids etc. Such handouts has never helped the unemployed. Rather it has enriched the middlemen (government agents and politicians) that were saddled with the task of distributing such funds. It is no secret that the financially handicapped rarely benefit from such programs.

      History bares witness that such programs have increased the level of corruption in the system and given a wrong impression to the general public that the Government at whatever level has enough money to solve anyone’s problem. Looking at this critically, such policies have a long term negative effect on our economy. It is the singular reason why many youth consider politics and elective positions in Government as the most lucrative venture to go into. No wonder they see winning of election as a do or die affair.

      Like you suggested, the society will be better off if the unemployed are made to undergo apprenticeship under successful entrepreneurs such that they can learn the necessary skill required to earn income instead of living as dependents.

      Nigeria is a land blessed with both human and natural resources. No Nigerian need to live as a beggar. If the various governments at the local, state and federal level put in place a conducive atmosphere and provide basic infrastructures like good roads and electricity, Nigerians without the help of any foreign nation will turn the fortune of nation around.

      Skill acquisition programs for the unemployed and a conducive environment via provision of basic social infrastructures (at least good road and electricity) is a sure way to win the battle against poverty in Nigeria.

  9. simi says:

    I think charity is what we need in this country genuine one

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