Celebrating Nigeria Golden Jubilee

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Nigerians Celebrate 50th Independence Anniversary

Hurray! Nigeria as a nation is 50years old today 😉 I wasn’t around when Nigeria got her independent from Great Britain. However, I learn from my parents that it was such a joyful moment. All the various tribes that makes up Nigeria rolled out their drums and celebrated the occasion in colorful styles.

Nigeria At 50

Nigeria At 50

Well, fifty years after, some around me feel there is no reason to celebrate, but I beg to differ. I believe in what a song writer said that we should count our blessings and name them one by one, it will indeed surprise us what the Lord has done. We must not only take account of the problems and crisis that have almost destroyed us as a nation, we should at least appreciate the mercies of God that we have enjoyed time and time again.

I know that Nigeria as a nation has a lorry load of challenges and some of it are quite great. However, the singular fact that the Nation is still existing despite all the damage done to her socially, politically and economically by the black sheep among us is enough for me to thank God.

It is only here that I can claim to be a citizen without paper. This is my home and the home of my children. In every other places we go, we are still strangers irrespective of how well we behave. So I am still proudly Nigerian. I am grateful to God Almighty who has sustained the fragile peace existing in this nation and has not allow us to experience another civil war. Nigerian Entrepreneurs need to thank God because it is only when there is peace that enterprises thrives.  A warring nation is no place to do business.

Proudly Nigerian

Proudly Nigerian

Nigeria Shall Be Great Again!

While other are expecting the doom of Nigeria, I choose to join those praying for the success of this nation. I believe that Nigeria will become great again. I believe that the broken walls of relationship between the various tribes will be rebuilt. We will co-exist in unity under God fearing leaders who are ready to serve.

I believe that the Lord God Almighty will smile on us and give us trustworthy leader who are ready to rebuild the ruins of our social infrastructures. Nigeria shall be great again. If you believe Nigeria shall be great again, join me and my family as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Nigeria’s independence. Cheers!

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  1. Thanks for your positive dreams concerning our great Nation.You see my fear is that 50 years is just enough to decide the fate of an individual.Remember they say a fool at 40 is a fool forever.Think of a fool at 50?
    I think our problem is primarily about dishonesty,imbred selfishness,greed and lack of genuine concern for the welfare of each other as members of ONE big family.
    I am sincerely grateful to Our Good Lord for all His mercies and kindness toward us both as individuals and as a nation despite all our shortcomings,especially as we celebrate our 50th anniversary.
    Dear Lord,may you not forsake us until Your Glory is restored in the land.

  2. Chadrack says:

    It’s really a great thing coming across your blog and seeing this high positive for our great nation. All over the place in blogs, Facebook and forums I have only been seeing Nigerians talking of the negative about the country. Seeing how passionate you are about this I do see hope. For I know it’s not only me but many others have this spirit. I spent the in prayers, in fact I attended four sections of prayers both in my church and one other church around me, in praying for the country. I know Nigeria will be great again. Let’s never stop praying for the country. Even with what is happening right now, I know we will be there.

    Oh, please just want to know about that graphic, the one with the flag. Can I use it? Is it a copyright property. I saw it sometime in Facebook and truly love it. If it is something I can use let me know. Thanks.
    Chadrack´s last blog post ..How To Make Money Blogging With A Home Based Business Magazine!

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Thanks for visiting Nigerian Entrepreneur and sharing your optimism that Nigeria will be great again. I don’t see a bleak future for Nigeria at all. I see a bright future where our green passport will become the envy of nations. I believe strongly that God is going to answer our prayers and do something great.
      Concerning the graphic, I’ve forgotten where I got it from. I don’t own the copyright. You can use it. I have made attempt to get the owner and acknowledge, but it was futile. Whenever the original owner comes to lay claim on the copyright, you and I will simply do an update to the post that contains the graphic, thereby giving credit to the owner. Cheers

  3. Lisa says:

    Hurray Nigeria! Long live to you!

  4. If I say I still believe in Nigeria, I LIE! I’m most disgusted by the way we parade ourselves in the eyes of the international community. There are those fleeting moments when I just love Nigeria but most times, it’s pure dislike. I hope one day to be as optimistic as you are though when I see folks looting money that’s meant for the rescue of flood victims, I simply lose it :-(.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Chuks, you can’t give up on Nigeria because the love you have for the nation will forever remain tucked aware in a corner of your heart. I understand the emotional and physical pains that our leaders are inflicting on the masses via their recklessness. I heard about the bomb blast after I had written this post. I wonder if I would have been able to write the post if I had procastinated my writing till afternoon of October 1st. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to put up such an optimistic post about Nigeria.

      Nevertheless, the fact that I have brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends, neighbours etc. who are lovely, honest, hardworking and trustworthy people, gives me hope that Nigeria will become great again.
      I often tell myself, that even if I relocate to another country where leaders serve the people interests and not their personal interests, it is practically impossible to carry ALL my loved ones along with me. So I am better off if Nigeria becomes a great nation. That’s why I remain Proudly Nigerian!

  5. Anne says:

    Happy 50th Anniversary to all of us. We should be united as a country. Do not feel ashamed because you are a Nigerian. Be Strong and be confident.

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