Do You Read Articles Written By Robots?

Written by NaijaEcash

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Will you read articles written by Softwares if you happen to know the source of such articles? I will love to know your view about this.

I have been away from my desk for about a week now being that I was sent to another city on official assignment. Next to my family that I missed so much (I love being around them), I have missed the opportunity of interacting with my online friends and updating my blog.

Due to the nature of the assignment, it has been difficult updating my blog with articles. I thought of several things to do to savage the situation, but all the options did not quite satisfy me. One of the options opened to me was to simply copy articles that I found interesting and paste same verbatim while acknowledging the author. I was not quite comfortable with that option.

Another option was to simply use software to grab feeds I consider interesting and turn post them as articles on my site. That I consider unacceptable also.

Finally, I decided that I will rather post my personal ramblings rather than implement any of the aforementioned options. I believe my readers comes to the site to read original content or my unique view on a common topic, not others people opinion that I just copied and pasted.

Well that is my personal opinion, I am willing to learn from others that might have a diverge opinion on this issue. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!

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  1. Our websites and blogs breath on original content. This has been a major roadblock for me! I tried a few PLR sites that spin content (not so good). My latest go at this was I purchased a voice recognition program to help speed up my own original content production. Still not easy but better!

  2. Chelle says:

    I was faced with thos issue too…I decided my ramblongs were better also!

  3. Ife says:

    There’s really nothing as good as posting original cotents. Originality is a major factor in developing a good blog.
    NaijaEcash – I wish you the best in your blogging journey.

  4. On my blog I strive to have at least one or two weeks of fall-back articles. In other words, I write a few “timeless” posts and post-date them. If I am available to write, I shift their date forward. If I become indisposed to post, these future-written articles will auto-publish. I also understand that wordpress has a ‘post-by-email’ feature which you could use. Finally, if you are out of town, you could also use guest posts or simply tell us about what you are doing. One week does not seem too long in this timeless universe called internet. Kabo!

  5. NaijaEcash says:

    [re=259]Mcneris: For Bloggers[/re]:
    Hmmn I have just learned a new tip from you. I do create posts for future days, but I never thought of having posts for “raining days”. I will implement that. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

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