You Can Earn Legitimate Income Online from Nigeria – Part 1

Written by NaijaEcash

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Too many young Nigerians are waiting on queues for employments that are not forth coming. Many run from one aptitude test to another in the hope of clinching a lucrative job in a bank or one of the oil and gas companies. Many are busy praying for a miracle job. Too many are discouraged and wondering why they cannot clinch a job just like their fellows who are gainfully employed, the reason is simple, the Nigerian labor market is saturated, the supply of “unskilled” labor is more than the demand. Why can’t we create business and become self employed instead?

I want you to consider this, if our economy is doing badly and social infrastructures are in poor state, how come Nigerians are yet being mentioned as been among the first ten notorious nations responsible for illegitimate business online? If the bad ones among us are making money on the internet through fraudulent activities, then it must be possible for a honest Nigerian to make money legitimately online.

The next question we need to ask ourselves is, if the Nigerian_scammers and Nigerian_con-artists (419ers) lives in the same neighborhood where there is lack of electricity, poor internet connectivity, how do they carry out their nefarious activities? The answer is simple:


First, they have acquired some knowledge and skill which the rest of us lack (While we waste our time and resources chatting in Yahoo rooms, facebook, Hi5, online dating sites etc , they were learning how people do business online and the loopholes that could be exploited).


Secondly, they are determined to accomplish their goals by all means, despite all the hurdles. While we are busy complaining about the poor infrastructure and the hurdles online, the few bad eggs are busy devising new ways to surmount the hurdles. (They were the first to embark on all-night browsing in the cybercafes, they make optimal use of cybercafés and free online resources to perpetrate their crimes) That they were hardworking and dedicated to their goal is evident in the bad name they have earned the rest of us online.


So, stop complaining and get ready to use what you have available to move to the next level. That you are able to read this post is evidence that you have all it takes. You already have access to the internet (even if you are browsing at a cybercafé). You already know how to move the mouse and type words into a browser (even if you are not a touch typist). The only additional requirement is a strong determination to succeed. You don’t need to invest any additional money, you only need to sacrifice some of the time you normally use for chatting, and socializing online for building an online business. Instead of spending the one-hour browsing ticket on pleasure, why can’t you split it into 30minutes investment in your online business and 30minutes pleasure. Guess what, you might end-up deriving pleasure from the business you start online! 😉


It might interest you to know that this particular blog you are reading now was started by me without investing any physical cash, I only invested time and strong determination! I will explain how you can achieve the same feat in my subsequent posts. See you at the top!

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  1. arnold says:

    This same thing is true for all types of self-employment, not only online projects. Far too may complain but are not prepared to do something about their situation. I most certainly hope some folks a bit further south, at the bottom of our continent, are also reading your article. There are many here who need this kind of advice. Nice article.

  2. Emeka says:

    How true and inspiring. Wished those ‘Yahoo boys’ will read and learn from this for their good and the good of our fatherland!

  3. Newton Ovie says:

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  4. nwokonkwo dorothy says:

    keep my posted with updates and write-up

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