Why You Should Stop Using Free Email Services For Your Business

Written by NaijaEcash

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Stop Using Free Email Services For Your Business

Free Email Service

Free Email Services

Do you want your prospects to take your business serious? Then you’ve got to stop using free email services to run your business! Come to think of it, how will you feel if you receive an email from Apple Inc. and the email address is mr_apple@gmail.com? You most likely will assume that the email is fake and probably the work of scammers.  Successful Entrepreneurs don’t use such services to run their business!

Why You Should Stop Using Free Email Services

The online community has a peculiar way of evaluating business outfits. You will hardly be taken serious as an entrepreneur if you do not have a  unique domain name registered for your business. Online prospects will simply assume you are not a serious entrepreneur if you refuse to pay as little as $10 to have a domain name for your business.

So likewise you will not be considered a serious businessman if you keep on using free email services provided by Yahoo, MSN, Google e.t.c. If you really mean to convince your prospective customers that you have quality product or services to render, then you must be willing to spend a little cash to get an email that bears your business’ domain name. Failure to get one may damage your business profile.

Using your own domain name as email address adds credibility to your small business. It creates the impression that your business is a well organized corporate organization. For example, admin@mydomain.com, sales@mydomain.com and support@mydomain.com looks and sound more businesslike than admin2007@gmail.com, sales2007@yahoo.com and support2007@hotmail.com.

Free email services often add advertisement as footnotes to each email sent through them. You are not at liberty to determine the kind of advertisement that is embedded in the emails you sent. Such advertisement oftentimes serves as distractions, as potential customers are lured to click the links in such advert instead of taking the action you wanted. Such adverts are usually written by expert Sales Copy Authors, so they are often more appealing and persuasive than your message!

Also, since the advert is the last thing your readers will see in the email, the probability of them forgetting the message of the email is very high. Why should you be promoting others business instead of yours?

Having your own email accounts that are tailored for different purposes such as Admin, Info, Sales, Support etc, makes it easier for you to organize your emails for quicker response. You will be better positioned to attend to urgent emails while those that are less important can wait till a more convenient time.

If you have your own emails, you can make use of auto-responders to send pre-written emails in response to generic requests. This can save you invaluable time that would have been lost writing the same kind of email each time a similar request is made.

Finally, I will strongly warn you NOT to use Free Email Services for financial transactions. It can be quite risky as crackers can hijack such email and use the information to defraud you or your client. You can read a real life story of such mishap in my post Business Email Intercepted.

Please feel free to share your views in the comment session. Nigerian Entrepreneur wishes you great success in your business endeavor this year. Cheers.

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  1. I have considered moving away from a free service for the sake of professionalism. I think I found a way around it by using Kontactr.

    But, this post has me thinking again…

    How body? Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Louis says:

    Great article. You right on about not using free email services because they take away from your professionalism. If you can’t pay $10 a year for professionalism then you don’t really care about being professional.

  3. The article has some positive points about having a paid e-mail service. But I have to contradict on the issue about professionalism. There are countless entrepreneurs online who earn for a living with their blogs but still make use of free e-mail service. They are still able to advertise products from companies and actually get paid a huge sum for it.

    What I do believe is the greatest disadvantage of having a free e-mail service are the annoying banners and the inability to effectively block spam mails.

    Jared|Speakwealthnow.coms last blog post..Strategic Management

    • NaijaEcash says:

      You have a valid point. I too use free email for my blogging activities. But I don’t use it when corresponding with clients, advertisers etc. I use my domain based email address for such as it carries some form of credibility unlike the free email address.
      Thanks for visiting and sharing your view.

  4. Adejoke says:

    Good day,
    Please kindly help me out. I want to open alertpay, but unable to do so

  5. Really good point. For a profesional image you should not use a free email service. Keep it up!
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  6. Your client is exposed to your professional business presence, and a free service domain name in the email doen’t say something about your personality. When you want to project a professional image, especially if you are a technical person,a company, don’t use a free email service.

    A professional email address associated with your domain allows your business to present a professional image to customers.
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  7. Ayo says:

    How can one acquire a self owned Email

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