Why SEOs Fail In Social Media

Few years ago, website owners who desire quality and consistent traffic of targeted consumers will naturally turn to a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimizerthat is a professional who practices search engine optimization of websites).  Well that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The trend has suddenly changed because webmasters have noticed that SEOs are not as successful with Web 2.0 media environment as they were with its predecessors. Why are the SEOs failing where they formerly succeeded? What is the implication of this to webmasters and small business owners seeking for customers online.


The simple answer is that SEOs fail to adapt to the new Web 2.0 media environment and attempt to apply rules of the older Web to the new situation. Human beings are dynamic. What they like today, may not necessarily be what they will like tomorrow. So, a strategy that worked yesterday, may not deliver a good result tomorrow. Let’s look at some reasons why SEOs tend to fail in Web 2.0 media environment.

1) Preference to automation

It is an established fact that SEOs love to automate. On the contrary, social media encourages conversations among people. This tendency of encouraging automation makes SEOs a failure in social media. After all one prefers engaging conversation to an automated conversation. Your website must not place priority on the search-bots over human visitors.

2) Improper marketing strategy

SEOs believe in highlighting their services without caring if the people are listening. This strategy does rarely work as people care only when you ensure that you are caring for their needs. SEOs rarely do market research and instead go about bloating about their services. One converted social media user can do a lot of free marketing for you in his or her social media circles.

3) Materialistic approach

SEOs have become more materialistic with changing times. Their sole interest lies in increasing their brand value and earning more money. They lag behind on promoting social issues and rarely pay attention to social values and issues impacting our daily lives.

On the contrary social media has become a face of youth with a range of options available to showcase concern on issues affecting ones lives. Be it environment, culture or degrading social values, social media has risen to the occasion. SEOs are increasingly busy in minting money and hardly pay attention to this fact, thus making them perform miserably in social media.

4) More attention to keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing seems to be a mantra of success for those in SEO business. They hardly take pains to ensure that the work becomes an interesting read. This makes their task even more difficult as a common reader only wants engaging content. This is possible only if thorough research has been conducted. Repeating keywords in order to attract search engine bots produce a negative result with human visitors. Someone coming to your site for information on meeting a particular need will simply get irritated when he or she discovers that he was lured to a page that cannot meet such need. Social media scores a point on this account, thus leading to devaluation of SEO when it comes to sharing information when it comes to SEO sharing their information via the social media way.

5) Focus on page rank

SEOs still live in the past. They pay much attention to page rank. Page ranking was an imperative few years ago but changing scenario over the last few years has brought about a radical change in this thinking. A website may be having Page Rank 9, but it might still reflect at 1 position on Google. It’s all about quality content and fulfilling the aspirations of new tech smart generation. SEOs seem to be lagging on this front, thus making their task difficult when it comes to promoting services in social media.

6) Sneaky enough

Instead of building upon their brand through quality content promotion, people in SEO segment believe in quick gains. They fail miserably on social media as the audience is smart enough to smell a rat in this haste.

As webmaster or a small business owner, you need to consider the facts discussed above you part with your hard earned cash engaging the service of a self-acclaimed SEOs. Don’t get someone who will simply splash some keyword rich content on your website to attempt luring the search engine bots to position your website on page 1. Getting to the first page of the search engine result is not the goal, staying there and attracting consistent visitors who will become paying customers is the goal of every business website. So, there is need for your SEOs to understand your target market so that he can know how best to engage and keep their attention with dynamic content on your website.

When SEO tactics are over-used, they may end up harming rather than benefiting. Make sure you use SEO tactfully so as to maintain your readers’ loyalty without compromising quality. Many weary business owners have been burned by SEO firms who promise the world and then never REAL results. It might surprise you but it is a fact that SEOs have failed to make an impact when it comes to adapting to the rapidly evolving world of social media. It is unfortunate that many search engine optimizers still follow SEO 1.0 and have failed to adapt to web 2.0 media environment.

SEOs need to rethink and rework their strategies in order to make a worthy appearance in social media. Times are changing and the one who adapts to changing scenario will emerge victorious.

About The Author: Carol is an internet marketer. She loves writing and marketing. She is a big fan of Latest technology. These days she is thinking about latest technology used in upcoming iPhones.

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