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Welcome to NaijaEcash the Nigerian Entrepreneur. My name is Tony and I am proudly Nigerian. This blog is all about Entrepreneurs especially the small business owners. The small business owners will be given priority attention above other types of entrepreneurs. After-all we are in the majority in Africa though we get treated as the minority by the politicians.

The African continent is yet lacking in institutions that teaches modern method of doing business. Too many African Entrepreneurs are not even aware of the potential of doing business online! Of course, that will have to change, I intend to share what I have learned and still learning about starting and running a small business both offline and online right in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa.

Entrepreneur Tips and Tricks

I will be writing from my personal experience and other African Entrepreneur’s experiences. Tips and tricks on how to be a successful entrepreneur will be shared freely.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please do come by often. Meanwhile,  if you are a small business owner or you are desirous of becoming an entrepreneur, an infopreneur or a webpreneur, this website promises some free goodies to help you. I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed. It is free and it will ensure you get every update made to Nigerian Entrepreneur.

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