Ways To Improve Your Small Business Website

Small businessmen are always busy in searching ways to improve their business as much as possible. If a person runs a business then he/she must possess a website to manage customers, to pay invoices, to hunt down vendors and to keep pace with social media. Having so many different things to manage in a single site is much difficult task. With change in technology and client expectations the business website also needs to change its format and facilities. Some businesses use Salesforce solutions to help manage their online profile, or some figure out how to do it themselves. Following are some tips that are useful in improving quality of small business websites.

Simple yet powerful

Whatever may be the business type but online visitors always want things which are easy to find and easy to use. Easy and simple GUI of business portals makes comfortable browsing experience. But users with diverse background and changing technology make this task difficult. However, keeping generalized things in mind and building a business portal according to that requires updated knowledge and technology which makes website more user’s friendly.

Focusing on navigation

Site navigation is a crucial task for creating a successful website. Navigating users throughout the website depends on how well your navigation skills used in a website design. Generally, websites must include easy main navigation bar, proper tabs, consistent look and feel and should always let customers know their current location on a site. Make sure the keywords and phrases in website navigation are relevant to its work.

Images & Icons

To grab user’s attention towards website, it is necessary to include images and icons. An important point but often misguided: people always want to see themselves in your business. Images and icons are always preferred while connecting online people. Instead of text images and icons are user friendly.

Create better about page

Mostly, people ignore or do not concentrate sufficient enough in making of About Page. Most of them just show some bio information, address and some images. Some of them thought that no one is interested in about page. But remember an about page of a website can make or break its working. This page decides whether to gain trust on your business, customers learn working of your business and see what business is about.

Update your blog

Sometimes bringing users or customers back to your business portals is not that easy. By spending some time in updating blog, creating new posts that shows your business insight, solving online consumer problems and sharing your thoughts on business helps in getting your customers or users back to your portal. Posting on your blog not only attracts users to your portal but also it helps in finding your business portal in search engine with updated things.


In recent years web domain is on high demand. With increase in globalization and generalization, people are getting engaged in international market and trying to extend their business across the globe. So, building proper website and making them more user friendly is an important task.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a  one wheel motorcycle. These days she is busy in writing an article on mimeo.

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    Good article tips for small business websites owners
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  3. This is a great post. I’m trying to learn all about the best ways to market a small business and this information is great. Thanks!

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