Top Laws of Green Marketing

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With the changing times, everyone wants to create and establish sustainable businesses than ever before. Green has become the mainstream as now consumers can comprehend issues that impact their lives and therefore want to take corrective measures to embrace sustainability effectively. Promoting content marketing strategies that focus on green marketing effectiveness can help people choose products and services that are environment friendly. As marketing and consumerism standards become more clear and defined, businesses need to innovate towards sustainable business ideas and concepts that eventually become way of life. Like any marketing rules, green marketing follows some rules and laws that every entrepreneur should be aware of. Here are some top laws listed for you.

1. Transparency and honesty

Honesty is the best policy and one should focus on transparency and lucidity as a thumb rule for green marketing. Do not show your consumers rosy picture or commit something that might not exist in future. Consumers will also respect a businessman who is fair and honest in business dealings. False promises do not take a marketer towards a road to success rather will lead you to a road of defame. Offer the consumer information on the environmental impacts of your service offerings, whether positive or negative.

2. Know your consumer

You should always have a clear picture in your mind of what your selling and who would be your potential audience. Know you customer needs and offer your products and services accordingly rather than promoting your products and services to an unidentified clientele. Understand customer preferences. Try to know the challenges that your clients might face and help your clients overcome them. Do not over sell or hard sell at any stage.

3. Measure your success consistently and focus on two way communication

Devise some practical techniques to measure your success. Know your audience and value your customers. Create metrics that can focus on sustainability indicators. This will help you to forsee your future expected growth and also help you grow towards green certifications and standards. Various certifications like GRI, ISO and more are the ones that you should aim for your organization. Focus on various green initiatives and environment friendly options like reduction in power usage or using recycled printing paper and more. Encourage your employees for greener and environment friendly options. Strive for a two way communication. Always try to foster a two way communication with your clients and encourage them to share their complaints and suggestions.


Content marketing is the key to success for every online business. Green marketing is a marketing strategy that can actually help the budding entrepreneurs to understand the business dynamics via online marketing. Always provide information about the product or service being ‘green’ to give an option to the consumer to buy it or not. However as of now there is no surety that a consumer may pay extra for a green product.

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