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Written by NaijaEcash

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I’m a Nigerian Entrepreneur

I’m not ashame to say that  I am a Nigerian Entrepreneur. I am proudly Nigerian and I don’t attempt to hide it despite the bad reputation that some black sheep among us have earned for the entire country.

I set out to make money online after reading several articles on how to Make Money Online. Some of the articles were read on blogs and websites that I visited voluntarily. Some were read from spam emails that caught my attention. Of course some information were gotten from websites that were phishing.

Coming from a country whose image abroad has been bastardize by some greedy and unscrupulous citizens, it is my desire to demonstrate that a honest Nigerian Entrepreneur can earn money online without indulging in fraudulent activities.

The original copy of this post was first published on my blog It was the very first step of the journey. Now, has metamorphosed into However, my goal still remain the same.

Nigerian Entrepreneur’s goal

My main goal for starting this blog is to achieve the following:

  • Make Money by rendering services online.

  • Get famous in the blogosphere while retaining my Nigerian Identity.

To achieve this, my targeted audience will be

  • Newbie bloggers (like myself),

  • Newbie entrepreneurs online and

  • Nigerian Entrepreneurs in the blogosphere.

Nigerian Entrepreneur’s Plan

My plan is to start a business blog (titled Nigerian Entrepreneur) with zero dollar. I will be investing the following resources.

  • Time

  • Skills learnt online

  • Other peoples experience

  • Friends and Readers Contribution

After raising income online (it will be entirely raised online), I will move the blog to a paid hosting package. (This has been achieved. I earned some Entrecard Credit and loaned some from a friend to purchase the domain name and the hosting package. No physical cash was introduced into the online business).

Just like any offline business I have my goals well written out, I have set targets, and I am drawing out comprehensive plans on how to achieve them. Most importantly, I am determined to work relentlessly until I have achieved my goals stated above. (That I am now on a paid hosting using my own domain name is a sign that I am making progress).

Since the success of any business online can be zeroed down to a single phrase “quality traffic = profit” (that is the understanding I have for now), I will be focusing most of my resources on getting good content on my blog , Nigerian Entrepreneur and then using various social networks media to draw visitors to the blog. (You can bet that Entrecard is one of my very first point of call).

How will I measure Nigerian Entrepreneur success?

I will measure the success of my blog using the following parameters:

  • Numbers of Visitors.

  • Number of Comments

  • RSS Feed Subscriptions

  • Contact Forms

  • Newsletter Sign-ups

  • Business Directly Generated

That is it. Thanks for visiting and reading this article. If you like my post, encourage me by dropping a comment. Subscribing to my Nigerian Entrepreneur RSS feed will surely be much appreciated and of course I am looking forward to your return visit. Enjoy!

N.B – My focus is now on this blog. I may scarcely give attention to That blog has served its purpose. The focus now is on Nigerian Entreperneur. Enjoy!

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  1. Good luck, “quality traffic = profit” sounds like the best plan, stick to it and you will do well!

  2. wande says:

    your blog is full of encouraging articles and I know it is quiet easy to make legitimtate income online. but let us talk about the payment monster called paypal that is impeding the progress of nigeria tyring to make money online. or do you have a solution ?

  3. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks Wande. The only alternative I have come across so far is I just registered with them. When I have tried out their service, I will be ready to do a post on it.
    Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment, I sure will reciprocate. Cheers.

  4. bikebro says:

    Huh… Slightly addled, but on the whole I like this post. You’ve got some fresh ideas. But please, write more lucid.

  5. Abdulkareem says:

    Well written and achievable goals. Will try something like this out myself

  6. Greg Brave says:

    Good luck! You are doing everything just right! Especially by setting definite goals. This is something I didn’t do yet, but this post encouraged me to do it right away.

    Greg Braves last blog post..Kapiti Island New Zealand

  7. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks pal. You can do it. Just give it a try.

    [re=196]Greg Brave[/re]:
    Thanks for visiting and encouraging me.

  8. chuks says:

    please dear how do i start my own blog with out spending like you said please i need your assistance

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