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Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits wrote a post addressing the frequently asked question What’s the Best Online Business to start?. He is a guru I am a newbie. However before going through his post, I knew the answer to that question. When I eventually read through the whole article, I was ecstatic that he confirmed my answer as being 100% correct (that shows I am making progress in my online entrepreneur adventure).

Each of us starting a new venture wish a seer (someone who sees tomorrow) will simply tell us what to do and what not to do so that we can have straight business sucesses and no failure. So the question “What’s The Best Online Business To Start?” is a genuine heart-cry of so many serious online entrepreneurs who want to achieve success.

Rich Schefren indeed qualifies as a guru of gurus, but he is no seer neither am I. So how come I know the answer to the question when I cannot see tomorrow to predict successfully what will work and what will not work for you? The answer is simple and at the end of this article you will agree with me. First let’s ask a fundamental question that will clarify what you really want to know.

Why do you want to know the best online Business to start? – My guess is that you do not want to be among the millions who I nicknamed chicken entrepreneurs. You do not want to be lost in the crowd. You desire to be a successful online entrepreneur who will be acknowledged as a role model by other entrepreneurs.

You most likely wish to quit the 9-5 job you are doing and embark on an online venture that will give you the freedom to work when and how you want. You want to earn a well-above-average income that will enhance your living standard and set you free from doing things you do not enjoy doing while empowering you to truly enjoy the kind of lifestyle you have always dreamt of (a 2hours 4days work-week).

Did you get the point? Maybe you overlooked it. What you really desire is Freedom To Do What You Enjoy Doing! Opportunity to live the kind of lifestyle that you have always dreamt of! So how can another person tell you what to do when you are the one that have the dream and the so called counsellor cannot read your mind!

Ok, if you still don’t get it, the answer is There Is No Best Online Business For Everyone! You have to discover the Best Online Business For You as an individual. Starting an online business after reading someone’s success story is no guarantee that you will achieve success online. You need to discover what you are passionate about. For example, the Online Business that works for Philomena Ojikutu will not work for me. Philo loves watching and discussing Telenovela Soap Operas, I scarcely watch the shows and definitely won’t be excited discussing the series. So if I build a blog to copy what Philo is doing because she is successful (she has over 3,000 feed subscribers and comments comes in torrents), I will not have more than 2 subscribers (me and my mine).

So, the conclusion as pointed out in Rich Schefren post is that you find out what you are passionate about and start working on it (I urge you to read the entire post and download those free resources he is offfering). You may need to make several attempts before you get the Online Business That Is Best For You! If you do not start now, how will you know what works and what does not work. Even if you do not earn a cent in the first six months, the knowledge you have acquired will pay handsome dividends later on when you have learned the ropes well.

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  1. sid says:

    Great post Naija! I’m a newbie too and indeed, one needs hard work and determination to be successful in online business.

    Something to share. Recently i’ve stumbled upon a revolutionary ‘Business-in-a-Box’ system in a Free eBook, it has helped me to make some money since and i think you might be interested. It’s very new, you may want to write a review to share with readers if you find it useful 🙂

    (Instant download the Free eBook through my link, no opt-in required!)

    Keep up the good work Naija!

  2. abiodun onipede says:

    I cant agree less with you on this article,
    particularly if one is setting out to be
    online publisher via blogging.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Good Post there.

    I think the key consideration is PASSION. Having passion for whatever you do is very important!

    Whenever you are doing at the moment, just LIKE it. Change your attitude towards that thing and your altitude will definitely follow suite.

    To your success

  4. Data Entry says:

    I feel into my business 16 years ago and enjoy what I do. However, sometimes we have to make the hard decisions of doing what is required while working toward doing that which we prefer! Gotta eat.

  5. cchiovitti says:

    I would say – stay open to possibilities and don’t be afraid of change. When I first started I had a fairly rigid plan and vision of exactly “what” I wanted to do. After a while, some experimentation led me in different directions and those have paid off.

  6. web wallet says:

    Great informative post. passion and determination is the most important thing for success.

  7. kufre4u says:

    Information marketing is the king of all business

  8. lim says:

    how to make consistent great money

  9. Joshua says:

    I want a complete guideline to make money online.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Well, this entire website, Nigerian Entrepreneur, is a guideline on how to make money online. NaijaEcash is yet to write an e-book for make money online newbies. Maybe when that is done, then you will have a compact guideline in form of a down-loadable ebook.
      For now, I can only help you by guiding you
      step by step on how to start making money online. If that is what you want, you can open an account in the forum and contact me. We will simply start a thread where you ask question, I answer and provide practical step by step details on what you need to do. That way, you won’t be the only one benefiting from the exercise, but other would-be online entrepreneur newbies will benefit too. Beside you will afford yourself the opportunity of learning from other online entrepreneurs who are making money online. Hope this meet your request. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Clafmond says:

    Thanks sir for the info.
    I’m a newbie and have tried different online money opportunities but all to no avail. Many of these opportunities have even robbed me of my “hard earn” cash, yet I couldn’t make a dime online but with NaijaEcash now, I believe, I should be able to make something out of my sleepless nights spend on the net.
    Please sir help me. I’ll register right away.

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