Simplicity of Living!

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Life is simple, but human beings create complexities! Enjoy this little story, and learn a tip. Happy Weekend!

Simplicity Of Life
Simple but Beautiful


During the Revolutionary War in America, a few British officers, the bearers of a flag of truce, were invited by the general of the Insurgents to stop and dine with him. As a result of this courtesy, they were ushered into a tent where an officer was roasting some potatoes on a camp stove. Expecting an elaborate table, the British officers were astonished when the officer preparing the meal wiped away the ashes from the potatoes, and placed them on the table as the dinner for the general and his company.

When the British officers returned to their own camp, they contrasted the American soldiers’ fare with their own expensive fare. They justifiably reflected on the difficulty of their self-indulgent habits and their need of contentment under all circumstances.

Exhausted and Frustrated Online

The moral of the story. Embrace the simplicity of life, then you will have less stress from insatiable wants! If you choose to live a sophisticated life, you will always be in want. It is the sophistication we introduce into our every day living that brings the sorrows all around us. If you doubt me, visit a beach and watch a 2year old building a sand castle. Ask a 4years old, what tommorrow will be like.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Great point. I think one of the most important first steps is to clearly define the difference between a need and a want.

  2. udin says:

    Yeah, Evrybody want simplicity with all need, but the result is complexities 🙂

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  3. Simplicity is good. but not in all cases. want for sophistication brings about discoveries and development… nothing on its on is, but everything is!

  4. regina says:

    Beautiful picture!
    Some people often have a problem differentiating between needs and wants.

    reginas last blog post..Le Cordon Bleu!

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