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Written by NaijaEcash

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There are over 50millions blogs out there, and more are being created as I write this post. Yet each blogger wants to be known. Everyone wants Traffic! That according to Rich Schefren is “endless demand for attention…” Everyone wants attention! Since 24hours/day cannot be extended, internet users are learning to be on guard, they have all manner of automatic filters programmed into their brain to filter out unwanted websites. They unconsciously rank older websites with high level of patronage as being more trustworthy while new websites are treated as suspects.

That is quite a big hurdle for every new blogger. How can people establish trust in me when I am not even given an opportunity to show that I am trustworthy? (I should be given a fair hearing first before judgment is passed 🙁 ). Unfortunately, that will not happen! The verdict has already been passed, “New websites and are not to be trusted until they prove they are trustworthy.” The verdict was passed before I have an opportunity to present my case!

That is the reason some blogs have thousands of visitors per day (great website traffic 😉 ), while some newbie bloggers can scarcely boast of 10visitors in a week(poor website traffic 🙁 ). As a newbie, this can be demoralizing. After investing so much energy and resource into a blog (setting up a beautiful layout, providing quality content), it is depressing to notice that nobody is coming around to visit. So what can you do?

Let me share my personal experience with you. Maybe you will learn some tips from my story. As a Nigerian, I knew right from day one that I have a big hurdle to overcome. Too many online users have been mis-informed that the word Nigerian is a synonym for the word Scammers (this is not correct, but everyone is entitled to their individual opinion. Unfortunately the bad eggs among Nigerians have not stop their evil acts). So, I did not attempt making friends with foreigners when I started, I searched and started making friends online with fellow Nigerians who can easily check me out and convince themselves that I am genuine. From there, it was easy getting to know their online friends who were non-Nigerians.

Immediately I come in contact with a non-Nigerian, I tried to repeatedly remind the contact that I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria and I am proud to be a Nigerian. That set off an alarm and gives the contact an opportunity to decide whether the relationship should continue or not. (hiding your identity will deal a great blow to your INTEGRITY online, whatever website traffic you have built can simply disappear overnight!). I have been blogging for over nine months now and I have accumulated friends from different parts of the world (since you are reading this post, I will love you to be my friend, just drop a comment, and I will come visiting, that is a promise).

As at today, Non-Nigerians who visit my blogs and drop comments are more than my fellow Nigerian bloggers. That encourages other non-Nigerian to give me an opportunity to present my case (my case is that I am a Nigerian Earning Income Online Legitimately, I am one among millions of honest, hardworking, God-fearing people that live in the most populated black country in the world). Now, I am no longer restricted to Nigeria geographically, I have friends all over the world who believe I am trustworthy, so my blog traffic is increasing!

Are you finding it difficult to get visitors to your site despite the fact that you have quality content? I have the following tips for you, try them!

  • Join the Entrecard Community (the Traffic you will receive may be called junk traffic by SEO experts, but in my humble opinion, junk traffic for a newbie is better than zero traffic). The effect of this community is immediate.
  • Tell your offline friends and relatives. They already trust you. They have confidence in your integrity. Let them be your first set of visitors. Encourage them to patronize your blog or website and drop comments. That for sure will take you from zero website traffic to at least 10visitors a month (if you can’t achieve that, let me know. I will visit your blog and if I am interested in what you blog about, I can mobilize some of my friends to pay you a visit).
  • Write emails to those that are close to you requesting that they visit your site.
  • Use your blog address in your signature whenever you are sending email.
  • Find bloggers who are from your country of origin, befriend them. (by visiting their sites and dropping useful comments).
  • Find bloggers who have the same interest or hobby you have, befriend them.
  • Reciprocate visits from bloggers who come around. This is an easy way of making new friends.
  • Ensure you visit and drop comments on the blogs of those that drop comments on you (not the spammers please).
  • Join other online communities and search out people of like minds.

There are many more tips and tricks that are recommended by Internet Marketing Experts (I am a newbie, so I am not trying to provide an exhaustive list). Visit blogs to learn about them and apply them in your online ventures. These tips may not produce fantastic result overnight, but within two months, I can guarantee that you will notice appreciable improvement in your traffic. I learnt from Yaro Starak that PATIENCE is a virtue that every online entrepreneur who wants to succeed must have. So be patient and persistent, your success will come. See you at the top!

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  1. A very well written post, and I must say I’ve been impresses everytime I’ve visited your blog. If I hadn’t joined Entrecard I would never have discovered you.

    BTW, I know what its like to be singled out for negative attention. I am originally a white South African but living in Spain now. Many years ago people used to call me a racist. I never have been but perception can be hard to overcome, same thing for you by the sounds of things. Its funny how two people from opposite sides of the mindset can come together. I would consider it an honour to befriend you. Please do feel free to visit my blog, and maybe we can even share ideas for being successful online.

    Carl does SEOs last blog post..Good business ethics get my attention

  2. NaijaEcash says:

    [re=209]Carl does SEO[/re]:
    Hi pal. So nice of you to drop such a length and motivating comment. I sure want to be your friend. I actually rushed to your website and read your latest post “Good business ethics get my attention.”
    Unfortunately, I was unable to drop a comment. I tried severally, but my browser was giving an error message. I will give it another try tomorrow.
    I love your layout and I have a lot to learn from you (CSS and CGI scripts 😉 )

  3. kachinko says:

    i hope i can learning step by step to be patient 😉

    kachinkos last blog post..Travel Charger was powered by the sun

  4. Very true. All bloggers must be patient enough to promote their blogs.

    While there may be a lot of ways to increase traffic, finding the right strategy is the most important, second to content king. No matter many communities, forum and social sites, you will still have convince your readers to come back again.

    SEO is a good thing, but it needs technical knowledge. While you are studying how to maximize your keywords, you will forget that your readers are still humans, not software.

    Great advice you have.


    guardian angels last blog post..My Serious Droppers

  5. elaine says:

    When I started blogging, I don’t really have an idea on the how-to’s on increasing traffic and page views. Although I earn from blogging now, earning money from it is even far from my mind.

    I was lucky enough to find friendly bloggers online who gave me useful pointers on which communities should I join. I started out with Blogcatalog and most of my blog’s traffic at the start came from it. Later on, I joined other groups which proved to be helpful as well.

    It really took a while before I gained a steady daily number of visitors to my blog. The start is not always easy. I had to exert much effort to promote it. I still consider myself a neophyte when it comes to blogging. It’s always good to learn something new from other bloggers.

    I am a Filipino and I am proud to be one. 🙂

    elaines last blog post..Big Brother is Watching You

  6. NaijaEcash says:

    You can do it. Just keep at it. It may take some time, but it is feasible. Cheers.

    [re=217]guardian angel[/re]:
    I quite agree with you. The bottomline is that blogs are meant for humans not search engine bots! Thanks for your contribution.

    Hey, Elaine, are you trying to mimic me! Just kidding. Of course I know you’re proud to be a Pinoy. I guess the phrase is catching on. I don’t want to be a DUPLICATE. If God deemed it fit to make me a Nigerian, then I don’t have any regret about it. Nice having you around. Cheers.

  7. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks. Nice having you around. It’s been quite a while since you visited last 😉

  8. tyna says:

    I started blogging after visiting Yaro Starak a couple of times
    what a small world.I picked some hints here today,good post keep it coming.

    tynas last blog post..Laughing at ourselves.

  9. Akinkunle says:

    I am definitely whom I am and would never change whom I am because of the few bad eggs among us (Nigerians).I will buy an advert on your site in about four days time,there you will see and feel how proud I am to be a Nigerian trying to make ends meet legitimately online because NIGERIA itself reflected on my 125×125 image card.
    Thanks once again for your information,it is true it can be discouraging at first but with consistence and focus one shall get there someday.Though I’m presently a newbie (just a month old in blogging) and I believe a new born baby needs to learn how to turn,crawl,lean on closer object before finally walking.And thanks to YOU,YARO SHARAK,GIDEON,BLOGCARNIVAL,MARK J.KIRK and ENTRECARD because I’ve started leaning on nearer objects now.Kudos to you and I want you to know that you’re speciffically born to write great and appealing articles,Keep it coming.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I am happy you are Proudly Nigerian. There is nothing wrong with being an African and being PROUD of it. Cheers.

  10. chichi says:

    Hi, I came across your blog while searching for ways Nigerians can get paid while blogging with adsense adverts.

    I understand that western union adsense payments is yet to come to Nigeria.

    I just created a blog at alltipsandideas blogspot. I will need your help to make a success of it.

    Please I will appreciate your quick reply.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Thanks for visiting and dropping a note. I’ll check out your blog. But then, what exactly do you want me to help you out with? You’ve got to be more specific. That way, even if I can’t help, others may lend a helping hand. Cheers.

  11. Affluent says:

    I want to start blogging online with somebody who will coash or direct me,cus i dont want to mk mistke,pls i need your help,my fellow bloggers both nigeria & non nigeria,plz email me d steps to follow and start blogging.

  12. slymedia says:

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