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I get easily blown away any time i discover what features or tools you can use to optimize a website.

There is a tool i just found out and it was created by a Google engineer. Google engineers are given opportunities to personally pursue projects as per ideas they conceived. It was during this moment of opportunity that this Google engineer created this feature.

This tool is the browser size tool

The feature helps to discover generally how much of your website is easily visible to readers. Websites appear differently to readers because of the sizes of their monitor screens, the browsers, the toolbars installed and so on. Thus some very important part of your website might not be easily visible to some readers unless they scroll down or sideways the page. Believe me some visitors do not bother to scroll through your page.

This I find very useful to website owners; especially if you have adverts or donate button positioned in places on your website. After checking out your website with this tool, you might want to reposition that advert so that it can be easily seen and clicked by visitors. Isn’t this a lovely revelation?

But you interested in how I found this out?

I made a call to a friend asking him to check out my website and make a comment on the design. He reported back to me that my website was okay but that it had just 2 Google adverts by Google and suggested I should include a last one allowable by Google. I replied that i had all 3 ads on the site. He checked again but this time he had to scroll the page before he could see the website. I immediately noticed and recognized this problem and jumped into the Google search engine to search for how I can correct this issue.

But then I decided to find out first how my website does look like to readers and boom………I bumped into this wonderful tool.

Whenever you are at the newspaper stand, you will see the front page headlines at the top of the newspapers before anything else. You won’t see the bottom headlines of some newspapers because it is folded. This is why adverts placed at the top of newspapers are more expensive than their counterparts placed below. This is also the same concept of how a website appears to the visitors at first sight.

So go check up your blog or website now and see if there are things that are hidden but you need to be visible on first look. Go to Once you get there, type in your website url and you have a view of what we are talking about here.

About the author: Jide is an internet publisher. He publishes in hubpages and he also publishes jobs in jobnetworknigeria, a job platform where job searchers finds new jobs in Nigeria.

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  1. jhendor says:

    nice insight for us. At least i can reposition things on my site now. Nice one by Google.

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