Revisiting The Foundation!

Written by NaijaEcash

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When progress slows down to a halt, what do you do? In practical day to day living, there comes a time when all that you know seems to fail at getting you across a particular threshold. You just feel stuck! You have no clue what went wrong and how to get going (maybe that sounds familiar). Well, that is what happened to me of recent.

I sit before my computer and I am blank. Yes, I practically have no clue what I should write about. Even though things are happening around me, I just do not feel like writing about them. However, whenever I visit other blogs or forums, the inspiration flows as my fingers dances up and down on the keyboard (I am an amateur touch typist, doing 50wpm). Some comments I make on other peoples’ site can as well pass for a short post.

This was worrisome, so I decided to take a break and revisit my foundation. I will tell you what I discovered. I had a goal to build an online business and it was well spelled out. However, the zeal and energy I have expended in bringing it to reality was that of a novice in the industry. The veterans in the field knows that internet rewards patience and persistence. Even though the technology that drives internet is at the speed of light, for a new entrepreneur, getting result online may be at snail speed at first, and you just need to be patience. Never compare yourself with those gurus who have spent five years learning the rope!

I have learned that it is better you allow a natural growth rather than a hurried growth. Haste, will get you wearied and exhausted. You will hit the “burnout” or “writer block” sooner than is natural. So what is the way forward.

Well, I am revisiting the foundation of my online business. I am busy reading what the experienced online entrepreneurs have to say about creating a successful venture online. I want a business that runs as a system, not another JOB! As I read, I ask myself if my business is built on those tried and tested principles or some fallacies I dreamed up out of ignorance.

Rich Schefren’s recent free report “The Entrepreneurial Emergency” has been of tremendous help. After finishing the report, I decided to read, The E-Myth. I have gone half way, and I can sincerely say that the lessons in the book is a must for any serious minded entrepreneur. I particularly love the conversational method with which the lessons were presented.

I have been reading the newsletter from Yaro Starak also, those have cured me of my tendency to always want a perfect post or nothing! Yaro was empatic on the fact that a blogger must not always shun out PERFECT posts. Just be real, educative, entertaining and focus on the need of your readers. This is encouraging to me. I am actually using this post to test the weight of his suggestion. I am going to do more post in the RAMBLING categories in the future. Of course, I will still regularly shun out well researched posts that will be of tremendous help to my readers.

Ok, I have said enough, I promise you that you can look forward to a better blog offering richer content because I am learning to be a better entrepreneur and a reader friendly blogger. Thanks for visiting and expressing your views in the comment section. It keeps me going even when the going seems tough. Cheers.

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