Replacement for MS Vista: Ubuntu or WinXP?

Written by NaijaEcash

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I just got an additional tool for my online work. I bought a Toshiba Satellite notebook. It is a cute one and it has features that will enhance my online work. I have been excited since it got delivered yesterday. However, I am not happy with the operating software it was packaged with. Your guess is right Microsoft Vista Home Premium!

The operating system is making a mess of the hardware. I can’t get things done on time even though the system boast of a 4gb ram and the 231gb hard disk is almost empty. The operating system is always asking me series of irritating questions.

Each task has to be authorized over and over again. While this security feature may be a wonderful idea, I am beginning to get irritated with the constant nagging (yes, that is what it seems to me). Now I am considering either of two options.

  1. Downgrade from Microsoft Window Vista to Microsoft Window XP. I know it doesn’t sound like a good idea, but I am more comfortable with the short comings of Window XP. Afterall I have been using it for more than 4years now. My fear is that, I may get the whole system muddled up and need to call in a technician! My better half is of the opinion I leave the system as it is and learn to use Microsoft Vista! (I know that sounds like a good advice, but I am already bias because of all the negative stories I’ve heard about Microsoft Vista).
  2. Go for Ubuntu – It has been my heart desire to try out the open source option. But the hitch has always been the difficulty in getting simple things done. For example, getting connected to the internet can be a major issue if the network card manufacturer does not provide a Linux driver and nobody has written a free driver for it. Also, some commercial software do not have open source alternatives yet.

Well, I just have to make a choice and continue. It does no good complaining. If you have a suggestion on the right step I should take, please feel free to drop a note in the comment section. Thanks.

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  1. axioblogger says:

    Vista is cool. That is what I am using on my laptop. Except if you are a tech guy then some softwares aren’t compatible with vista.

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  2. It might be possible to “dual boot” your computer – meaning windows and Ubuntu can be run. If you do this, I would keep Vista (at least temporarily) while you learn Ubuntu. Once you are comfortable with (or decide against using) Ubuntu, then I would dump Vista. I’ve heard little good about it, and XP is at least stable and known.

    I’m not against change, mind you, but it seems that Microsoft pushed Vista long before it was truly ready.

    A. Caleb Hartley

    A. Caleb Hartleys last blog post..Comment Luv

  3. Margaret says:

    You can turn that off if you want to. It will complain, but I’ve done it and am none the worse for wear.

    I certainly enjoy many of the other features of Vista enough to seek a work around for the nag feature.


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  4. LucyVet says:

    I just bought a Toshiba satellite too, and am thinking the same thing. Caleb Hartley is right though, you can partition the hard drive and keep vista until you are happy with linux. Luckily one of my stepson’s friends has used ubuntu for years and will install it for me and make sure I have all the appropriate drivers.

  5. Wongsk says:

    Before you want to change to other computer operating system,please try below vista ebook how to manually improve your vista system.

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  6. dwindle says:

    Why don’t you just turn off the verification in control panel? I really don’t recommend Linux. Nifty as it is, it’s slow, difficult to use, and worse of all, the software absolutely sucks. If you do want to learn it, download vmware and run it as a virtual machine – you can switch back and forth between the two os in a couple of seconds.

    Personally, I absolutely love Vista. It is so fast, so smooth, and amazingly stable. In ten months of using the same install, it has never crashed or locked up once.

  7. dwindle says:

    One other thing, you may prefer Kubuntu over Ubuntu, as the previous handles more like Windows, whereas the latter more resembles Apple.

  8. Well, I have been using a Toshiba Satellite notebook running Windows Vista Home Premium for close to a year now with no major complaints. Downgrading to Windows XP is retrogressive.

    In my view, your problem with Windows XP is purely psychological. Obviously, you have taken in too much negative information about Vista. :rolleyes:

    About Ubuntu, there are credible alternative software packages you can run on Ubuntu that can meet your every day needs. All you need do is go through Ubuntu fan sites for a full compilation.

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  9. sid9102 says:

    Okay, first of all, there is a lot of hate for Vista, but I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now, since before it was released. It has never casued me more problems than XP did. It is definitely much more stable than XP, especially after SP1.
    I suggest Ubuntu, which is definitely pretty good, and not at all like OSX, much more like Windows.It is WAAAAY faster than XP or Vista, Linux tends to have better memory management. Dwindle seems unfairly biased against Ubuntu for some reason. It is definitely NOT slow or difficult to use, and the software DOES NOT SUCK! Consider the fact that 90% of the software for Linux is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Take the GIMP for example. It is similar to Photoshop, though not as good, BUT IT COSTS NOTHING!!
    I strongly advise against moving back to XP. Believe, me vista is much much better.

  10. Troy says:

    Vista gave me a lot of crap on my new laptop, and finding XP drivers is pretty hard if your manufacturer doesn’t just give them to you.

    I’d recommend using a LiveCD to shrink the Vista partition on your giant hard drive, then installing a 5-10GB Ubuntu partition just to mess around with. You can delete Vista and expand Ubuntu if you feel comfortable with it.

    Google “vista linux dual boot vista first”.

  11. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks pal. You all have been very helpful with your suggestions and advice.
    I have decided to retain MS Vista and dual boot it with Ubuntu. The two seem to have their distinct advantage and my laptop is capable of accomodating both.
    Once again, I say a big thank you to all that have contributed an answer to my enquiry. Cheers.

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