Plan To Delegate Tasks Before You Need To

Written by NaijaEcash

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How often have you felt overwhelmed with the load of tasks awaiting your urgent attention? Quite often I guess. Wondering what to do about such situation? Simple, Plan to Delegate Tasks before you feel you need to.

Too often, we over-rate our ability and insist on doing everything by ourselves instead of assigning it to others. This is more glaring in the case of perfectionists who can never get satisfied with anything done by another person. They always want to give every task that personal touch. Well, in business, the earlier you learn to delegate the better.

Since you are just a human with limited time and abilities, your business will eventually need more attention than you can personally provide. It is therefore necessary to identify early the tasks that can be delegated to others so that you can concentrate on issues that are more critical to the survival of your business.

If you are yet to engage employees, you can outsource such tasks to professionals who will be willing to offer their services for a fee. Don’t give the excuse that outsourcing is expensive. In reality, how much you spend for outsourced tasks is largely dependent on your bargaining power and the network of people you know. Often, I have gotten some tasks done for free simply because the professional wanted to create a relationship.

This post was inspired by an article I read which prompted me to have a rethink of the list of tasks I earmarked to carry out earlier this month. I simply discovered I was getting nowhere because they were many and 90% seems urgent. Well, the list have suddenly gotten small after delegating about half to members of my team.

That’s it for now. I’ve got quite a few tasks to work on. Stay tuned to  Nigerian Entrepreneur. I love to hear from you. Cheers.

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