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Are there affiliate programs that accept Nigerians residing in Nigeria as affiliates? The answer is yes, and it is verifiable. Where is the list of such programs?

Affiliate Marketing Illustration

Affiliate Marketing Illustration

Wait, why do you want a list of affiliate programs that accept Nigerians? What do you want to do with the list? I know my question sounds dumb and you are thinking, if he won’t give the list, then I better go to another site. Well, since you are here already and sparing an additional one minute won’t kill you, I want you to exercise patience. Listen to my ramblings, then I will give you the list that I have sent to several Nigerians that asked me (of course it is free, as in free air because you can equally get it elsewhere for free).

Why do you want a list of affiliate programs that accept Nigerians as affiliate? In my twelve months of interacting online as a Nigerian residing in Nigeria, I have come to understand that an average Nigerian who wants to make money online wants to start making money with the very first click of the mouse he makes online. He is not interested in all the teachings about building online assetsonline marketing and making a name online. If he gets persuaded to start a website, you can be rest assured that it will be full of Google adsense and several banner ads that will make the whole webpage look like an abstract paint-work. Yet he expects people to bring out their wallet and dish out dollars because he has been told that there is cheap money to be made online. I wish this were true, then I would have long being in Hawaii with my family and be blogging from the beach.

sucessful online entreprenuer
Sucessful Online Entreprenuer

Of recent, I have been bombarded by Naija brothers and sisters who are asking for list of affiliate programs that accept Nigerians. Often times, out of concern I try to ask questions before giving out the list that I have. Their response is quite revealing as I discover that about 80% of them have been brainwashed into believing that working online is easy and requires little or no knowledge. Some have even being made to part with cash to buy some “online money making machines” which will lodge money into their accounts while they do nothing.

Exhausted and Frustrated Online
Exhausted and Frustrated Online

This is quite unfortunate. A list of affiliate programs will do you no good if you lack the knowledge required for achieving success as an online affiliate marketer. For example, not all affiliate programs is suitable for each individual. You need to pick the ones that are well aligned to your passion in life and you also need to ensure that the program is genuine and not a reap-off (it is possible to labor and earn next to nothing). All these points to the fact that you need to learn. Enough of the unsolicited advise, find below some affiliate programs you can start with (if you find them suitable), they all accept Nigerians.

Affiliate Programs For Nigerians Living In Nigeria

This list is quite small, I know, so I will start a thread in the forum so that a longer list of Affiliate Programs that accept Nigerians will be compiled. If you are a Nigerian reading this post and you know other affilitate programs that accept Nigerians, please share them in the comment section. Wishing all the Naija brothers and sisters success in your online venture. I am proudly Nigerian, see you at the top. Cheers.

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  1. Ife says:

    Lovely post once again.
    Nigerians are still laging behind in terms of making money online as an affiliate marketer.
    Many things are not favourable towards us – one of them is Paypal.
    It requires a lot of hardwork and perseverance and not all this make money while you sleep of a thing.

  2. Nigel says:

    One of the first things you need, if you plan to make money through online affiliate sales, is a good domain name. I’m selling It could be a great location for any Nigerian online affiliate business. For a start, you try affiliate sales of Jummai Joseph movies, and then when she branches out into other markets (music, perfume, jewelry, fashion) you would be able to capitalize on that too.

    If you’re interested in, please take a look on and make me an offer.

  3. Hi,
    this is a great site and i like seeing a fellow african making money online,i am from Tanzania and facing the same problem with paypal as i can only send funds but can not receive via paypal.
    But there is another program called clickbank that deals mostly with digital products and you can register yourself and choose a product to promote online and if you get a sale you get paid via cheque that is sent to your address every once a month,its a great program with many great products,and if your county is not listed as a country that do send cheques to,there is a way around it too.
    Once again,this is a great informational site,keep it up.
    Says Emmanuel.

    • Franklin says:

      Hello Emmanuel Kamala,am Franklin from Nigeria.You mentioned in your comment that if you register with clickbank and your country isn’t listed as a country that do send cheques,that there is a way around it.Please be kind as to enlighten me on how to tackle such a problem.I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Newton Ovie says:

        Dear Franklin! If you do not have a Virtual Address – which you can pay for @ $75 yearly and get your cheques forwarded to your address in Nigeria from the Virtual Address, you can use any address you know of… google USA yellow pages. You can choose to hold your payment until you’ve earned to a certain amount and then you can then update your profile with your real virtual address, if you do not have fund to get it initially. Feel free to get in touch wit me if you need assistance, including picking up a model to earn cash online for free @ Cheers. Newton.

  4. Joe says:

    with regard to the paypal problem you need to have a bank account and have followed there instructions in setting up transfere to you bank account or credit card they send you some money and you need to varyfy that you have recievd it

    hope that helps

  5. Tosin says:


    I must say, you are doing a great job.

    Excellent posts and timely too.

    I think we Nigerians will benefit from these eye-opener post.

    Thanks for sharing and remain blessed.

    Tosins last blog post..Episode 43 – Ugly Betty’s Loyalty Questioned

  6. Okey says:

    Up naija..first of al i appreciate ur concept but ma question is how do u get started.thanks n God bless.

  7. Juliet says:

    It requires a lot more than just a good domain name to earn money online. The main thing is to get a website running and to have excellent content on your site that will enable the search engine to bring your site up on the first page or potential searches will click on a different website and you not be able to make any money. Think before you state any online business not just affilate marketing.

  8. Newton Ovie says:

    Earning Money Online as a Nigerian can pose itself as a herculean task with most websites banning Nigerian IP’S and most payment methods like Paypal and Clickbank refusing to sign-up Nigerians. But do u know you can still sign-up legally as a Nigerian and still earn money online? I have prepared a Power-packed and FREE E-book exclusively for Nigerians. It includes all you need to know about affiliate programs.

    Obtain your free copy at my website

    Wishing you success in your online ventures. Grin

  9. Newton Ovie says:

    Yes, how can a Nigerian start making Genuine Money online?

    Well, there are a lot of opportunities open to Nigerians online, amongst which are Freelance Article Writing, Surveys, Get-paid-to-read Emails, Buying and Selling of Domains and Websites, Submiting Photos online, Affiliate Marketing etc.

    One of the hindrances for a Nigerian is How to Get a reliable payment solution and how to get the money earned online and indeed how to start with NO CAPITAL

    I once encountered this problem and I have gotten over it.

    I have compiled a Free E-book exclusively for Nigerians which solves the above mystery and it also includes all the tips and tricks to earning a 6-figure genuine income online.

    You can get your free copy at my website

    Wishing you success in all your online endeavours.

  10. Great article couldnt have said it better myself, I was going to move close to Nigeria (thats in Nebraska right?) anywho heres to online income.

  11. Newton Ovie says:

    Thanks Man…

    I’d be posting more articles on Making Genuine Money Online at my website..

    Don’t miss out!

  12. Akinkunle says:

    I opened an account with Commissions Junction as a publisher after which a message was sent to my mail notifying me of my username and password.But i was Instructed as I quote:

    “In order to complete the payment information required for your account, you must login to the CJ Account Manager and complete your tax information by filling out and submitting one of our electronic tax certification forms (Account>Administrative Settings>Tax Information).

    Now, you are ready to get started! Login to the Publisher Account
    Manager at . The Account Manager is where
    you locate advertisers and offers to promote, get the code for your
    Web site or newsletter, and also generate reports to track your
    How can I log in to the CJ Account Manager to complete other necessary steps including getting code for my blog?.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I visited your blog but I could not drop a comment because the profile options are too limited.

      Here is the steps you need to access your account manager in CJ
      1. Browse to
      2. On the top and right side of the website, you will see provision for LOGIN CLIENTS.
      3. Input your email and password and click Go.
      4. The account manager panel will open


      Note: For future enquiries please use the FORUM

  13. Charles says:

    Nice post. It’s got of a lot of insight, a saw a comment where someone said “you don’t only need a domain name to make money” well that’s true you also need a great web content which i offer for free at my blog, it will explode your traffic and definitely your income

  14. HENRY AJURUCHI says:

    Hello there!

    I have been going through this and really impressed by the (good) work of educating Nigerians on lots of opportunities available to us. Even though I have never posted a comment here, I have used some of your suggestions and some website you pointed out and it really worked.

    My question however are these: (i) what is the nigerian zip code? (ii) how reliable is this kodesurvey guy? (iii) VTN did not say anything about their commission and all! Are they running a charity organization? (iv) I still can not register with pay pal. na wetin dey shelle?

    Keep up the good work.


  15. Chijioke says:

    Hope u reply. I want to confirm if cj (commision junction) will work with Nigerians

  16. Patrick Blaze says:

    I love the interest I see here in Affiliate marketing. Interest is one thing, but action is another thing. The path to becoming a successful internet marketer is not easy. The key thing is learning and most of all patience. It’s taken me a while to build my Affiliate marketing business and I still have a long way to go. Internet marketers need to understand things like Keyword research, Search Engine optimization (on and off page), Web 2.0 techniques (e.g quality link building strategies, blogging, article marketing etc) and a lot more. There is no quick way to make money online, but hard work dedication and a structured plan you will find yourself on the path to true success.

  17. koko Dennis says:

    there are so many ways of confirming the reliability at can visit our office, we are registered with CAC with our mother company KODE IMAGING. you can also request for more info from us directly. this is response to a post by henry, on thursday 16th april 2009. we have a name to protect.

  18. HENRY AJURUCHI says:

    Mr. Koko Dennis,

    I know that you are registered and all that. If you are really geniune, why then do you ask for registration fee before one can be allowed to take survey?

  19. koko says:

    we have our reasons for charging for registration. in developed world, registration is free. they have their reasons. one, they see and view survey as a free way opinion of contribution to their life’style improvement. whereas, in nigeria, people are misinformed and they see survey as make quick money channel. we even have people doing seminars on this. what they will tell you is to change your IP address from Nigeria to USA or Canada resident, including your email and contact address. they also tell you or link you up with a friend that resides outside nigeria that have a paypal account on your behalf. so tell me, we that ask you to register, what is fraudulent compared to the above.

    you will agree that the above act aside us have symptom of deceit knowingly or unknowingly.

  20. Vincent says:

    Thanks everyone.i’ve read evry single article i can find.i am very new to these m oney making opportunities.ive takin the first step of registerin wit graphcard.what do i do next?i dont want to folo d footstepsm nf som yahoo friends.i want legal money n i am ready to work for it,though i dont hav much capital.thnks in anticipation.
    More grease to ur elbowz

  21. Newton Ovie says:

    Thats Good Vincent. I really love your sense of determination and sincerity.

    I have helped over 250 Nigerians like you earn genuine cash income online.

    I have compiled a FREE REPORT for you which luckily entails Graphcard as the first step which you’ve done.

    Send me a mail requesting for the free report at or you can call or text me on 08064194340,.

    I’d be more than wiling to help you.

    Hope to see you at the top.

  22. Tobayashi says:

    U will b the first person i thank (after baba God of course) if this thngy works

  23. LMAO. Men, your writing style is uber fabulous. I love it. Here I was thinking there wasn’t a great internet marketing blogger in Naija but you’re it.
    It’s quite sad that most folks are still feeding fat on people’s ignorance and desperation for fast wealth. If only the Big Guy above would lead them into the hands of straight internet marketers like you, who aren’t out to rip every Tom, Sade and Musa of their hard earned or borrowed naira.

    With respect to the online money making machine, I guess I can rightly conclude that Emmanuel Samson’s Ecash Pro is one of them. I don tire to dey get that guy email for my inbox. I’ve even scheduled a post dedicated to the guy alone.

    I doubt if GoDaddy accepts Nigerians oh!

    @Koko from Kodesurveys: Wetin you dey yarn sef? For your information, the white folks see surveys the same way every other race sees it. A way of making money online. Who the f*** in his/her right mind wants to sit behind a computer typing and clicking away for nothing. Funny enough, you even unconsciously admit that what you’re doing is fraudulent.

    GUYS/GALS: Though must not pay for access to free paid online surveys oh! What they do is give you a list of sites to go and sign up with. Chikena! If you need free info on paid online surveys, check out my blog post The Top 10 Commandments Of Paid Online Surveys

  24. jide says:

    I understand the fact that this post is about affiliate programs for Nigerians. Permit me to introduce to you a place you can have fun at your leisure hours. is the coolest nigerian based online magazine providing latest stories on sports ,foreign news free music downloads, entertainment news, kids page it’s ril cool every nigerian should check it out

  25. amaugo noble says:

    guy you are the big guy. i’ll refer people here soon because i can’t eat the money here alone.

  26. Gana isaac says:

    Thanks 4 all of ur lovely posts i think we Nigerians should show the world that its not evry of us that is 419 that we can make it with d level of corruption in our govermnt.Pls i will like to know the full details involved in using the above sites to make money as a nigerian. You can contact me thru my no 08060208186

  27. Austin says:

    Hi,i must really commend you for the good work you are many others in my quest to make genuine money online i have falling victim of scam.but i believe there are genuine sites that offer real money making opportunity online it is just the information that must of us don’t have.please can you give me a least of sites of paid to read mails,and also HYIP sites i am willing to pay for the information.Thanks expecting your reply.

  28. Udo says:

    This article has really helped me get oppourtunities we can leverage from, here in Nigeria.
    Online business has it’s risks. The latest post on my blog can help you take some safety measures as you make money online
    .-= Udo´s last blog ..5 Tips to finding genuine Internet Business Sites =-.

  29. yusuff says:

    good work… i sometimes wonder how we can leverage on ready made infos in our backyard…

    my friendsa nd family has products… i have intenet knowlegde about affiliate maketing….

    thw combinations of the twoo…
    products + knowledge = profit

    click bank or no clickbank… there are still massive ooferrs that we can leverage on …

    At least weve been doing marketing and promotion before the cklickbank idea.

    to H**** with click bank

  30. martins says:

    Nice work, Thanks a million,keep up with the gr8 work!
    martins´s last blog post ..Enjoying your kids

  31. Ekwunife says:

    I understand the fact that this post is about affiliate programs for Nigerians. Permit me to introduce to you a place you can have fun at your leisure hours. is the coolest nigerian based online magazine providing latest stories on sports ,foreign news free music downloads, entertainment news, kids page it’s ril cool every nigerian should check it out

  32. Ekwunife says:

    I understand the fact that this post is about affiliate programs for Nigerians. Permit me to introduce to you a place you can have fun at your leisure hours. is the coolest Nigerian based online magazine providing latest stories on sports ,foreign news free music downloads, entertainment news, kids page it’s rail cool every Nigerian should check it out

  33. Terry Clark says:

    There are some very good business opportunities online that I’ve come across myself, as well as some bad one’s too. But once in while through most of the garbage, you do find an opportunity that lives up to your expectations. It’s call “No Money? No Problem” which has a brand new different unique business approach to making money online – YEAH! I know everybody’s got the next best thing these days, but name me one company that gives you their entire business plan for FREE; Without spending one single dime… Not one that I could think of. No Money? No Problem lets you see the whole business plan for absolutely nothing, what you do with that information is entirely up to you; But you’ll have a real honest ready-to-go business opportunity at your finger tips. There are no squeeze pages, no forms to fill-out or some sort of trick to try and get your email address in order to get the information, all you have to do is go to their website and click on “Download to Read Now”…And look over the unique business opportunity plan – after you finish reading it, you’ll know exactly if this is for you or not before you spend one red cent!!! No company does this Online or Offline. Get Your FREE copy now by sending me an email

  34. Bakare says:

    Thanks for this list, some I know before and some are quite new, I will try some other ones out soon. Thanks
    Bakare´s last blog post ..The saved Marriage- Never a Lonely Road!

  35. Mohano says:

    Good stuff here. over the years i have been ask this same of question about the affilliate company that accept Nigerians. However i could not give a complete answer to it, because i am not into affilliate marketing. Maywhile, i can always refer people to this site whenever i am been ask such a question again


  36. Thanx for sharing this vital information. I found it very useful.

  37. vivian says:

    how does alertpay work as an affiliate

  38. markbor says:

    Hi there,
    It’s interesting to read some many versions on how to make money online, how to get paid and much more. Yes, the fact is that you need a lot of patience if you want to succeed online.

    But the biggest problem facing the newbies are the fraudsters online who claim to be expert in making money online.
    They complicate things because in fact they need tutorials themselves.
    You can stay in Nigeria and make money from Affiliate program as long as you know the ins and outs of Affiliate business.

    The best way to go about it is simply open account with ‘Virtual Terminal Network’ it’s free and then open another account with ‘Graphcard’ again it’s free. But make sure you open the two account using the same email address and passward because they are sister company.
    Graphcard will give you virtual America address which you will use for all your transactions. You can open Paypal account, clickbank account with the address and do your Affiliate business nice and easy.
    If you want detail information send me your email to and I will send you
    my free report on how to make money online.
    best regards
    Irabor M.

  39. amos says:

    well all i can say for now is wow, and when it come to AFFILIATE MARKETING there are dozens of places that accept Nigerians. you just have to do your homework(research)
    i have already found many affiliate programmes that accept Nigerians and its much simpler cause your paid by means of check and on CPA basis meanining cos per action like referring someone to,visit or even click on certain links
    and i will be publishing most of them on my blog( soon
    However about clickbank you only need a UK not US address as you might have noticed the other fellow complaining about tax id stuff, thats it with Us addressess and with uk u dont have to pay anything to get the address. i certainly hope ive been of help in many ways

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