NSE Crisis – Another Scary Story?

Written by NaijaEcash

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Is the NSE Crisis another scary story for Nigerian Investors?

Many are yet to recover from the exposure of the rottenness that existed in the Nigerian financial sector by Sanusi. It is heartbreaking and worrisome that another bad news is making round that Nigerian Investors in the capital market are in for another shocker! Just like we were lied to when the banking crisis started, some people who claim to be experts are telling investors not to get worried because the crisis in the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) will have no effect on the performance of the market.

Does one need a prophet to tell that there will be a negative effect? It is obvious that some innocent Nigerians who had trusted the leadership of NSE with their life savings are about to wake up to a bad reality. I won’t be surprised if after investigation and forensic audit is carried out, we discover that the ex-leaders of the NSE are found wanting!

Several people in and outside Nigeria has pointed out that Nigeria is blessed with everything except one critical item, GOOD LEADERSHIP. In every area innocent Nigerians have been made to pay dearly for crimes committed by LEADERS who are not accountable to the people. Our leaders reigns as demi-god who exist above the rule of law.

Activities of leaders are shrud in secrecy and crimes are committed and covered up. Atrocities only get discovered when it is too late and much damage has been done to the system. Unfortunately, even when the atrocities are finally discovered, the guilty ones still go unpunished because of the poor legal system we have in place. Cases of open looting of state and federal treasuries gets buried under bureaucracies and legal-webs that makes it difficult to obtain justice.

Now that the stock market has gotten another shock, wither shall the Nigerian Entrepreneurs go for investment?

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  1. erving croxen says:

    i been marketer for 31 years we can learn from each other yes

  2. Erin says:

    Society everywhere today is simply sad. the lack of leadership in so many places is evident. many of these places leave very little hope for entrepreneurship of any kind.

  3. Valentin Partible says:

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  4. banff says:

    Thanks. Very good interesting article.

  5. Murtala says:

    yes, Nigeria is indeed blessed with all except Good leadership. It’s really sad. but change goes beyond just talking about it. what can or should be done. now that’s the billion naira Question

  6. Cadouri says:

    As far as I know, indeed, Nigeria hasn’t got good leadership and I’m sorry for that. We all can learn a lot from this scary story. Thanks for sharing!

  7. demilop says:

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