Nigerian Webmasters Embraces Alexa Toolbar

Written by NaijaEcash

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My blog has been growing in terms of traffic performance, however, I noticed that my Alexa Ranking for Nigerian websites has been dropping! Of course that caught my attention and I started sniffing around to find out what was responsible.

Well, my discovery brought both good news and bad (ok, not so good) news. The good news being that the awareness of the usefulness of the Alexa toolbar among Nigerian webmasters is growing. Before my post on My Alexa Ranking is Getting Me More Traffic, some fellow Nigerian webmasters were not aware of the usefulness of the Alexa Toolbar and therefore did not bother installing it.  Well, now that they have started installing it, I am no longer a local champion 😉

Even though my global Alexa ranking is improving, the blog is struggling to remain among the first 100 in Nigeria. The reason is simple, there are many Nigerian sites that are far more popular and they attract greater number of Nigerian visitors per day than my blog attracts per week. So the more of those  Nigerian visitors that visits such sites using Alexa toolbar plus Firefox, the better rank such site gets.

Well, I am not going to sulk about the situation, because my site traffic is still growing per day and I am not quitting blogging. So, even if my site do not appear among the 100 sites in Nigeria, it will still remain relevant by the reason of my global ranking which is less than 30,000 among the millions of site. Call it a personal consolation 😉

I almost forgot to mention that the big brother Google have adjudged me worthy of Page Rank 3. I thought that call for a celebration (my site is just five months old), but my mentor thinks otherwise. He actually warned me not to focus on it. I should just keep on publishing quality content on my blog and leave brother Google to do what he deems fit. Sound advice I know, but difficult to obey. What do you think?

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  1. For sure that’s hard to follow. I check in my Alexa ranking and Page rank everyday because I have the toolbars installed on Mozilla and everytime my stats go up, I get a warm feeling.

    But what I like about what Yaro is teaching nowadays is that he is teaching us to step away from this constant obsession with incremental increases in Alexa Rank and Pagerank.

    I think the more and more I blog, the more and more I am seeing the sense in that.

    Mwangi – the Displaced Africans last blog post..One of the Greatest Things that Immigration and Travel Teach You

  2. PACE says:

    congrats on your alexa ranking. It is definitely the result of hardwork. This has really shows that there is nothing like success without hardwork. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Keep up working on yourself and keep adding quality content.

    PACEs last blog post..What do you see? Big Problems or Big Opportunities?

  3. NaijaEcash says:

    You got me. I was actually referring to Yaro. Checking the statistics is an obsession for newbie bloggers and one that is difficult to let go off. However, the point made by Yaro is quite TRUE. A blogger will not make much progress if he CONCENTRATE on the statistics. Half-ignoring them and concentrating on quality content is a guaranteed way to get good statistics. Thanks for visiting and congrats on your PR4 it is one well deserved.

    My brother, thanks for your kind words and constant encouragement. I love that phrase “it is only in the dictionary that the word SUCCESS comes before WORK”. It is enough food for thought for a whole day 😉

  4. :d I am not very convinced that your blog alone is causing the Alexa awareness in Nigeria.

    It is indeed a well-known fact that Alexa alone is not a very accurate way of determining website traffic and demographics. As a matter of fact, Alexa no longer relies on their toolbar alone, to determine website traffic. 🙄

  5. NaijaEcash says:

    @Oluniyi David Ajao
    Thanks for your comment, but you quoted me out of context and misunderstood my post.

    I never claimed that my POST or BLOG was responsible for the increase in Alexa Ranking awareness among Nigerian webmasters. (Even though I am capable of making a significant input if they pay me for a review of their service 😉 ) I only stated my observation before and after the post that I made. My pure sincere personal opinion, you don’t have to agree with me.

    If you feel I was just trying to make a false claim, I can provide you with screenshots of searches made from Google that landed visitors to my blog. My WordPress statistics shows this at least once a week, no exaggeration.

    In as much as a lot of bloggers are not happy with Alexa alogrithm, and the relevance of it is a real CONTROVERSIAL topic, yet quite a number of advertisers still judge websites with it. So, a blogger won’t be doing himself or herself any favor by ignoring it.

    Also, I do not lay claim to any magic formula for ranking high with Alexa, but it is common knowledge that Alexa tends to favor sites that are visited with browsers containing their toolbar. That is a fact that is yet to be disproved.

    Once again, thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  6. 😆 No comment.
    NB. I am not disputing your blog stats.

  7. NaijaEcash says:

    😆 No hard feeling bros. I just wanted to clarify myself. Nice to have you as my friend.

  8. bro tee, keep up the good work oh!!!! Off to catch up on what I’ve missed over here….

    solomonsydelles last blog post..AND, I RAISE MY GLASS…

  9. I hope Ajao and Naijaecash are not quarelling? It’s ok!. It’s actaully a controversial issue. but all the same, is a man’s idea that the world embraced may through aggressive marketing or advertising. As for me, my marketing strategies are yielding results. I don’t think i need a referee(alexa). I know how to get my advertisers and that’s the most important thing. What’s causing this is the rush to grab the dollars from foreign advertisers. But remember the proverb or adage. What you are looking for tom Sokoto is in your Shokoto! An eye opener to somebody.

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  10. i was wondering if there are webmasters who manages several thousand websites at a time..;-

    • NaijaEcash says:

      There may exist, but I strongly believe that such webmaster will be a corporate entity. That means several employees will be managing the websites under the same corporate name. It is enough trouble managing just one blog, so I can’t imagine an individual attempting to manage even a hundred at once. He will either end up abandoning some or he goes the way of posting junks just to keep the website updated periodically.
      By the way, why did you ask?

  11. Claire Richardson says:

    i am a webmaster myself and i always seek information on the net on how to increase website traffic and make a good website

  12. Megan Thompson says:

    being a webmaster is sometimes very tiring due to the large amount of multitasking involved”~~

  13. Olumide says:


    The web is a complicated thing. Getting traffic, rankings… Anyone who isn’t passionate about what he does on the web should not go into it.
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  14. WLAN Router  says:

    webmasters are really great coz they know how to manage time and multi-task at the same time

  15. Alex says:

    webmasters are great in multi-tasking, i myself is a webmaster too and i usually do alot to manage several webpages

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