Nigeria at 49!

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Today marks the 49th anniversary of Nigeria independence. Millions of Nigerians at home and abroad will pause to consider the journey so far. As usual, the Federal Government has declared today as public holiday. That means, workers can stay at home and spend time with their family members. That is exactly what I’ve planned to do. I will spend the day with my family and then fellowship with others in my local church in the evening.

Naija For Life

Naija For Life

While many feel there is no reason to celebrate, I totally disagree. I choose to pitch my tent with those who belief we have every reason to celebrate. Since there is life, there is hope of a better future. Martin Luther King did not live to see President Obama become the first black president of United States of America, but he foresaw the possibility in his mind when he declared “I have a dream….”

It doesn’t really matter if anyone thinks otherwise, I am personally convinced that Nigeria is going to get better. All the evil vices will surely come to an end. Those who are benefitting from the misfortune of Nigeria will be put to shame in the long run.

I am grateful to God that Nigeria has survived as nation, despite several political, financial and ethnic crisis. It is a sign that God has something great in store for us. If South Africa can get over apatheid, then Nigeria can get over these challenges and become a glorious nation.

To my fellow Nigerians at home and abroad, I say, happy independence day! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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  1. Mama Shujaa says:

    Congratulations. Enjoy the day with family, optimism always pays off.

  2. I should have responded to this post a long time ago but kept postponing it. I’m one of those who have lost absolute faith in this country but then this post had me thinking again. Who knows? We might actually make it through the storm.

  3. NigeriaSpace says:

    Well guys, i just found this page, i know this a belated independence day posting my doing, but i must commend you for your optimism about Nigeria, i almost lost hope at times too but its a big step forward that we have continue to succeed as a country, thats something to be hopefull about for real. In some third world countries where there are serious economic and political problems, all hell have broken loose and living together in peace become very difficult.

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