Thinking About Business In 2009

Written by NaijaEcash

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Just Thinking About Business in 2009. The year 2009 is almost over. Less than 24hours to go. Looking back, one will ordinarily exclaim what a year! There were so many dashed business hopes and unfulfilled dreams. However, amidst the economic crisis and financial troubles in Nigeria (and really in many parts of the world), some entrepreneur learned lessons that will eventually yield them good dividend in years to come.

I had my business dreams and goals for the year 2009. About half of them suffered as a result of harsh economic environment. However, instead of getting depressed and feeling gloomy, I’m all excited because I learnt some valuable lessons which I wouldn’t have learnt if there were no economic challenges facing Nigeria.

It is true that we all often underestimate what we are capable of achieving. The truth often comes out when there is intense pressure and the survival instinct buried deep down within jumps into action. Even though I lost some business deals and made some losses this year, I can proudly say that I’m ending the year better than I started. The crisis that hit the Nigerian stock exchange market affected my asset and cashflow negatively. It was a financial disaster I won’t forget so soon. However, in the bid to recover from the adverse effect, I discovered some other opportunities of making passive income which I never considered before. So, I can actually say that it wasn’t altogether a bad year. Something good came out of the financial crisis.

My balance sheet may not show a fantastic result by the close of business today, but then, intangible assets are never easy to measure. And that is the area I have sown seriously waiting for a bountiful harvest in years to come.
Also, I have invested heavily in self development. I’ve come to understand that what makes an entrepreneur successful is more about who he/she is not what he/she has locked up in a bank or possess as physical assets.
So, my conclusion is that the year 2009 has been a wonderful year for the Nigerian Entrepreneur. How has it been with you? I wish you a prosperous year 2010 😉

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  1. car-reviews says:

    Good article. Very well written

  2. Carmina Topacio says:

    I’m also thinking of setting up my photography shop this new year.

  3. uzoma says:

    To be honest this article has brought so much inspiration to the public eye, really appreciate, the taught of becoming a better person is 2010 is something we all should look forward to, be strategic and move forwards that’s all that matters

  4. justy says:

    i really need a good self employed job to invest in but couldn’tb be able to think of one. i need your help.

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