My New Alexa Ranking Is Getting Me More Traffic

Written by NaijaEcash

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Free Traffic From Alexa Rank Page

I noticed of recent my new alexa ranking is getting me more traffic. As Nigerian webmasters visit the Alexa website, they get curious about my  postion as one of the top 100 most visited websites in Nigeria.  That curiousity makes them click-through to my site.

I know that a lot of debate has been on to determine the reliability of the Alexa Rank System in rating the popularity or worth of a website. I am not one to join in the arguments because the factors being examined are too technical for me and I do not have the patience to learn the details.

However, I have observed that as my Alexa Rank improves more and more Nigerian webmasters are visiting me right from the Alexa website. The number of visitors referred by has suddenly become significant in the past three day. That got me curious and I decided to read more about the Alexa Ranking and its usefulness. I have learnt some useful tips since then.

Also, I decided to investigate the source of the recent increase in referral traffic I have been getting from the Alexa website. This is what I discovered. My blog is currently rated as number 99 among the first 100 website in Nigeria (that is quite significant to a newbie like me, my global rank is 53,106). When fellow Nigerian who are webmasters visit the Alexa site to check their statistics and they find the name NaijaEcash, they get curious and click thru to my site to see who is this new guy. So I end up having another visitor (thumbs up for Alexa for the free publicity).

Some Nigerian webmasters have gone ahead to mention me in their post just because of my Alexa statistics. The most interesting one is the post by Phil, she really flattered me as she named me a new WHIZ-KID (my daughter must hear this) among the SHAKERS and MOVERS in Nigeria (boy, I could get arrested for that title 😉 ). She even listed my site before the NewNigerian forum (a forum where you can meet Nigerian internet veterans). Nairaland has been there a long time. Nairaland is the most popular Nigerian Forum, it is where Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian meet to discuss issues about Naija (Nigeria). I am happy that I am named alongside those website.

So, my conclusion is, Alexa has contributed positively to the progress of my blog. Since the gurus are yet to provide a better alternative for those of us that are not technically oriented, I will continue to say ALEXA rocks. Call me whatever name you like, I am enjoying the fame and I will do whatever is legitimate to even push my rank higher. I will love to be close to Nairaland which is ranked number 13 among the first 100 websites from Nigeria. The site deserves the new rank because of the number of visitors it receives daily.

If you are desirous of improving your Alexa Rank, I have some tips which will be of help to you, 5 Tips for Improving your Alexa Ranking without cheating. They are simple enough, but they work (and they are accepted practices). Cheers.

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  1. Fantastic effort, you’re doing really well!

    I hate hearing people bash Alexa, it may not be perfect but its a much much better indicator of website rank than Google’s pagerank which I chased for a long time at the expense of my traffic. Now that I’m focusing on traffic instead of rank my Alexa is climbing as well.

    Carl does SEOs last blog post..Oops, forgot to give this post a title

  2. abiodun onipede says:


    Congratulations on this mile stone achievement.
    I cant believe it is possible to achieve this kind of
    ranking in short period in your own case.

    Even those who are taunting themselve in nigeria
    online business industry cant prove this kind of
    record.Infact you the guru of the gurus.

  3. NaijaEcash says:

    [re=258]abiodun onipede[/re]:
    The glory be to God and the credit to my mentor and friends (people like you) who keeps encouraging me. It is a pleasure having you around cheers.

  4. beibee says:

    great piece of article written in its
    most fundamental simplicity…

    thanks for sharing such vital information
    about your site with us.

    thumb up for you. and keep it going!

  5. Prince234 says:

    [re=247]StartupsNigeria » Nigerian Most Visited Web Startups on Alexa Top 100 Sites[/re]: I love your energy NaijaeCash, keep the flag flying.

    Prince234s last blog post..Re: Who Will Pick the Last Number here!

  6. Naijaecash says:

    Thanks for checking me out. Cheers.

    Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment. Cheers.

  7. You deserve that. Congratulations!

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  8. Ireti Ajala says:

    Keep up the good work Naijaecash. Yes we all know that far from being perfect, but hey who cares? Alexa is the most popular independent traffic ranking portal available today. I have noticed that the traffic on my website (Lagos online interactive street finder) in had jumped and this was confirmed by

    • jhendor says:

      This is quite inspiring. But i still ponder like you did how Alexa does its ranking. I never knew Alexa can even give a website as much traffic as u got. Weldone

  9. Andy says:

    Alexa no doubt does a lot of good to website owners

  10. babalobi says:

    This is wisdom and it is profitable to direct

  11. chris says:

    You really have done a good work and deserve the returns. I have a blog which is packed with lots of nice Nigerian entertainment news and I have been looking for how to build the traffic. I would appreciate it if you guys pay a visit while I try to use Alexa. Thank you

  12. seyi onifade says:

    a good work.a web for opportunity online.

  13. I really got to your site through ALEXA!

    and I think you have really done a good job which every webmaster must or is forced to reckon with. But, you let out one important detail from your blog post. How did you get the recognition from ALEXA!

  14. Joyce M. says:

    Congratulations! Keep it up!

  15. chris says:

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  16. Fatezy says:

    An easy way to improve traffic which I hardly see is submitting your feed url to a news aggregation website. This site gets the title of your stories and sometimes summary and then link back to you to get the full story.

    I average 500 views per story on my blog just from

    For those that run football blogs, check There is also which is for strictly Nigerian sites and blogs. Then if you can get on, you are game.

  17. Faith says:

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    excellent info you have here on this post. I’ll be coming back to your blog
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