Making Money While Making The World A Better Place

Making Money While Making The World A Better Place

Every entrepreneur is out to make money, but deep down inside, every entrepreneur wants to leave an indelible mark in history as one that made the world a better place. How do you realize the goal of affecting the world by giving to charity while pursuing the goal of acquiring wealth. This is a dilemma to too many entrepreneurs.

If you talk to an entrepreneur and mention charity you would expect them to hiss like a snake and curl up into a ball, or is that just the entrepreneurs I talk to? Either way people rarely expect business and charity to mix well, one is about making money and the other is about giving it away.



Give A Car To Charity

But sometimes you can find the perfect angle. A way to make money while also making the world a better place. That may sound impractical, but a little bit of creativity makes it feasible.

Giveacar is a company that specializes in letting you donate your car to charity. Most people with an old car they don’t want any more tend to just get rid of it at any old price just to be rid of it. Giveacar takes the responsibility off the customer’s hands by finding the best price for the car and giving the proceeds to the charity of their choice.

The preferred charity is a matter of your choice. Irrespective of the charity you choose, an additional benefit is that you can have the peace of mind that you are contributing to a cleaner environment by allowing Giveacar to handle the proper recycling of your old car or van. It is on record that every year on average, just over 2 million cars and vans reach the end of their useful lives, and the average new car requires the energy equivalent of 1540 gallons of petrol to manufacture.

This is why Giveacar will either sell your car on to a dealership that will fix it up and get it back on the road for as long as possible, or have it drained of any hazardous fluids and stripped for parts and materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Whether you choose a charity for the environment, the poor, the blind or the sick, you make the world a greener place by putting your car to use somewhere instead of adding it to the heap at the junk yard.

It’s hard to argue with a company that makes money by supporting hundreds of charities across the UK through taking old cars and recycling them to save the environment. In the film Wall Street, Michael Douglas made that speech about how greed was good.

It’s businesses like Giveacar that show us that greed is not good, it just shows lack of creativity. There is a joy that you derive when you lend a helping hand to the needy. Giveacar can help you do just that. You can get more information by visiting their website at Giveacar. Cheers.

I sure look forward to when a successful entrepreneur will implement this concept in my country. It is actually possible to make money while making the world a better place. You only need a bit of creativity to merge the two goals together.

Note: This post is not a paid review, it was born out of my chat with Daniel of Giveacar who visited this site. This piece is my idea of spreading the knowledge that entrepreneur is not just about making money, what you actually do with what you have determines how successful you really are! Feel free to drop your thought in a comment.

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  1. marcus says:

    I think it’s great there is such a program like this that do exists. I believe if we all participated in such programs as this, the world we be a healthier place to live on. I remember an old quote “the more people we help, the better we become”,. Great review on Giveacar. It actually feels great too, to know that we are contributing for a better environment. I’ll spread the world.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Thanks for your generous compliment. For sure if we make up our mind to help people, the world will become a healthier place to live in. The effect our wealth has on people is what truly shows how rich we are. Cheers.

  2. Are you currently thinking about bettering your wellbeing but at the exact same time improving your wealth also. If so please check out my web page and look at this great new organization. Thank you for the details here in your weblog, I like it.

  3. Joe says:

    Wow, I have never heard about Giveacar, sounds nice, but for most people getting car means another costs (gas, insurance). Also for many people in third world is a lot even 10 bucks, getting a car would be a total “miracle”.
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  4. Mk Akan says:

    Great idea,People usually love to support great courses.Having a great helpful course (charity ) + entrepreneurship is a great combination ..
    Mk Akan´s last blog post ..Internet Business Book review Internet Riches By Scott Fox

  5. gnetblogs says:

    great blog post, permit to make my own contribution Sir.

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  6. Cadouri says:

    I just love those great ideas; these ideas are always welcomed and needed. The World is full of pollution and bad things, now, this idea of giving a car to charity is genious. Earn money while making the World a better place, the ultimate dream, hehe.

    Keep up the good work!

    Cadouri Victor

  7. Thanks for sharing great ideas! Having this one of a kind program is such a wonderful things. Its happy to live of a better life in the better place…

  8. Great initiative. Are they operating all over the world or in certain countries only?

  9. Hmn!

    I am wondering whether such will work here in Nigeria. giving cars to charity…Can one make a difference using information marketing? Since I am into information marketing, How can I use it to help charity. It’s got me thinking really hard.


    • You can make a huge difference by donating to charity, but you have to ask yourself how much you make from information marketing? if you are the type that makes over 150k monthly, assuming u donate 50k to charity as i do that’s a big achievement.

  10. Paul Onwueme says:

    Well done with this post

  11. NaijaBizcom says:

    One can not start a business and make money without cooperation from members of the society. Therefore it is very important we also give back to the society so that wealth will spread within that society and then peace will reign.
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