If Nigeria Is A Business

Written by NaijaEcash

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If Nigeria is a business venture, how will we go about appointing the next Managing Director or President? Let’s take the position of the shareholders or stakeholders.  What are those qualities we will be looking out for in the candidates contesting for the position? Will our choice of the next Managing Director be based on ethnic affiliation or race? Will it be based on the ability of the candidate to fulfill our dreams as shareholders or stakeholders?

These and many more questions are bothering me as I watch our politicians playing the old game all over again. Unfortunately the society is not doing much to help. Is this not the right time to take up our pen and make our voices heard? Is this not the best time to scrutinize the motives of those aspiring to become the next president of our great nation. I think every Nigerian blogger should make a post about the current events unfolding in the political arena. Never mind if you are not interested in politics. I don’t like talking about politics or politicians. However, I have a dream that Nigeria will be great!

In other countries, would be presidential candidates reel out the goals they intend to achieve if they are giving the opportunity. They go to a great extent to convince the populace that they can provide succour to the suffering masses. They present policies that they believe will go a long way to move the economy forward. The electorate are practically wooed like a bride-to-be in other to get their votes.

Unfortunately, that is not what I’m seeing. Nigeria is almost 50, yet we seem to have learned nothing from our past mistakes! How come those that were instrumental to the destruction of our social and economic life are the one aspiring to govern. Why can’t we have a change of the old guard? Are there no successful men and women who have made significant impact in their various industry who can take up the mantle of leadership and lead Nigeria out of the woods? How come those that ought to be thinking of retiring are the ones dictating who should be our next ruler!

My humble expectation is that by now, someone will come out to convince the electorate how he or she (I won’t really mind a female president) will solve the problem of the infrastructural decay that is sending us bankrupt as a nation. I thought someone will give us a promise on solving our energy crisis once and for all. Won’t it be wonderful if the educational sector will be restored to its former glory when citizens of other nations come to Nigerian Universities to study.

Unfortunately, all I hear about is Zoning Formula. North and South gentleman agreement! Ethnic and religious affiliation. Are those suppose to be the criteria for choosing who to vote for in the Nigeria Presidential Election 2011! Oh my motherland. When will we wake up from dream and face reality. What we need as a nation is a man of purpose. A man that is committed to building our fatherland. What we need is a man that is ready to serve, not one that wants to be served. What we need is a man that has a dream for Nigeria, not one that has a dream for his pocket!

Then Nigerian Entrepreneurs will be able to shout for joy! We will be able to create wealth that will place Nigeria in a vantage position among the nations of the earth. I have a dream, that Nigeria will be great. The Giant of Africa rise up and occupy the position of dignity in the continent of Africa. If Nigeria is a business how will we go about selecting the next Managing Director? I want your opinions on this one. Cheers.

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  1. Felix says:

    A good post for Nigeria @ 50. Luvin it
    Felix´s last blog post ..How to Blog

  2. Croatia says:

    This is the 2nd occasion I have come across your blog post in the last couple weeks. Seems like I ought to take note of it.

  3. macromedia says:

    really loved the article added to my favorites

  4. Exami says:

    This is the story in all of the developing countries. Lack of political awareness, hero worship are some of the things I’ve noticed. Educating the masseses is the sure thing which will work in the long run.
    Exami´s last blog post ..Anxiety Diminishes Decision-Making Capabilities

  5. Kuierdna says:

    I suggest you to write an article about nigerian scam letter 😉 It would be interesting to read it. Nice post!
    Kuierdna´s last blog post ..Wall Street- Money Never Sleeps 2010 Review

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Thanks for visiting. I won’t write about Nigerian Scam Letter because that phrase is based on the misconception that all Nigerians are scammers.
      I have received several scam letters that originated from ASIA, EUROPE and AMERICA.
      On one occasion I almost fell for a fraud that originated from Texas. In the process of buying an item, I was almost swindled. That does make me think that Texans are scammers because I know they are not. I have friends who are Texans.
      Scammers are simply criminals who practice their nefarious activities irrespective of their cultural background or ethnic affinity. This post is about the black sheep in Nigeria who are running the economy aground. If anyone decides to call them scammers, so be it.
      I just feel it is time the honest one among us rise up to say NO to all those crooks who are more interested in the TREASURY than they are about serving the interest of the people.

  6. Kuierdna says:

    Excuse me if I offended you, but in my country we are called scammers too even if we aren’t all like them. I know there are scammers all around the world but the Nigerian letter is well recognized.
    Kuierdna´s last blog post ..UP – 2009 – Review

    • NaijaEcash says:

      No grudge pal. I get your point quite alright. I’m just passionate about my country irrespective of the bad image it has received due to the nefarious activities of the bad sheep among us. Nigeria has a lot of great people who hate scams and scammers as much as the foreigners do.
      Unfortunately, majority of these folks are not in positions to make their voice heard.
      It is my belief that when Nigeria energy crisis is over and internet connection becomes more affordable, the international community will get to know more about Nigeria and her people. Until then, I remain Proudly Nigerian and I’m never ashamed to proclaim it.

  7. Daniel says:

    It is sad to see that this situation is happening all around the world, I thought my country was in this similar situation but I see Nigeria is having the same trouble. I think this is why we tend to look forward other territories.

    For example, in my country our jobs aren’t well paid. One of the reasons I am doing all in the world wide web.
    Daniel´s last blog post ..Ankle socks

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