Hurray!!! Nigeria Is 48

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Congratulations to all Nigerians!!! Nigeria is 48 today. It is our forty-eight independence day celebration today as a nation. We definitely have a lot to reflect and complain about, however, a wise elder ones told me that the reason one is able to complain is because one is among the living. Dead people do not complain.

So, instead of complaining about how the dreams of our founding fathers have been sabotaged, I want to reflect and thank God for how he has kept us as a nation despite all the troubles and confusion. Since we are alive, there is HOPE for a brighter FUTURE!!!

Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long Live Naija brothers and sisters (at home and abroad). “Naija go better whether the saboteurs like am or not!

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  1. Yes, dead people do not complain. lol! And those of us blessed with life just can’t help ourselves.

    Take care!

    solomonsydelles last blog post..PERSISTENT PSYCHOLOGICAL PARALYSIS

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