How I solved my WordPress 2.6.1 Upgrade Error

Written by NaijaEcash

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I just realize that a lot of bloggers are still having issues with their upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1. When I upgraded, I had a problem, the upgrade was partially successful. I made a post about it WordPress 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 another upgrade headache .  The effect of that partial success was my inability to edit some of my previous posts. I searched the web and eventually, I a solution.

These are the exact steps I used in resolving the issue:

  1. I made a back-up of my blog (this is very important, you can never tell, better to be careful than sorry)
  2. I downloaded WordPress 2.6.1 unto my desktop and extract the files and folders.
  3. I put the blog into maintenance mode using the maintenance mode plugin.
  4. I used an FTP software to rename my wp-admin folder to wp-admin0 and wp-includes to wp-includes0.
  5. I uploaded wp-admin and wp-includes folders from the WordPress 2.6.1 on my desktop to my site using the FTP software.
  6. I removed the site from maintenance mode.

That was it. Everything on the site started working fine. I was able to edit all my previous posts as I wished , and there were no more error messages or blank post edit pages.

Well, I guess that was half manual upgrade that I did. But it did resolve the problem and I have not had any other issue with WordPress 2.6.1 since then. I believe the failure in my previous upgrade has something to do with the security settings of the server hosting my blog. It is not a bug in WordPress 2.6.1

If you are still having issues with your upgrade, I suggest you try that method. Please, note this suggestion is for those who upgraded to WordPress 2.6.1 and are finding it difficult to edit previous post. Please, read my post WordPress 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 another upgrade headache to understand what I am talking about. This post is not a tutorial on manual upgrade. If that is what you need check How I Upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 Manually.

If you have a better solution to this problem, please advice in a comment. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

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  1. Diane Scott says:

    You can also change in your wp-settings file the frequency it auto saves. We changed ours from 60 to 6000 and disabled the autosave. This cleared up the problem for our blog for WP 2.6. Haven’t had the guts yet to upgrade to 2.6.1. We’re giving it some more time LOL! Once was enough!

  2. NaijaEcash says:

    I think it is okay to upgrade to WordPress 2.6.1. I have not found any bug in the program. The issue discussed above were perculiar to certain hostng servers not WordPress 2.6.1. Cheers.

  3. Chief says:

    I am finding it impossible to upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6. My hosting is on Go Daddy – all the sites on Network Solutions upgraded without a problem. But when I upgrade to 2.6 on the Go Daddy hosting account everything seems to go well until I have to log back in after the installation. The old password does not work and I request a new password. That doesn’t work either – so I have had to go back to 2.5 just to get the site to display. Any ideas? Thanks, Chief

  4. NaijaEcash says:

    I really wish I could help, but I have no experience with Go Daddy. I suggest you call their customer support and narrate your experience. I strongly suspect that it has something to do with the configuration of their servers.

  5. Clement says:

    You no longer have to do this process manually.It is hectic.In my case, I use the automatic wordpress upgrader plugin.It takes less than 3 minutes to do the whole process.

  6. John says:

    Hi Naija, glad that you can fix your WP Upgrade issue.
    Until now, one of my blog can not upgrade to 2.6.2
    I tried to do your way, but still can not fixed my issue.
    My issue after upgrade is all my categories is missing from my post. And it looks well in the categories section. Got description name, etc. Everything looks ok. But don’t know it disappeared from my post. 🙁

    Still google to find if anybody have the same error.

    Johns last blog post..Online Casino bluebook

  7. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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