Google Adsense and Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs

Written by NaijaEcash

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I have come across several advertisement placed by fellow Nigerian claiming they can make Nigerians rich through Google Adsense. Some of the adverts go this way

  • Make money online while you sleep ….
  • Many Nigerians are making thousands of dollars from Google Adsense e.t.c

The advertisers promises to perform the magic once their special packages (ready-made “Adsense-ready-blogs”, auto-blogging softwares, e.t.c) are purchased. The price ranges from N5,000 to N10,000 (about $40 – $80).
I get amused and angry when I read such claims. Of course I do a quick check on the website of such advertiser . Too many of them have details similar to the following:

  • Web Address – (free hosting, while earning thousands of dollars per month, I am skeptical!)
  • Site Traffic – XXX (some make the grave mistake of displaying traffic details on their website – less than 1,000 visitors!)
  • Website Popularity – Google PR – Unranked Alexa Rank – x,xxx,xxx (so where are the visitors clicking on the adsense advert to generate the $x,xxx they claim). They must be telling lies 🙁

Enough of the report, What is Google Adsense? Is it an Income Earning Opportunity for Online Entreprenuers, Nigerians inclusive?

What is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising program owned by Google Inc. to use it, you need to open an account with Google online. After that, you will be given a unique code to paste into pages on your website (the steps are quite simple). Once you do that Google will start displaying Adsense adverts on your site.

Can you make income online via Google Adsense Program?
Yes, anyone can use the program, once you register with Google. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on any of the links displayed by Google Adsense, you earn money! (Hey that means those advertisers are right! Just wait until you finish the article)

What do you require to achieve success with Google Adsense?
Essentially, good traffic is what you need. The more good traffic (not junk traffic) you get to your website or blog, the more money you will make with Google Adsense. Getting good traffic of course requires good content. (This is where a lot of Nigerian Online Entreprenuers are missing the point. And that is what the scammers exploit). If you simply open several blogs and paste articles copied from other websites into those blogs, you will not have good traffic. Most of the visitors to the site will be disappointed and will never return to your site. (That is bad for any online Entrepreneur).

However, beside getting good traffic, there are tips for optimizing the use of Google Adsense on a website or blog. I will write an article on this later.

How long will it take to start earning income from Google Adsense?
You can actually start earning the very first day you join. (Hey that is another proof that their claim is true! I told you to wait until you finish the article do not jump to conclusions) However, how much you earn is another issue. I can honesty tell you that you CANNOT earn $1,000 the first month if you are truly a Newbie Online Entreprenuer (except you are famous like W. Oprah, and you have a lot of fan who adores you). Your earnings might be less than $1 (yes, less than one US dollar).
That is not meant to discourage you from the program, just to prepare your mind for reality. There are webmasters earning over $10,000 per month. (But they did not get there overnight).
There are tips for maximizing Google Adsense income but that is a topic for another post.

Conclusion – Google Adsense is a good income earner that any Nigerian Online Entrepreneur can use. The basic requirement is that your blogs and websites should consist of good and useful articles that help people in some way. (Make your research well before you part with your hard-earned money for a junk “Get Rich Quick” package. A sure success principle is GIVE and you shall be GIVEN. Do not assume that your site visitors are dummies. If you provide junk or stolen content, you will be the loser at the end. See you at the top ;-).

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  1. Lisa says:

    The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can eventually find the information you want to find if you’re just tenacious enough. Search for clickbank and “google adwords” and you’ll have a multitude of information right at your fingertips. Pick and plunder through to learn what you can and decide if this idea sounds like a good way for you to make money and skip the middle man making the fee off of you.

    Here in the US I see offers like this touted as “data entry” jobs.
    If you like, read Dissecting Data Entry Job Sites for additional information about these types of offers.


  2. It is indeed possible to make thousands of dollars from Google Adsense monthly but few individual Nigerian website owners can ever get to that stage. More so, Google frowns at people launching websites (blogs included) with no other motive than to make some moolah from their Adsense program. Bottomline, you must have something to offer the reading public to ever be able to make real money from Adsense.

    • abraham ozegbe says:

      do Nigerians really earn from adsense? if yes how? by what means do they receive their money?

      • NaijaEcash says:

        Abraham, yes Nigerians earn income from publishing Google Adsense. I’ve received cheques from Google so I know it is real. Well, when your earning reaches the payment threshold of $100 or 70Euro as the case may be, a cheque for the amount will be posted to the postal address you registered the Adsense account with. Once you get the cheque, you can go ahead and deposit it into any USDollar domiciliary account at your Nigerian bank. If you don’t have a USDollar domiciliary account, you can easily open one. The requirement differs from one bank to another. For my bank, I was required to make an initial deposit of $500 before the account could be opened. Of course the deposit will be placed in the account, as opening balance such that you can withdraw it anytime you feel like.
        If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

        • uchenna says:

          my adsense account report earnings is showing me that my check cleared on 30th December 2010, but my GTBank dom account has not being credited with this money. I sent the money on 17th December 2010 and was surprised to cleared in my adsense account which i thought will show after 21 working days.

          Does it mean that maybe it cleared in the correspondent Bank, and my local bank is waiting to deposit it after or within 21 working days. Might this be the answer my problem.

          • NaijaEcash says:

            Your guess is right. GTBank will credit your account when 21days is completed. What you saw is the release of payment by the correspondence bank. The fund is yet to hit GTBank. So, don’t worry, just keep on working on earning more money from Google Adsense legitimately. Cheers.

        • Chinedu says:

          Dear sir,
          I wannt to learn about how to use this google adsense an work with. I have not opened a website, but in the process. Please i need a mentor.

  3. NaijaEcash says:

    I checked that post. It was a good one. A nice eye opener I must confess.

    @Oluniyi David Ajao
    Thanks for visiting and adding your voice to this issue.

    It is unfortunate that ignorant would-be-entreprenuers are falling sheepishly to scammer tricks to sell them ready-made-blogs that are nothing than Auto-generated sites with Google Adsense codes splashed all over the pages.

    The simple folks exchange their hard-earned cash for such junk and then go to sleep expecting Google to pay them thousands of dollars at the end of the month (afterall, that is what they were told by the scammers).

    Truly ignorance is very expensive. 🙁

  4. Tosin says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for opening my eyes to the intrigues of scammers.

    I am a Najia Lady and have always been sceptical about the “make massive money in minutes” claims.

    I’ve search the Internet alot for legitimate avenues of making money but did not for once fall for their fiticious claims.

    I want to know more about this topic and would appreciate it if you could throw more light on it.


    Tosin E.

  5. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks for visiting and spending time to respond to this post. I sure will love to share more with you on this topic. If you subscribe to my RSS feed via email, you will receive updates from this website regularly

    It has been a pleasure having you around. Cheers

  6. ben says:

    i was really informed when i read your article on google adsense.i have been able to collect my cheque from them,it was a paltry $120.i want to ask you,how can i increase my earnings?


  7. Loy says:

    Google Adsense is no doubt a good income starter for web entrepreneurs. However, the program may not sustain an online business financially, as it pays very little.

    I think that Nigerian web entrepreneurs/bloggers should start focusing on ad space sales, affiliate programs, etc to be able to effectively monetize their blogs/sites

    However, you’ll need a huge traffic on your site/blog to attract this kind of advertisement:-)

    Loys last blog – Nigeria’s First Graduates Networking Site

  8. NaijaEcash says:

    Ben thanks for visiting. I will be frank with you. The simple answer get more traffic! Of course you already knew that. The hard part is getting the quality traffic and ensuring that at least a good percentage of them click on the advertisements being displayed by Google Adsense.
    This is called Optimizing your Website for Google Adsense. It is not an easy task, but it is achievable if you are willing to work and you are persistent.
    I will give too tips:
    1. Write great content that will make your visitors want to return again and again. Don’t fall into the trap of writing just for the sake of Google Adsense. You need human being to click on those advert, they won’t come if there you are not offering quality content that will benefit them in one way or the other.
    2. Get your Google Adsense Adverts to blend more with the theme of your blog. (More people will click if the adverts are not standing out from the rest of the website)

    I guess that is enough for you to start work on. I will try and to a full post on the subject. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

    Loy, thanks for visiting.
    You’re right about your observation. A lot of Nigerian Online Entrepreneur are having a wrong assumption about how Google Adsense works.
    It is laughable, when someone with a website that records less than 100 visitors per day is claiming he has a package that delivers $1,000 income from Google Adsense. To the knowledgeable, it is an impossibility. A lot of knowledge and good skill is required before one can earn good income from Google Adsense. It is not an over-night get rich quick scheme like we are being made to believe. Thanks for sharing your observation.

  9. Lucky says:

    Please, I want to know how to be an Online Enterprenuer. How can I know how to use google Ads to make money online in Nigeria? Do I need a Bank Current, VISA, MASTER CARD accounts? Pls reply me.

  10. NaijaEcash says:

    Your questions are best answered one on one. I will send you a mail, and we can kick-off from there. Thanks for visiting. Cheers. 😉

  11. anonymous says:

    NAIJA-E-CASH… A wise man never speaks in absolutes, in life the winds of change blow when they “will”:

    The issue of FRauD through google adsense is true as is so for many programmes on the internet.Yes, some nigerians take advantage of their fellow country men ; hey, what else is new! This does not mean that in this country, Google adsense experts do not exist and this does not mean that you cant make thousands in foreign currency from AdsEnSe . The secret is in technique, those who search will find and does who dont , stay home with the women to cook dinner….

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I don’t quite get your point. If you agree that what I have said is true, then there is no point making the last statement you made. I never claimed that people are not making good income from AdSense, I only warned that it is not a feat that can be accomplished overnight. If you dispute that, then you will need to come out and prove it.

      Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment. Cheers.

  12. Hyman says:

    Hi friends,I found free finance PLR mega pack for adsense article markering. It really free, check at financeequityloans{dot}com ***download now before removed

  13. GOOGLE ENGR. says:

    I have the main secret that can be given u $100 everyday in Google adsense all u need is to call me if u are really in Nigeria it will cost #10000 and i will open the secret to u… number is 07039830953 i mean only Nigerians if u need it call me if don’t need it don’t try to call i am not really in need of many people but those who know the impact of making it in life…..bear it that business is using small money to make big money….thanks till i here from u…

  14. Kingsley says:

    Hi Guys,

    i have just finished my make money online courses but i must tell U guys this, for you to make it, you have work for it.

    i have seen many nigeria enterprenuer site but lack many things. i have one word to help you guys. make your best friend. You will learn alot from there cos many marketers are using the network to advertise what they are doing from there you learn their tricks that can help you.

    i have alot to teach nigerians about making money online eveing making money like simple ones though you will still have to work like
    uploading vedios online
    using cpa networks
    not to talk about adsense which many nigerian online enterprenuer are not doing well,
    Using ebay to make money
    Using tools like terapeak,
    Using blogs to make money
    Writing review on your blogs to make money
    and etc

    The above is the simple ones, if you want to make it big time, i recommend info products. You have to accept this fact, we are in Knowledge age right now. The world is turing to the era when we work with our mind. Soon all these banking jobs in which banks employ staff will be out are ATM machine will take over. it is already happening, that is to give you an example of what is happing right.

    Forgive me if am trying to stay away from the point, on info product, What make all these nigeria pop star money, what makes pastors money, it is simple, recording their talent in cds and selling it out to people. You and i knows that millions of people will pay any price you set for a particular product in the market.

    let me not right much but surely, will come back home to help my people.

    There are many tools i will share by Gods grace when i will be back home, but i think the best way to do this is to open my company and employing many nigerians to play in the big league of making money online.

    will keep you guy posted



  15. isaac gbemi says:

    wht do i need to do to start this google adsense , and i dont have a website

    how can i start on my own..

    am really interested in doing this


  16. onmy. says:

    Hello.Please how do i get intouch with the owner of this blog.I learnt a few things here&i would like to know more.Thank You.

  17. NaijaEcash says:

    You can contact me privately by clicking the CONTACT ME button on the header bar of this website. It is the 3rd button from the left. Thanks for visiting.

  18. onmy. says:

    I have done that and i am still referred to the general ‘post your comment’ box.Actually,i want to start an online business,i have written some of my goals down&i have taken the time to do some research but i have also discovered that i need a mentor.And i don’t know where to turn to find a good one.I would really like to get intouch with you personally because of several other things that i would like to clarify.Thanks.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that my Contact form was broken. I will get it fixed immediately. Thanks for pointing it out. Be rest assured I will contact you via email. Thanks for visiting.

  19. Ike Okoye says:

    I think making money with Google adsense requires better quality content and a higher traffic. One need to be consistent in making posts and give more information that’s needed by the Nigerian public.

  20. John says:

    Hi, am new here and i just went through your write up. My question is this: i dont have a website, but is there any way i can advertise those who already have and make some money. And an not yet clear about how this google adword. Lastly, how much capital do i require to get started?? Thanks alot

  21. Ndifreke Atauyo says:

    Your post is indeed an eye opener. And many nigerians are yet to tap into google adsense earning opportunities in Nigeria. It is possible to earn even a four figure from adsense in nigeria. What you need is original content base site that is regularly updated with new contents that will automatically generate huge targeted traffic from the search engines, other sites to your websites or blogs.

    To succeed in adsense you must follow the CTPM process which is CONTENT-TRAFFIC-PRESELL-MONETIZE tthen come when your visitors click on your google ads.

    Do a search for good adsense ebooks on and learn from there how CTPM process works. is the best place to start your learning process on how to earn more. Become an action taker …not acton fakers who read books, or ebooks but would never apply the strategies

  22. Mike says:

    good write up. Thanks

  23. Inyanag Asuquo says:

    Hi Ndifreke Atauyo how can I monetize my website with google adsense. I did the search at google for CTPM and found this Results 1 – 10 of about 96,400 for CTPM. (0.27 seconds)

    I want to develop CONTENT for my site so I may ask Which one of the search results can you recommend I should get started. thanks

  24. Felix says:

    How can one increase Google adsense earnings without using ppc programs?

  25. jamiu says:

    pls i need step by step guide on how to register 4 adsense in nigeria

  26. chris says:

    pls i want to join this ppc program but dont know how

  27. Ethan says:

    Thanks, I read your comment about making money via google Adsense. My question is how do I get the checks in Nigeria? what kind of account would I need.

    Your quick reponse would be appreciated.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Google will send your Adsense cheque to the address you filled when applying as a Google Adsense publisher. Once you receive the cheque, simply pay it into a US domiciliary account in a Nigerian bank. It takes about 21days for the cheque to get cleared and you’ll receive the fund in your account. Hope this answers your question.

  28. St says:

    Please, I want to know how to be an Online Enterprenuer. How can I know how to use google Ads to make money online in Nigeria? Do I need a Bank Current, VISA, MASTER CARD accounts? Pls reply me.

  29. Olaitan says:

    Hello sir,i saw your post and i,m very impress with it.i want to be doing google adsense also i have already got a can my blog be shown on those search engines for people to see and click my blog?can i also receive my money from google through western union instead of cheque.thanks a lot may God reward you for dishing out this kind of information

    • NaijaEcash says:

      You need to write quality articles that gives information on what people need. That way, when they do a search online using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc, the search engines will list your website as one of the web pages that provides the information that the people are seeking for.
      Well, that is oversimplifying it. Getting your website to be listed in the first pages of the SERP is a serious task that requires knowledge of Search Engine Optimization both onsite and offsite. I can offer assistance on this if you are willing to work hard.
      As per your payment from Google, they presently don’t use Western Union to pay Google Adsense Publishers. All the payment I’ve received from them so far were cheques. By the way, why don’t you want your Google Adsense payment in cheque?

  30. Bayonle says:

    I have a website and i wanna know how i can make money via google ads

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I guess you mean you want to make money as a Google Adsense Publisher. A situation whereby Google displays advertisement on your website “Google Adwords” and you get paid for that. If that is what you mean. Then you need to open an account with Google. Simply type into your browser. You will be taking to the Google Adsense website and presented with an opportunity to register as a Google Adsense Publisher. Your site will be evaluated and once it is approved, you will be able to place Google Adsense codes on your website. Hope this help.

      Howerver if your request is about Google Adword Arbitrage, that is outside the scope of this article. You can make a request in the forum and someone will explain it to you. Cheers.

  31. Castro says:

    You are simply callous in your expression! How can you use the word “Scammers” to legitimate Information product marketers simply because they market what you think you know?

    Every Advert in the whole world has some measure of exaggeration but doesn’t take away the reality. If Advert says “Learn How To Make $2000 Monthly From Google Adsense” does that monthly means next month?

    A Nigerian I know very well earns $45,000 monthly from Adsense but his very first month earning was $34 dollars. The seminar he attended says Make $1500, does the fact that he earned $34 the first month means the Seminar Organizer is a Scammer?

    You need to get life and good education, mere sentiment doesn’t drive traffics.

    • Naijaecash says:

      I really doubt if you understand what being callous means. I never stated that it is impossible to make four or five digit income from Google Adsense program. I only stated that many of the so called Internet Gurus selling fake info-products have no idea how to earn income from Google Adsense. Their real income comes from milking ignorant fellow Nigerians by telling them that they can learn how to earn four digit income from Google Adsense program by buying a manual worth #5,000.

      You only confirmed my statement and failed to disprove my claim when you confessed that making $2,000 Monthly From Google Adsense does not mean it will happen the month following the purchase of the info-product being offered for sale.

      If an internet marketer is to be sincere, such explanation ought to be part of the sales letter. Not exaggeration that tends to confuse the newbie online entrepreneur into thinking that he or she can make $2,000 within 30days of buying a magic formula from a Google Adsense Guru.

      Your claim that a Nigerian is earning $45,000 monthly from Google Adsense is a LIE! Just like David pointed out in his comment above, only few Nigerians can claim to earn even a four digit income from Google Adsense.

      Income from Google Adsense is dependent on volume of CLICKS and the quality of such clicks. Most of the clicks earn less than a dollar, so you can do the mathematics of the number of clicks that will be required for one to earn $45,000. Only few Nigerian websites attracts the kind of traffic that will be needed to generate even $1,000 and above as income per month. So you are the one that need good education.

      This blog Nigerian Entrepreneur provides free information for Nigerians, yet I earn income from Google Adsense. If you get to this site from another site, you won’t see the Google Adwords being displayed because it is not meant for visitors from Social Media sites. However, if you arrive from any of hte search engine, you will be able to view the adverts from Google.

      I don’t sell any products so there is no need for me to drive traffic by being sentimental. You are the one that is selling info-products and you felt you could use my website to drive traffic to your site by calling me names. Well, you missed it. I checked out your site and discovered that it is just one of those one page sales copy site that promises to make Nigerians rich overnight.

      Well, only the uninitiated will believe that a website with Alexa Ranking of 3,322,214 is indeed a right place to learn internet marketing. Even though Alexa is not quite reliable, yet this ranking shows that your website is receiving little or no traffic. For you to convince me that you are indeed a guru, you need to show us a website that you are using to generate income from Google Adsense. You need to show us that your website occupies the top pages of search engine SERP. If you type the phrase “Nigerian Entrepreneur” into any of the popular search engine. This blog will come up because it is recognized as a website that discuss that phrase more than other Nigerian websites.

      It is quite obvious to me that this comment you made was meant to enable you drive some traffic to your website. That is not a bad thing to do, but your strategy was faulty, so, I deleted the link you posted within your comment leaving the one you inserted in your details.

      You need to learn how to comment on other peoples website. Being rude will not get you the kind of result you desire. When next you comment, do well to state your disagreement without using insulting words, that way, people who wants to know you better can follow the link to your website.

      Thanks for visiting nonetheless. Cheers. 😉

  32. Castro says:

    @Naijaecash. Well, for your ignorance!

    A Nigerian Indeed do earn $45,000 monthly.

    Name: Oluwaseun Osewa.


    Check if you are still in doubt!

    Your comment simply proves how pathetic you are! But The truth is that, you are Internet sycophant who think he knows much while in reality you know very little!

    My website is a sale page, it does not need search traffic to get the message across.

    It will be foolish to think that i need traffics from your blog when I have 460×320 banner ads in and Too bad!

    “This blog Nigerian Entrepreneur provides free information for Nigerians, yet I earn income from Google Adsense. If you get to this site from another site, you won’t see the Google Adwords being displayed because it is not meant for visitors from Social Media sites. However, if you arrive from any of hte search engine, you will be able to view the adverts from Google. ”

    Another line of deception! Only Chitika and second rated CPA ads networks displays such ads, not Google Adsense. So, how can you know about adsense when you are not into it? Or have you been banned for invalid click???

    My brother, Am not attacking you so to say, all am saying is: Stop putting unnecessary fear into the hearts of upcoming IMer, making them belief that information meant for their own good is from Fraudsters.

    Did you take note of how many people asking “How to go about Adsense” right here where you think you’ve provided enough free education? I think I’ve wested enough time here so, bye!!!

    • Naijaecash says:

      You will be considered wise if only you keep your ignorance to yourself. Nobody is infallible, but it is not wise to claim you are an authority in an area you still have much to learn. It is not in my character to take things personal, but I think I owe it to the readers of this blog to reply to your unwarranted assault. Your level of understanding of what Google Adsense is and how it works is well displayed in the claims that you made. I will respond to some of your claims without expressing my utter displeasure at your rudeness and your constant use of abusive language.

      A Nigerian Indeed do earn $45,000 monthly.
      Name: Oluwaseun Osewa.
      Check if you are still in doubt!

      What makes you think that the statistics shown on is a fair value of what Nairaland is worth and the ad-revenue it generates daily. I happen to know Seun Osewa. He is not the type that brags or exaggerate. He sure will like to earn the figure you quoted, but for now, I tell you again, he doesn’t earn such yet. is just giving out a guesswork of what is possible, but the website result is quite wrong as far as forecast of ad-revenue is concern. I have checked some websites and the result it gave were totally wrong. Check your own website with their calculator and judge for yourself. At least you can be sure of what you earn from your website. 😉

      My website is a sale page, it does not need search traffic to get the message across. It will be foolish to think that i need traffics from your blog when I have 460×320 banner ads in and

      I’m not sure you mean that. is all about SPORTS, while is about Nigerian News. Both cannot send you targeted traffic, which is what you really need. Nigerian Entrepreneur on the other side is a site that talks about Online entrepreneurs and small businesses. My focus is on Nigerian entreprenuers especially those aiming to earn money legitimately online. Since I talk about different ways of earning money online, and Google Adsense is one of the topics, then it means that visitors clicking thru to your site from will be more interested in what you have to offer than visitors from a sport or news website. It is a pity that you have giving me more reasons on why I should query the claims on your sales page. You sure know less than you profess to know about Making Money Online.

      Another line of deception! Only Chitika and second rated CPA ads networks displays such ads, not Google Adsense. So, how can you know about adsense when you are not into it? Or have you been banned for invalid click???

      lol 😉 You are funny! If you don’t know how something works, the right thing to do is ask question. Since Nigerian Entrepreneur is all about teaching, I will teach you even though you’ve been rude all this while.
      Here is my proof that I know what I’m talking about:
      1. Type www. into your web browser. When the site loads, you won’t see any Google Adsense advertisements being displayed. There is a reason why I did that. Maybe I will share the lesson in a future blog post.

      2. Next, go to or any other search engine. Type in the word Nigerian Entrepreneur. The same website will be displayed as number one in the SERP. Click on the link, and it will take you to this site. However, when the page loads, you will see that Google Adverts will be displayed in about 4 or more different positions.

      Why the difference? The first method does not display Google Adsense while the second method displays Google Adsense on the same website?
      The answer is simple, the advertisements are meant for people that visit Nigerian Entrepreneur website from the search engines. If what they are looking for is not available on the site, the most logic thing is to present them with possible google advertisements that will meet their need. That means the likelihood of them clicking on the Google Adverts is very high. On the other hand, if someone goes directly to Nigerian Entrepreneur as a regular visitor, it is unlikely that the fellow will want to click on any Google Advert displayed. A regular reader simply want to enjoy articles and possibly drop comment. So such should not be bothered with Google Adverts.

      While this may not work 100% all the time, it helps to reduce the risk of having invalid clicks. I hope this convince you that Nigerian Entrepreneur does earn from Google Adsense and I know what I’m talking about.

      If you will humble yourself and apologize for your rudeness, we might collaborate. Afterall, you are my Nigerian brother. But never imagine that you will get any help from a reputable Nigerian webmaster by throwing punches. That will only ruin your reputation online. There are better ways of getting attention, even when you decide to be controversial. I remain proudly Nigerian.

      • Good response! I noticed the person you are discussing with is using one of my website address on his/her bio. It is certainly not from me as I will never use rude words against anybody in a discussion like this, not on the net nor anywhere. I stumbled on this page while checking some articles on Adsense. Pls kindly modify the commentator’s bio and remove the web address. Thank you!

        • NaijaEcash says:

          @Darlinton Omeh
          Who exactly is the person so that I can remove the link. The visitor that goes by the name Castro links to a none existing domain. I’ve removed it nonetheless. Cheers.

  33. Castro says:

    Adsense actually display “Organic Adsense” that can be seen through search engine, but am not sure if i see it in your blog?

    • Naijaecash says:

      lol, Can you be real for once. 🙂 What do you mean by the statement:

      Adsense actually display “Organic Adsense” that can be seen through search engine, but am not sure if i see it in your blog?

      For you and subsequent readers, you can view the adverts by following the steps below:
      1. Open,, or any other popular search engine.
      2. Type in Nigerian Entrepreneur or Naijaecash into the search engine.
      3. Click on any result that shows www. as destination. When the page loads, you will see Google adverts.

  34. Kaylee Lopez says:

    there are many ways to earn money, all you need to do is work hard and work smart.*`-

    • NaijaEcash says:

      The act of working smart is what a lot of Nigerian Entrepreneurs need. So many Online Entrepreneurs already know how to work hard in other to generate traffic to their website. However, the result of those hard work is not encouraging. So they need to learn how to work smart. Working smart is the secret for earning good income from Google Adsense.

  35. ib says:

    Pls i want to learn how to build a web site like or pls how do i start?

  36. Balogun says:


    • NaijaEcash says:

      Do you know what you’re talking about or you’re just bluffing? If you are already making that kind of money, how come you don’t have a self-hosted website? I’m just curious!
      And please, don’t make comment with all CAP, next time it will be deleted, because it is considered SHOUTING!

  37. Nicole says:

    there are many ways to earn money, all you need to do is become very creative. 😉

  38. ib says:

    Nicole u didn’t answer my question at all.

    The owners of those web are using adsense i know.

    I need to be able to design my own web site for job adds, do i have to be a guru to do that?
    Is there a simple way to start?

  39. ib says:

    I didn’t get what meant by making statement with CAP.

    Elicidate pls.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      CAP is short for CAPITAL. It is considered SHOUTING when you type online using CAPITAL LETTERS all through your statement. It is not decent and it often turn-off readers.
      I hope I’ve answered your question. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  40. seun ayinla says:

    Can I deposit my adsense check in my brother’s domicilliary account.I dont have any now and plan to have later.But,can I do this?

    • NaijaEcash says:

      You will need to enquire from your brother’s banker. Ordinarily, you are not suppose to do so because the two of you bear different name and the account must have been opened in your brother’s name. By the way, why not just walk into any GTBank and get a US domiciliary account opened in your own name. That will safe you all the hassle. Cheers.

  41. Akinleye says:

    i need someone to help on how to start, this.

  42. It is possible to make thousands of Euros monthly form Google Adsense like I am making on daily up to 100 euros daily this is not lie see the screenshot at and tell me if i lie Azuka Onyenso lie

  43. I quite agree with you. Adsense is not like most people paint it to be. Getting to earn serious money doesn’t happen overnight. However, when it does happen (assuming that the website owner got their genuinely), there is a good chance of constant income or even increase as the web can be very viral. Kudos!
    Olumide Adeleye´s last blog post ..When I First Fell In Love

  44. Yinka says:

    I recently heard about adsense from a friend and i wanted to start on it by registering an adsense account but during the course of my registration, Nigeria is not listed under the country and territory category and ZIP, please kindly bail me out on what to do.

  45. Carlos Kelly says:

    there are lots of ways to earn money on the internet, one of them is monetizing your blogs`;,

  46. Noble says:

    please i am in lagos Nigeria.But what postal code do i feel in my address in Adsense. presently it is the sample postal code dere 930283. I dont know if it is right

    • NaijaEcash says:

      You need to go to and fill your area and street name. That will give you the right postal code. Since we don’t have your street address (pls don’t paste it here it is not advisable) it is difficult to tell if 930283 is correct or not. If you need further help, let me know. Cheers.

  47. adsenseandclickbank says:

    you guys are doing great work

  48. Ekwunife says:

    please i am in awka Nigeria.But what postal code do i feel in my address in Ad sense. presently it is the sample postal code dere 930283. I dont know if it is right

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