Going For A Five Days Vacation!

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My activities offline have been hectic this week. There has been several business challenges such that it was practically impossible to keep up with my blogging activities. However, it has been somehow more like an adventure. I feel relieved that the challenges are now testimonies of jobs well done. That means I deserve some kind of reward, don’t you agree? Oh, you expect me to resume my blogging activities. Well, that is a good idea for my online business (at least to keep my readers happy). But I am thinking otherwise.

The Nigerian Government have declared a three day public holiday next week. So, I have decided to stay offline starting from today and catch up with activities happening around me and my family. So, instead of resuming my blogging activities now, I am off to a five days vacation (not sponsored with blog earnings like Yaro Starak). My better half is footing the bills (that is one of the main reason for the excitement, call me a stingy businessman who loves freebies if you like).

I still consider the physical world as been much more interesting than the virtual world. If you reason otherwise, drop a note to tell us about it. Till I return, stay cool. For my Naija friends, happy holidays. Cheers.

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  1. hope you enjoyed your vacation

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