Future WordPress Upgrades Will Be Automated!

Written by NaijaEcash

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The WordPress Team has promised that future upgrading of the core files of WordPress will be automated. There will be no need to employ plugins when upgrading from one version of WordPress to a newer version. I take it that it will translate into less upgrade hitches. You can read the article here Features Planned For WordPress 2.7.

Since my last upgrade from WordPress 2.6 to 2.61, my blog has been having hitches. The upgrade was partially successful. Read the post here WordPress 2.6 to 2.6.1 Another Upgrade Headache. Right from the day I upgraded to the new version, I noticed that my blog loading time has dramatically increased and some things are not just working well. 

I spent the better part of yesterday searching for solutions to problems I am encountering (I have not been able to outsource the unpleasant task yet). The climax of the problem and the most anoying is the post I made yesterday which has broken my home page!

I used Microsoft Word to type the article and then imported it into wordpress using the Microsoft Word icon on the dashboard (maybe that was a mistake, I have always used the ordinary text tool). Everything went on smoothly until I published the article. Unfortunately, I noticed some typo error which I needed to correct, but that is not to be! The post cannot be edited.

All other older posts can be edited, but this particular post, Why and How to cloak your affiliate links cannot be edited. Whenever I click on it from the admin dashboard, I only get a blank page. Meanwhile for some unknown reasons, the same post has broken my home-page! The layout is looking weird as the sidebars have gone under the last post on the home page. However, if I navigate to another page, everything looks okay.

This is rather annoying. Some of my friends have contacted me to inform me about the broken layout, but I had to write them that the webmaster (that’s me, is at his wit’s end). I went to the WordPress forum and discovered that I am not the first to have same problem. Unfortunately, nobody has come up with a possible solution yet.

While feeling bad and blaming myself for upgrading from the WordPress 2.6 which never gave me any problem, I came accross that article about proposed features for WordPress 2.7 The features proposed for that version address a lot of issues that have been giving me headaches. That was a real consolation, even though I have to wait till November.

Well, for now, I am still searching for a solution because I must indeed edit yesterday’s post. I will keep searching until I get the solution. If you are a technical guru reading this and you know the solution, kindly lending me a helping hand by posting it in a comment below. Thanks.

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  1. With some luck, this URL should lead you to the post edit page for your last post. 🙂

    Sebastian Paaske Tørholms last blog post..jQuery object positioning

  2. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks Sebastin. I am able to access my dashboard, it is just some posts that I am not able to edit. Using the URL you pasted above still produces a blank page. Thanks.

  3. Diane Scott says:

    Very thankful for the heads up on the 2.6.1. After doing just 2.6 we wished we had waited MONTHS for them to get it right. Not in any hurry now to “stay current” – not until it’s bug free. Again thanks!

  4. narendra.s.v says:

    wow thats a good new 🙂 so no more head aches 😉

    narendra.s.vs last blog post..33 Most Popular Sites For Free WordPress Themes

  5. Clement says:

    That will be nice. But for the time being the automatic wordpress upgrader plugin does the trick.

    Clements last blog post..Journal paper review:Why does the process take so long?

  6. Since I’m commenting ages away, permit me to say that it’s been fun having automatically upgradeable wordpress…
    Olumide Adeleye@Motivation and Inspiration´s last blog post ..I’m Such a Jerk – Are You

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