Forex Broker Woos Nigerian FX Traders

UWC – Forex Broker Woos Nigerian FX Traders

Online Forex Trading has come to stay in Nigeria. A significant percentage of my first time visitors discover Nigerian Entrepreneur via their search for Trading Forex Online in Nigeria. That is kind of funny since FX is not my focus for this blog.

I have observed that over the years, more and more Nigerians are becoming active forex traders. Even though in time past some Nigerians made false claims about their forex trading expertise, the trend is gradually changing. We are beginning to have real professional forex traders who are earning reasonable income from online forex trading.

What Do I need To become a professional Nigerian Forex Trader?

On several occasion, I have received emails requesting that I explain to the sender how one can become a Professional Forex Trader without falling victim to those seminar gurus. Some have pleaded that I recommend a Forex Broker or a Professional Forex Trader who can coach a newbie into becoming a professional FX trader. Well, I had resisted the urge to do so because I am not all that knowledgeable in Trading Forex.

Last week, while discussing with a friend, he explained to me that two factors are needed by a newbie desirous of starting online forex trading business. There is need for a coach, that is an active trader (not a seminar teacher making empty claims). Also, there is need for a reputable Forex Broker. He warned me not to give out his name as a Forex Coach. I wonder why he doesn’t want to coach people. So folks looking for reputable coach, I’m still searching for one that I can recommend.

Well, for the second requirement, he recommended United World Capital, a foreign based Forex Broker that is currently wooing Nigerians. He stated that the company has special interest in Nigerian clients. That sounded unbelievable because even though I knew that Trading Forex is a Multi-billion Dollar Market with great potentials, I never knew that the activities of Naija brother and sister in the industry is beginning to attract international attention.

Well, I visited the official website of UWC, and I must say the website is quite user friendly. I have visited the official portal of several Forex Brokers, but United World Capital (UWC) seems to be different from them all. UWC webmasters seem to have taking into consideration some of the constraints that Nigerian FX Traders faces. They also have quite some mouth watering deals for both would-be traders and affiliates. I will mention some of the things I saw but I suggest you visit their website after reading my ramblings.

United World Capital Deals For Nigerian Forex Traders

I visited UWC website, and I decided to use their onine chat service. The rep that attended to me stated that UWC is focusing on becoming the best Forex Broker for Nigerian FX Traders. I was  told they have some cool special offers for Nigerian clients. That will definitely bring a boost to Nigeria Forex trading opportunities.

Opportunity for Newbie Forex Traders – According to the rep, any Nigerian Trader that registers with them will have the opportunity of trading in different foreign currencies, gold, stocks and CFD. The required minimum deposit for a starter is $10 and they are willing to provide leverage up to 1:500. If you decide to start big and you deposit $50 you will be given a bonus $25. Well, for those with fat purse, a deposit of $300 will attract $100 bonus while 25% bonus goes to those making first deposit above $500. Quite tempting I must say.

Easy Account Funding Options – I guess they are aware that PayPal has not been so friendly to Nigerians. So they already put in place different options for getting fund deposited into your trading account. You can use AlertPay, Okay Pay, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer, Money Bookers, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Neteller, WebMoney etc.

Easy Withdrawal of Fund – Withdrawal from trading account is equally facilitated via several options. So no more using PayPal palaver as excuse for not starting an online business. Beside the opportunity for would-be Forex Traders and Professional FX Traders, there is also another opportunity being provided for Nigerians by UWC. You can become their affiliate and earn money.

United World Capital Deal for Nigerian Affiliates

If you don’t know what an affiliate is, read my post  UWC gives room for anyone to become their affiliate. They are promising $10 commission for every referral you send to them who traded lot (lot is the contract volume in forex) + $20 extra for every client that deposit more than $50. They are promising free website design and hosting for Nigerian affiliates who want a website. There is need to get more details on this though.

It doesn’t end there, they claim that any Nigerian affiliate who can provide 1000 traded lots per month or more will be considered for managing his or her own UWC office in Nigeria (please don’t be surprised if you suddenly start noticing UWC banner and text link on this blog). This offer is quite tempting. I’ve almost completed my registration as an affiliate.

What is in it For Nigerian Entrepreneur?

I know you’re beginning to suspect my motive for writing this article. Well, I will leave you to keep guessing. There is nothing wrong with me desiring to make money as a blogger or even becoming an affiliate of UWC. The important issue is that I have shared the same opportunity with you. So, go check out United World Capital deal for yourself. If you decide to take up the opportunity, when next you blog about your Nigeria Forex deals, do send me a love-link. 😉

Well, that is the end of my ramblings. It is time you go to United World Capital official portal to get more details for yourself.  Please drop your thought in the comment section. It will encourage me to keep writing. If you happen to know a Professional Forex Trader willing to become a coach to newbies, drop his/her contact in the comment section. That is just the missing factor we need to compliment the opportunity being offered by United World Capital for the newbie Nigerian Forex Traders. Cheers.

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  1. Singh says:

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Thanks for visiting and dropping your thought. I’ll post as soon as I get something interesting to talk about. I’m sure you’ll be notified since you’ve subscribed to my feed. Cheers.

  2. Pamie says:

    This sounds interesting. I’ve been seeing offers from Forex Brokers, but this one seems interesting for me to check it out. Please keep up your work. I love your content.

  3. Ain’t nothing wrong in making money off this post as long as your recommendation is tight. I don’t see you using any affiliate links though ;-). I hope this company has been in business for years oh!
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  5. Anne says:

    I may not be a Nigerian but the information here are well-written that being a Broker interests me. Thank you sharing your ideas.

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  6. Nd says:

    Thanks, i learnt a lot. But trading forex requires much risk than any other online business

  7. Ojichuka says:

    Trading forex requires your personal internet connection because you have to be able to watch the market movement at all times.

  8. tunnerooh says:

    Guys don’t send anybody your email. Don’t give your email to anybody claiming to be a pastor. This is a new scam and will loose your money. It has happened before at almost all naija money making forum. example is nigeriainvesttorguru where someone claim is a pastor and ran away with people money. They even have fake website they use to fool people. If any pastor have any investment let him give naija people proof. U can fool the people sometime, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Owner of forum investigate oh!

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  10. abiodun says:

    how can i register in to this forex.

  11. Hussein says:

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  12. Cadouri says:

    Great article, a lot of useful tips and great content. Trading forex takes a lot of time and work.

  13. Matilda says:

    Thank you for your thoughts on this interesting topic.
    I am so delighted that I found your blog ,as it will surely help in my future investment choices.
    I’ll definitely visit again. Also, do you have a newsletter for your site? I didn’t
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