Earn Money Online From Nigeria Using Affiliate Programs

Written by NaijaEcash

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Participating in Online Affiliate Marketing Programs can be an extremely lucrative way to earn income as an Entrepreneur. Some online entrepreneurs earn as much as six digit incomes with little or no effort using affiliate marketing programs. Since it is an online business, it means that Nigerian Entrepreneur can actually participate.
However, like any other business idea, you need to understand the workings of the business before expecting profit. Too many online entrepreneur have spent money and time struggling to earn income from affiliate marketing programs without success.
What is affiliate marketing?
It is simply a form of marketing. A company offers a product or service for sale. The company invites you to market the sale of the product or service on their behalf. For each sales you generate, you are rewarded with a percentage of the profit. (That is putting it simply, it could be much more complicated than that. But this simple definition will suffice for now).


  1. Registration – You will be required to register with the company promoting the affiliate program. Affiliate Link – When you have successful registered, you will be giving a unique code, this is your affiliate link. It may look something like http://www.affiliate.naijaecash.com/?you.
  2. Marketing – It is now left for you to market the product or service so as to generate sales. You can do the marketing via blogs, website publications, articles, newsletter e.t.c whatever method you choose, you will need to provide your affiliate link so that buyers can click it to get to the seller.
  3. Caution – Do not send unsolicited emails to people asking them to buy the product or service. That is SPAMMING. If you are reported, the company you are affiliated to will simply cancel your account with them.

How do you earn money from affiliate marketing programs?


  1. Commission on Sales – You will earn a commission, whenever a sale is made as a result of someone getting to the seller through your “affiliate link” and the purchase is concluded (so do not ask friends to click on your affiliate links, payments are based on sales concluded). Your earnings will be paid into your affiliate account with the seller.
  2. Commission on Subscriptions or Continuous Services – This is slightly different from the first one and it one of the best income earners because it has a residual Residual income is my favorite concept. Basically you put in your front-end effort and once you make a sale you get to, on-going, collect a small portion of the recurring fees for the subscription or service, until it gets canceled by the subscriber. Combine this with possible referral residual income and all I can say is simply WOW, what an opportunity.
  3. Referrals of new subscribers to the affiliate marketing program – Another means of earning income is through referring new subscribers to the program. Whenever a new person joins the affiliate program through your recommendation by click your “affiliate link” and they become active members, you will earn either a flat rate or a portion of their earns (it all depends on the particular affiliate program). Some affiliate programs pay a one time commission, while others allow you to build teams of people you referred under you and you earn a percentage of every sales made through them.

Why I recommend this for Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs
You do not run the risk spending money to start the business. (Only few of the affiliate programs require registering with money. I do not recommend those for a starter).


  • Your fund is not tied down to any product or service.
  • You do not run the risk of failed sales.
  • You have no business with the delivery of the product.
  • You are not liable for the performance of the item purchased (Wait! A word of caution, as an online entrepreneur, your greatest asset is your REPUTATION, so be careful with what you recommend. One aggrieved customer can cause a lot of damage to your reputation via negative publicity)
  • You will be assisted with many resources to make success of the marketing by the seller, often that is offered at no cost (be weary of Affiliate Programs that require you spending fortune to learn marketing strategies).

How will I get my payments to Nigeria?
This still remain a challenge somehow. Most affiliate programs pay via PayPal. Nigerians are not allowed to have accounts with PayPal because our country has been blacklisted. So the simple solution for now is to join only Affiliate Programs that issue Cheques or make payments via E-gold, AlertPay or any other payment options assessable to Nigerians.
That means, before you join an affiliate program, you need to make your research online and ask questions so as to ensure that you will not just labor in vain and get stuck when it is time to receive your earnings.
Also, for the sake of your reputation, use Google or any other search engine to find out the reputation of the seller over time. Do not destroy your online REPUTATION by joining an Affiliate Program set up by get-rich-quick-scammers. See you at the top 😉

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  1. emmanuel nwauzu says:

    Hi naijaecash,

    I am very elated to read from your website.

    Thank you very much for such an eye opener, i will personally need a concise kind of training fro me to acquainted with this program.
    Once again i say thank you. Please keep me posted so as to be abreast of the happenings in the market.



  2. sambenny says:

    call me for anything about internet business and how to receive the earning.also for free internet browsing on pc with any network of your choice.


  3. Phil says:

    I wud also like u 2 send paid survey sites.but i want 2 ask are dere no companies in nigeria dat deal with affliate marketing.

    • Office says:

      we are such a site and we are providing our affiliate program alongside other recommended affiliate programs too, our affiliate program is on firmaffiliatenetwork.com where we promote our own Nigerian goods, but this site still needs a bit of finishing and redesigning so we are kick starting with our service provider site where we recommend all our members to visit, for training it is a free one but you will have to but the one time offer BUNDLE ACTIVATOR a compilation of most internet marketing tools, and we use it to teach you from the basic, we encourage those that will like to earn a good stream of income to get the idea of not spending a dime for a diamond out of their system. this is a business in actual sense so you will need investment to make it work, we are working with a good result investment of 500USD which is okay compared to you starting a natural shop for selling goods.

      Get to learn how to earn money via online.
      Just picture you having an online shop where you promote other affiliate goods and you earn a minimum commission as low as $5 and you get traffic visit to your site of 10 visit and you get a conversion sales of 4, this will equal to a $20 per day sale.
      Now multiply this with another 30 days in a month will equals $600 per month.
      This is a virtual representation of what our services can provide, we also have other multiple streams to generate income for our clients to ensure their success online.
      you simply subscribe with a one time offer of #6,000 to get the BUNDLE ACTIVATOR which is a compilation of softwares you will need for this Free coaching, and those that will like to really take full advantage of our FREE coaching by investing in what they have learnt on online marketing we shall help them in recommending them to genuine Affiliate programs and other services/products provider out there that will bring in a profitable return on their $500 investment.

      you do not have to own a PC or internet, but it is quite advisable to keep your business transaction as discrete as possible from a public PC.

      you do not have to have that lot, you can joint venture with some one else by sharing the profits from the investment.

      for more inquiries visit cashonlinewithaclick.info or mails us via office@firmaffiliatenetwork.com
      with your bio data’s
      NAME e.g Olabunmi Tokunbo
      AGE e.g 31
      SEX e.g F
      MARITAL STATUS e.g Married
      OCCUPATION e.g hair stylist
      REGION e.g Shagamu, Ogun

  4. shakiru balogun says:


  5. festus says:

    i suggest this site to you as you sort for paid online survey that accepts Nigerians. this site is strictly for Nigerians. they pay in Naira, operate in Nigeria and the surveys are about nigeria products.

    only that the need to improve their service speedily as its seems they traffic is becoming much on them. i am doing a survey with them and they are trying.

  6. shakiru balogun says:


  7. FUNSHO says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. Am really interested, I will need a step by step guide to start. Am a very good marketer. please help me earn also.

    Thanks again

  8. Bayei zachiam says:

    I read your explanations with great interest and understanding.

    I had been getting all sort of mails from affiliate firms from U.S.A. to buy their products. Am confuse and scare of 419s from abroad. Are those adverts real? I will like to learn affiliate marketing from home gurus like you. Can you of help to my dreams?

  9. Ismaila olalere says:

    How do i register for survey that nigerians are not allowed.how do i fund and use my graphcard.thank u

  10. Christogonus says:

    Please give me a list of affiliate directory that accept and pay nigerians.

  11. Nwadima says:

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing here. I have been earning good amount of money online since 2007 and i can authoritatively tell you guys that online marketing a very lucrative business to start if you are patience enough to rip.

    well, i just bump into this blog through my search for alartpay money making programs.


    You can make alot of money with affiliate program.


  12. sylvester says:

    i’ve been trying 4 over a month now to make money online but i’ve not been able 2 make a cent. i’m still patient an think i don’t have d right steps yet. help needed

    • NaijaEcash says:

      You shouldn’t be discouraged. I suggest you read this post Steps To Starting A Small Business I believe it will help point you in the right direction.
      Also, if you can be more specific about your need, someone here may be able to help with the specific challenge you are facing. Thanks for visiting. Cheers.

  13. mendo says:

    i love what i just discovered in your site.thanks for the advice. but what other online business can i do to make money.
    can you give me some site i can link up to,to become an affiliate marketer.
    Thank you

  14. agusa says:

    hello, am abel agusa, and am despirately searching for a list of affiliate programs compactable with my country Nigeria in order to participate and earn an income. the question that disturbs me is how can i covert my earnings to liquid cash right here from NIgeria. pls send to me a list of these programs and the procedures of how i can sucessfully go through with these affiliate programs from my country Nigeria. thank you very much.i ‘ve also involved myself with some paid email programs that didn’t paid off.i will be please with a proper guild if any.

    abel agusa

  15. daniel says:

    bring me in to making money tru affilliat

  16. ernesto says:

    please i want to be enroled immediately for the affiliate program and i need to know hoe to use the VTN for payment please send me a link to register

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Ernest, I guess you need to re-read the post. I don’t offer affiliate programs. You can join as many that accept Nigerians. Cheers.

  17. intema says:

    Unsure if it is actually my Machine mainly because I yet have absolutely no free time to upgrade so i am even now employing internet explorer 6 but when taking a look at your web site My spouse and i seen some sort of strange code everywhere in the websites . It says now this along with various extra words immediately after it, like Error: Cannot modify header information … and so on. Its a little bit odd since for me internet sites similar to bing.com or my own one insurance do perform with out trouble.

  18. Wampi says:

    Hi, i am preparing Nigerian affiliate directory- http://ngaffiliate.com/ , if somebody here have affiliate program take free to contact me at info@iqsys.biz

  19. Ekwunife says:

    Hi,i am from nigeria guy earn money online affiliate marketing

  20. Mcneri says:

    What the “accepts Nigerians” issue is remains a major problem. Unfortunately it seems from the surface that it is a Nigerian problem. Actually it is a global problem. With bad mouth and racism the Western press has cordoned off 150 million people because they are Nigerians. 150 million potential customers! that is sad. While we suffer seclusion due to inadequate infrastructure, our leaders continue to walk around shamelessly. In the next 6 – 12 months I hope to come up with an easy way for Nigerians to join affiliate programs and make some money. Anyone interested should contact me through NaijaECash Webmaster, or visit one of my websites and drop a comment to that effect. You may also email me affiliatebiz4naija {at}mcneri.com

  21. Igbokwe says:

    Really need something to do for freelance.any assistance would be taken seriously.thanks

  22. stanley says:

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  23. Miki says:

    If you would like to find some affiliate programs, at ngaffiliate.com are 2000+ entries 🙂

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  25. it is not always very easy to earn money online, it is a lot of work too….

    • NaijaEcash says:

      I love the way you put it. It is not always easy to earn money online. I’ll love to add the word “legitimately” . Too many make money online newbies are being lied to that they can buy a magic package that will auto-credit their bank account while they lie on their bed doing nothing.

  26. Isla Watson says:

    i am a bit skeptic about paid online surverys, they pay but it is very very low.`’,

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Online survey is not the best route to go if you really want to make money online from Nigeria. It is too much hard work that produce too little reward. Also, once you stop working, the fund also stop rolling in. I recommend online money making ideas that produces passive income.

      • Current Jobs Online says:

        Hi, what you said is right. Earning a living online is easy, but one need good idea that will constantly be generating money with less effort.

        Newbies should stop thinking of get rich quick on the internet. Making money everywhere involve set of principles that should be followed.

  27. Chase says:

    i also want to earn money online that is why i make lots of webpages and monetize them.~,~

  28. Jayden Thomas says:

    i have tried paid online surveys but they are just not worth the time and effort.

  29. olabanji says:

    how do i open an e-gold or alertpay account in nigeria and how do i fund it

  30. Joel Owen says:

    paid online surverys also pays well but you should look for good programs;`;

  31. Jack says:

    Paid Surveys sometimes pay a great deal of cash too

  32. Leo says:

    earning money online is a good job specially if you have lots of websites

  33. Earning Money Online says:

    earning money online is great coz you can work at home and your sites can earn money while you are sleeping

  34. Smith says:

    i am done with paid online surveys, most online paid survey schemes are actually scams.

  35. Blovin says:

    well, sometimes it is difficult to earn a good deal of money in a short amount of time

  36. martins says:

    i was told online surveys are not profitable for Naijarians, but affiliate programs are good. Problem is, I would love some examples of Naija accepted Affiliate programs

  37. ben says:

    earning money online is just like earning money offline, it also takes a lot of work just to earn a penny

  38. Kor says:

    i do paid online surverys and also monetize my blogs, both are good sources of passive income

  39. sasass says:

    Making money online is considered as one of the best ways to monetary independence. One way to make money from your web site is to allow other businesses to advertise on it. Since we are now in a world where people are attached to the web, making money online is not that hard. It is proven because many businessmen nowadays have become successful in their business because of practicing the Internet Marketing.

  40. Isabella Eros says:

    I’m speechless at the flow of traffic here. You are really doing a beautiful job. And you always try to respond to as many as possible. Keep up the good work. I need help like all the others here. I just found out about affiliate marketing and I’m really really interested. All the possible help for this beginner would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  41. Webworker says:

    What’s up everyone, it?s my first pay a visit at this web site, and post is truly fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these articles or reviews.

  42. Olusola thomas says:

    Hi, you guy‘s are really confusing i dnt knw anything about online affiliate marketing would be intresting if you can

  43. Oluwatosin says:

    Nice infos,join by clicking on dis:http://www.clickfromnigeria.com/affiliate/uid/dimplesz19. Register that’s all and u are good to go.

  44. Nosa says:

    Here is a list of some affiliate programs you may find interesting and I have been making money online with most of them. Click here to see them http://nigeriansocialforum.com/affiliate-programs/list-of-the-best-25-cost-per-click-affiliate-program-you-should-consider-to-make/msg3384/?topicseen#new

  45. francis says:

    Aside from konga and jumia which other affilaite can i get for my blog

  46. philip says:

    PayPal are now accepting Nigerians, I opened an account not quite long.

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