Coping With Business Challenges

Written by NaijaEcash

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How do you cope with your business challenges? For almost two weeks, I was unable to blog because my V-Sat equipment was faulty (apology to my regular readers). The supplier of the equipment do not really care much about after sales customer relationship since they maintain a monopoly in the market.

So, instead of being treated as a king, I was begging for attention. Their support staff were in holiday mood and not quiet supportive. I went to their office, (which is several kilometers from my base) at least four times.

At first I was angry that the first staff that attended to me on phone was ignorant of what the solution to my problem is, yet he spoke authoritatively as if he knows what I needed. He told me that the problem was from their transmission base and not my equipment! Almost five working days was wasted by that guy who kept on telling me to be patient that the fault will soon be rectified.

When I eventually got tired of waiting and I went to their office, it took four trips before the engineer attached to the case could figure out what exactly the problem was.

My reaction

I have learned the hard way that health is indeed wealth. After doing my utmost to get the fault rectified before the Christmas holiday, I left the issue and went on an holiday trip where I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas celebration in the midst of family and friends.

I resumed this morning and took another trip to the ISP office. Within 3hours, the whole fault was rectified and I am back online. Of course, I had to pay a huge amount of money for the replacement of the part that was faulty. Did I feel the payment was fair? Far from it. I am just waiting for a competitor to arrive in the area and I will abandon the present Internet Service Provider because I feel cheated and I rate their after sales service at 1 out of 10marks.

Perhaps you are having a business challenge and you have done all you could, but nothing sheems to work, I suggest you take a break. When you return you will be better prepared to tackle the challenge head on. Cheers.

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  1. Tom says:

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