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Hi friends, it is almost 72hours after I changed my web hosting company. The site is up and running (if you can read this), however, there are so many things that I still need to work on. That has made it almost impossible for me to respond to comments and emails. Please do bear with me. Hopefully, I will resume normal posting from next week. For now, I am too busy learning all I can to get my site back to its original state or preferably a better state than what it was before the change to a new web hosting company.

Note: If you visit my blog and you get greeted with a blank page or any funny error message, please send a note to me via tony at I discovered that the DNS servers are still playing hide and seek.  Yesterday, I was able to browse to my website by just typing the URL in my browser, (men, I was excited I thought that the waiting time was over) but alas, today, I had to use proxy servers to get to the site (that was after panicking that the site had disappeared). Thanks to friends who knew better and are willing to share what they know.

This issue is still a major headache to me as I get worried that I may not be the only one experiencing this. Even though some friends accross the globe have confirmed that they are able to access the website without any hitch, I still fear that some may have had a similar experience to mine and quitely navigated away concluding that the so called honest Nigerian Entrepreneur has eventually joined the internet scam club .

After a long search for a solution to this ridiculous situation, I was told that my new DNS server name is not yet well propagated (some technical jargons, just ignore it) and it may take some days before it does (I wish someone will give me a better news). So sometimes, when a link to my website is clicked, the old website gets called up. It shows nothing because I have disabled it from Cpanel, but I have no control over the DNS servers. Well that is the situation, and I am not going to sit and wait. So here is my suggestion to my regular readers.

If you ever experience a blank page even though my site name is showing on the browser titlle bar, then clearing your browser cache and retrying may do the trick. In case you are wondering how you will ever get this instruction in the first place since the website may not open, I am assuming that you have subscribed to my RSS feeds. If you have not, just click on the beautiful button below, that way, you will get all my posts as at when you need them pending the time the DNS servers stop their hide and seek game. Cheers.

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  1. narendra.s.v says:

    wow thats cool 😀 seems to be your new hosting is working fine 🙂

    narendra.s.vs last blog post..Just got my Mascot(toon character) design sketch

  2. How did you create that cool RSS graphic? I would love to put that in some of my posts in the near future…..

    Mwangi-the Displaced Africans last blog post..Interview with Political Activist, Speaker and Soulfege Band Member: Derrick Ashong (Part 2)

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